Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau Tie the Knot With Many Calling it “Fake”

Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau Tie the Knot With Many Calling it “Fake” July 29, 2019
Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul Instagram

Two of the most controversial YouTube stars wed in a wild Las Vegas ceremony on Sunday. Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul exchanged their vows after a whirlwind courtship that many people never believed was real.

After only three months of dating, the couple traveled to Las Vegas to wed before hundreds of friends and family. The relationship started in April after Tana Mongeau split from her longtime boyfriend.

In the beginning, many fans speculated about the authenticity of the relationship. Jake Paul is known to manufacture relationships and families on his YouTube channel. Since their relationship started, the couple has uploaded photos about fake pregnancies, arrests, and family vlogs with child actors.

Jake Paul’s long history of lying made many people question the new relationship. However, the couple insisted everything was for real. After only two months of dating, Jake Paul proposed to Tana Mongeau in Las Vegas at a club on her 21st birthday. MTV cameras followed the couple on the trip to document Tana’s show “Tana Turns 21.”

As quickly as they got engaged, the couple tied the knot. On Sunday, July 28, Tana Mongeau uploaded a video professing her love to Jake Paul. She read a poem describing their whirlwind relationship, which included several f-bombs and other expletives.

Jake Paul followed by uploading a video called “We are canceling the wedding.” However, the video appeared to be merely clickbait, and their wedding was still very much on. Then by afternoon, Tana Mongeau began sharing videos on Instagram of her wedding day. Of course, the couple offered fans the ability to watch all the events live for a price of $50.00.

Mongeau and Paul shared videos and photos on their way to Las Vegas.

Jake Paul Instagram

Stylists fixed her hair while she sat in a bathtub. She changed in and out of multiple dresses. Additionally, she shared videos of friends and family preparing for the ceremony. Before the ceremony, Mongeau walked through a crowd of fans that snapped photos, threw confetti, and cheered for the new bride.


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During their ceremony, the couple exchanged their vows. Before they could share their first kiss, a man ran up to them and threw a glass of champagne in their faces. Mongeau tweeted about the incident later that evening.

A video shared on Twitter showed the entire event as it happened. While the couple exchanged rings, they both laughed. Friends stood around them, watching them and almost seemed dumbfounded that the wedding was happening. A friend, Arman Izadi, officiated the ceremony further questioning the realness of the service. Additionally, the couple’s “pastor” threw punches at the man that threw the champagne.

A search of Nevada licensed marriage officiants indicated that Izadi is not licensed to perform ceremonies in the state.

After the couple said, “I do,” guests joined them for a massive reception. Mongeau shared videos of Jake Paul and her dancing along with others enjoying the evening.

In typical Jake Paul fashion, a fight broke out on the dance floor. Several people on Twitter and Instagram began sharing videos of the brawl.

As numerous people worked to separate the two men, guests were heard screaming, “What the f–k.” The clip ended with Jake Paul thanking the man that broke up the fight and saying, “You saved the day.”

On Jake Paul’s Instagram, he wasted no time using his wedding as a way to sell merchandise, tickets to watch the live stream, and views for his YouTube Channel. Several short videos in his Instagram story urged people to “Swipe Up,” or go to websites to make purchases.

Despite the seriousness of the day, the couple laughed and joked throughout the wedding.

With videos requesting sales and the couple appearing less than serious, some people were left believing the entire evening was fake.

Twitter erupted with many commenting on the fakeness of the ceremony, the fights, and the reactions by the couple.

Despite all the red flags of the ceremony being fake, the couple insists they are married. Tana shared her excitement on Twitter after the wedding and called herself “Tana Paul.”

For now, YouTubes biggest fakers insist they are really married. Stay tuned for their upcoming divorce, which will likely be filmed and offered for purchase as a live stream.


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