Jenelle and David Eason Call 911 to Report Barbara Evans for Child Abuse

Jenelle and David Eason Call 911 to Report Barbara Evans for Child Abuse July 2, 2019
Jenelle and David Eason

Jenelle and David Eason believe their children are not safe with Barbara Evans. TMZ reported that the couple called 911 multiple times to request welfare checks and report abuse in the home.  According to audio recordings obtained by TMZ, David Eason called 911 to report that his daughter was locked in a bedroom.

David told dispatch,

“My mother in law locked my two-year-old child in the bedroom so she could take a shower. And now she can’t get the door open and my child is freaking out. My child is freaking out and has been screaming on the phone for 5-10 minutes.”

When dispatch asked him if he was at home, David said to her that he no. David told the dispatcher that his nine-year-old stepson called and informed him. According to the call, David requested to file a report with CPS. However, the dispatcher told him that he would need to call the Department of Family Services and file a report on his own.

Sources told TMZ that Barbara locked her grand-daughter in the room to keep her safe while she showered. After a bit of a struggle, Barbara broke into the room to retrieve Ensley. There is no information on whether or not David called DFS to report his mother-in-law.

Then in another call, Jenelle contacted 911 to report yelling and screaming at Barbara Evans’ home. According to Jenelle, she called her mother to find out about her kids. During the call, Barbara allegedly told her that her children were throwing things at each other. Jenelle said that her mother refused to talk with her and hung up the phone.

Naturally, Jenelle called the police and requested they check on the children to ensure their safety

Yesterday TMZ reported that Jenelle and David are desperate to remove their children from Barbara’s custody. The couple believes that their kids are not safe due to Barbara’s son, Colin, living in the home with them.

Police records obtained by TMZ indicated that police had responded to multiple calls related to Colin this year. According to the reports, Colin called the cops multiple times to report stalkers, possible break-ins, and people putting chemicals in his water.

Another call related to Colin approaching a woman that he believed was taking photos of him and his home. However, the woman told police she was taking pictures of the woods.

Police asked Colin to leave her alone. Finally, a call was made regarding someone at home throwing things inside the house and creating a disturbance. However, no indication was involved in that altercation.

Based on Colin’s erratic behavior, Jenelle and David Eason believe their children are at risk with Barbara Evans. Interestingly, the couple did not think their children were at risk after David brutally beat their family dog to death in April 2019.

While the couple may have some valid concerns, their motives may be in reaction to damning testimony in court by David’s daughter Maryssa. According to a source on Twitter, Maryssa testified that she was told to lie to police. Maryssa said that her parents told her that if CPS ever came to the home that she was supposed to lie about what she witnessed.

The Ashley Reality Roundup reported that Maryssa told the court about the day the Easons were supposed to turn her into CPS. Maryssa said they took her to friends home and attempted to hide from CPS.

Publically, Jenelle and David Eason say they are taking steps to get their children back. Jenelle told multiple outlets in June that she had enrolled in marital counseling. Additionally, she said David planned to obtain a psychiatric evaluation to determine the source of his anger.

However, a Twitter account @ustacould said that the couple has not attended any couples therapy nor has David seen a psychologist. Also, the account, which previously leaked videos of Jenelle and David fighting, asserted that neither of them could pass a drug test.

Next week the couple will return to court to continue their custody hearings for their children. David is expected to testify as early as Monday.

For now, Jenelle and David Eason appear willing to throw Barbara Evans under the bus in an attempt to regain custody. If the court removed the children from Barbara, the children would not be returned to the couple. Instead, Ensley and Jace would end up in the foster care system.

Barbara Evans has not commented on the new abuse allegations. However, with everything Jenelle Evans, you have to consider the source.

This story is developing.

Stay Tuned.


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  • Janelle

    The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. I personally feel Nathan’s mom does the best with the kids. Unfortunately since they all have different Dads, that just means Kaiser. I’ve said from the beginning that Barb is just as toxic and manipulative as Jenelle is! A great example is how poor Jace has had a “tick” everytime the camera is on him for more than a few moments for the last few seasons & it’s obvious AF he doesnt need to be on TV. Ol Barb could care less. I cant imagine what he hears at school.. poor kids! They dont need to be with ANY of them and its heartbreaking! Jenelle, drop your man/men problem & put your kids first! Did she get her tubes tied after the last one??