California Couple Strangle One-Day Old Baby Because They “Didn’t Want Him”

California Couple Strangle One-Day Old Baby Because They “Didn’t Want Him” July 22, 2019
Ventura County Sheriff’s Office

A one-day-old baby was found unresponsive by medical staff in a maternity ward at St. John’s Medical Center in Oxnard, California. Police arrested the mother, Andrea Torralba Camacho, and her boyfriend David Luna Villa on suspicion of assault on a child using force resulting in the child’s death. Baby Diego died because his mother said she didn’t want him.

According to a press release by Oxnard Police Department, the investigation into Baby Diego began on July 19, 2019. Police responded to a call from the hospital related to a suspicious injury. When officers arrived at the medical center, they found the baby in critical condition.

Authorities interviewed Andrea Torralba Camacho and her boyfriend David Luna Villa upon their arrival. According to the Los Angeles Times, Camacho told police that they killed the infant because she did not want the child. Additionally, she said that her boyfriend was not the child’s father.

For more than ten hours, doctors worked tirelessly to revive and save the baby. However, Baby Diego eventually succumbed to his injuries. Oxnard Police Sgt. Brandon Ordelheide told the Los Angeles Times that arriving at the scene was one of the most horrific experiences detectives can experience on the job.

“By the looks of the nurses, they did everything they could to try and revive that kid,” he said. “I can tell you this is probably one of the worst things these detectives can go through, is something like this, but we’re still trying to figure out what happened.”

In a statement to the CBS Los Angeles, St. John’s Medical Center said,

“While we deal with tragedies every day, the  staff at St. John’s Regional Medical Center are devastated by the alleged incident. In the midst of this investigation, it is timely to  remind our community of California’s Safe Surrender Law wherein: Newborn infants can be dropped off at any safe surrender site such as hospitals, fire stations and police stations, within 72 hours of birth, with no questions asked.

According to the California Department of Social Services,“From January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2017,  931 newborns have been surrendered in California, and 88 newborns were surrendered during the 2017 calendar year.” For information about Safe Surrender Sites a toll-free anonymous hotline number provides information and locations of Safe Surrender Sites: dial 877.BABY.SAF (1-877-222-9723).”

Following the death of the baby, police arrested the couple and charged them with suspicion of assault on a child using force resulting in the child’s death. Authorities booked them into Ventura County Jail, and they are held on $1 million bonds.

With safe-haven laws in Ventura County, there was no reason for the mother to kill her son. Instead, she could have surrendered the child to the medical staff at the hospital. Why the couple decided to kill the child rather than surrender him remains unknown.

A one-day-old baby is defenseless and relies on his caregivers to keep him safe. Rather than receiving the love and affection he deserved, his mother squeezed the life out of him. Only a monster could be so callous to kill an infant that is so utterly defenseless.

Police in Oxnard is requesting anyone that knows more about the death to contact them at (805) 385-3922.

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  • Davante Gourdine

    This is why abortion exists. Yes she could have surrendered him but it’s pretty obvious that she didn’t want a baby in the first place.

  • LimeGecko

    Seriously. This is so terrible. I wish they’d stick ads in YouTube every tenth video giving links to state’s safe surrender laws.

  • lady_black

    She’d already had the baby. She was under no obligation to take the baby home. Why don’t they TELL women this? Absolutely senseless.

  • Callace

    Wow! Just wow. Everything is wrong with this couple’s actions. For one thing, why go through with a pregnancy you do not want? I’m thinking California is not one of those states where abortions are hard to get?

    For another, anyone ought to know about the option of adoption, even if they don’t know about safe surrender laws.

    This speaks of a highly disturbed mind.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    What’s the over / under on how many comments come in before the first forced-birther comment?

  • TwirlyGIrly

    There should be prominent signage in ob/gyn offices/clinics and hospital maternity wards about the safe surrender law, in multiple languages.

    What a horrible tragedy.

  • Friend

    I have serious issues with this sentence:

    With safe-haven laws in Ventura County, there was no reason for the mother to k1ll her son.

    There is never any reason at all to k1ll a healthy newborn.

    I’m not convinced that these two people would have taken advantage of a safe surrender location.

  • Friend

    My concern is that this story of murd3r will be taken as proof of “post-birth @borti0n.”

    This is an alleged 1ntant1cide. This is an alleged cr1me.

    This is not a case of grief-stricken parents letting a baby born without a brain die comfortably. Those tragedies happen, and they are not cr1minal.

  • AutumnMF

    You can, with absolutely no serious repercussions leave your newborn behind when you are discharged. If you leave a note saying you can’t care for the baby and wish the baby to be adopted the worst thing might be that they ask you to come and formally surrender the baby in court, which means the baby will have a forever home faster. NO reason for this, this was awful!

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Yeah, but Jesus wont be crying because he woman did not have an evil uhborshun.

  • Zetopan

    Psychopaths in action. Had the baby survived they would have been among the worst possible parents, not caring in the least for their child. As a survivor of such shellfish attitudes I have zero sympathy for these “parents”.

  • trinity91

    yes. Especially with a safe haven law that is only active for 72 hours they absolutely NEED to make sure that all parents sign paperwork saying that they have been told about California’s safe haven law. This is reprehensible.

  • trinity91

    abortion is prohibitively expensive everywhere in the US for many people. That in no way excuses this woman’s behavior, but it doesn’t change the fact that the procedure is too expensive for many people to be able to afford.

  • trinity91

    it’s worth pointing out that post partum psychosis although extremely rare does exist, is not the parent’s fault, is a medical emergency, and needs continuing treatment. I doubt that is what is going on here, but in situations where it IS, the affected parent needs help, and the child needs a caregiver who can effectively care for them. What they don’t need however is people’s judgement, which only furthers the stigma and prevents parents from seeking help until it is too late.

    In this particular instance I question why hospital staff allowed them to go home this soon after birth given the clear inability of this woman to care for her child.

  • Friend

    Good points, thanks. Likewise the news sources could be inaccurate. The post does say that both people were arrested and that “they” k1lled the newborn.

  • This is perfectly fine for the talibangicals and Republicans because the child was not aborted. /s

  • Baby Buddha Belly

    Mandatory sterilization for both of them!