Jaclyn Hill Returns to YouTube After Deleting All Social Media

Jaclyn Hill Returns to YouTube After Deleting All Social Media July 24, 2019

After nearly a month off of social media, Jaclyn Hill returned to YouTube to address issues related to her failed lipstick launch. In June, Hill deleted her social media accounts after thousands of complaints were made related to her So Rich lipstick. Hill used the video to share how her dreams of becoming a “Boss As* B*tch” were nixed after she released the hairy lipstick.

As she fidgeted with her hands, Jaclyn Hill attempted to explain her nearly month-long absence from social media. For the first six minutes, Hill stumbled through a myriad of emotions. She shared her fear and anxiety about making a video that many would pick apart. In a moment of vulnerability, she discussed her apprehension in making a video after such a disastrous product launch. Hill thanked everyone that reached out to her over the past month to extend their support to her.

After more than six minutes of fidgeting and rambling, Hill finally shared that her lipstick launch was a failure. As she spoke the words, the emotion on her face was palpable. She dabbed away tears from her eyes, shook her hands, and exhaled loudly.

Then Hill confessed that her arrogance, cockiness, and inexperience led to a serious of bad decisions related to her products. According to Hill, she believed she had the best labs, employees, and the quality control department. However, the makeup influencer said she wasn’t involved enough in numerous aspects of her business.

After she launched the lipstick, Hill admitted that she became consumed with negative feedback about her products. She said she spent hours reading articles, watching videos, and searching her company name to find anything negative said about her lipstick. As a result, she lost sleep, and her mental health suffered. Additionally, Hill said the negative feedback distracted her from being able to fix the issues at her company.

In late June, Hill refunded all customers who purchased her lipstick. After the company made the refunds, she believed the best option was to turn off the negative feedback and focus on her company.

To solve her problems, Hill said she deleted her social media. Over the past month, she claims to have fired many people connected to the failed launch. Additionally, she said the company did not have a large enough quality control department to manage product issues. Hill insisted that she hired dozens of people to ensure future launches of her cosmetics will not have the same problems.

During the video, Hill did not discuss anything related to product contamination. Hill refused to discuss any rumors circulating on the internet that Morphee Cosmetics owns her company.

Instead, she discussed her desire to make her company better. Hill said that she refuses to give up on her company because she has dreamed of owning a cosmetic company for more than nine years. Due to her drive, Jaclyn Cosmetics will launch more products in the future. However, Hill stated that her company had to find new labs to manufacture the numerous products in her pipeline. The company planned to release a new product every 6-8 weeks through 2019, but those releases will now be delayed.

After more than 18 minutes of rambling, Hill issued a public apology to a customer she lashed out at on Twitter. The customer was the first to report quality issues on social media related to the lipstick. Instead of believing the lipsticks contained hair and particles, Hill accused the woman of lying. Hill admitted that she reacted poorly and blamed her statements on her lack of experience as a business owner. The makeup influencer said she apologized privately to the woman, but she felt a public apology was necessary.

For now, Hill says that she is moving forward with her company. Whether customers will embrace future products from Jaclyn Hill are not known. Many fans and customers were outraged by Hill’s lack of response to the product issues in June. Her new video could be a little bit too late to mend the broken trust. Additionally, she provided no timeline for any future product launches.

Customers on Twitter reacted poorly to her new video. Many stated that her comments were empty and flat. Others said that nothing Hill said would ever restore the trust that they lost by buying the contaminated lipsticks.

Jaclyn Hill’s time as a cosmetic brand owner is ticking. If she wants to restore customer trust, she will need to do more than upload a video without any meaningful content.

Watch her full video:

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