Farrah Abraham Threatens to Kill Journalist that Called her a Prostitute

Farrah Abraham Threatens to Kill Journalist that Called her a Prostitute July 15, 2019

Former Teen Mom OG Star Farrah Abraham threatened to kill a journalist for calling her a prostitute and leaving her daughter unattended while she worked. The alarming message appeared on her Instagram story yesterday.

Last week Farrah Abraham’s ex-boyfriend Simon Saran shared a screenshot on Twitter with the user’s name blocked out. In the screenshot, the individual claimed that police were called to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Beverly Hills to search for a child left unattended by their parent. The user said Abraham had been working at the hotel at the time as a prostitute.

According to the user, Farrah Abraham left her daughter in a hotel room rented by the man that hired her. While Abraham serviced the man, the source said her 10-year-old daughter Sophia was left in the hotel room by herself.

Following the leak by Simon Saran, Farrah Abraham went on Instagram Live to deny she worked as a prostitute. She hosted the live video by the pool at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. While Abraham discussed the allegations that she worked as a prostitute, her 10-year-old daughter swam in the pool.

Despite her denials, the rumor did not stop on Twitter. Former castmate Jenelle Eason tweeted that she knew Farrah sold her body to men. Additionally, Eason said she knew the companies that employed Farrah to work as an escort. Eason made the statements in response to tweets made by TMZ. The outlet shared the response on their website after Jenelle Eason deleted them from Twitter.

With allegations of illegal sex work and child neglect flying, Abraham lashed out on Instagram. In a message buried in her Instagram Story, the former Teen Mom OG star called the journalist a hater and liar. Additionally, she went after him for attacking her parenting skills. Abraham denied she worked as a prostitute, and she promised to sue the journalist for defamation.

At the end of the message, Abraham wrote a chilling threat to the journalist, “@knewchu your (sic) dead if I ever see you.”

WOACB performed a search of Twitter and Instagram, and the user changed his name to Charles J. Smith on Instagram. The photo on her message shows a username of “Knew Chu” with a photo and name “Truth Seeker” underneath. The image appears to be of a writer wearing a media badge.

The account has been sharing a lot of details related to Farrah in the past few weeks. Their status as a journalist or writer is not clear.

After making the threat to the journalist, Farrah posted a text conversation with her mother, Debra. Rumors swirled a few weeks ago that Debra knew her daughter worked as a prostitute. When a Twitter user asked Debra about Farrah’s alleged escort work, Debra said that she was not ashamed of her daughter. Many people believed the statement by Debra confirmed that Farrah worked as a high-priced escort.

Abraham later removed the text exchange with her mother, but the statement to the journalist remains on her Instagram. Rumors regarding prostitution have plagued Farrah Abraham for years. Her former friend Phoebe Price told the media last year that Farrah worked as an escort. Additionally, former castmate Amber Portwood has accused Abraham of being a prostitute in the past.

Without any police confirmation, the leak by the writer does not seem credible. However, the rumor appears to have gotten under Abraham’s skin this time. Generally, she has ignored the claims related to prostitution. Perhaps the fact that the individual brought up her parenting is what sent her over the edge.

We may never know the truth behind the story. For now, Abraham insists she is not an escort.

Watch our reaction to her statements – the opinions in the video are for entertainment purposes only:

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