Jenelle Eason Buys New Puppies After Husband Kills Family Dog

Jenelle Eason Buys New Puppies After Husband Kills Family Dog July 14, 2019

Jenelle and David Eason debuted two new puppies online following the brutal death of their French bulldog Nugget. David Eason uploaded a video on his YouTube introducing two Anatolian Shepherds named Buddy and Junior.

In a shocking video, David Eason shared the additions of two new puppies to their family. According to Eason, they recently gave away their pitbull. Eason said that the dog attacked and killed one of their pigs. Additionally, the dog bit off the heads of multiple chickens owned by the couple.

In April, David Eason shot and killed their French Bulldog Nugget. The incident resulted in thousands of calls to Columbus County Sherrif’s Office and Animal Control. Jenelle Eason uploaded a photo on Instagram a day after her dog’s death. The brutal death of Nugget led to an open investigation on David related to animal cruelty.

By mid-May, CPS removed the children from the couple’s home related to reports that the children witnessed the beating and shooting of the dog. Despite the mountains of evidence online, CPS failed to present a case to the court to support a claim of abuse and neglect. A judge dismissed the case and returned the children to the couple on July 3rd.

Last week Columbus County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release regarding the animal cruelty investigation. According to the Sheriff, an extensive search of the home and property resulted in no evidence of dead dog. The Sheriff believed the couple lied about the dog’s death for publicity.

Jenelle Eason took to Instagram Live to slam the Sheriff regarding the investigation. She insisted that Nugget was gone and she never lied to the police. Additionally, she bristled at the notion that she would fabricate the brutal death of her dog for attention. During the Instagram live, Eason told fans that the family no longer had any dogs.

However, all of that changed today after David Eason uploaded a video on YouTube. Eason introduced two male puppies. According to Eason, Anatolian Shepherds are great guardians of livestock, have laid back temperament, and great with kids.

The American Kennel Club disputes the claims that the dogs have a laid back attitude. Instead, the AKC says Anatolian Shepherds are stubborn, need a firm owner, and are not great with young children. Due to their propensity to guard their flock, these dogs can be hostile and aggressive with strangers. Additionally, families with young children are not advised to own this breed.

“Remember, though, that an Anatolian must be kept on leash whenever he is taken out of the home. As one breeder says, “Don’t assume that your dogs will be reliable off leash. False security on your part can become a disaster.”

Anatolian’s are known to attack anything they perceive to be a threat to their flock or family. David and Jenelle Eason have two young children. Additionally, Jenelle Eason shares photos of numerous unrelated children that play in her pool. With many young kids on the property, the choice of this breed seems problematic.

Despite the red flags about the breed, David Eason believes they have found their perfect dogs. Given his history of inadequate training and impatience with animals, there is no telling what will happen to these dogs.

Stay Tuned.

Watch my Reaction and see the dogs:

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