Jenelle Eason Denies She Lied about Dog for Publicity

Jenelle Eason Denies She Lied about Dog for Publicity July 12, 2019

Jenelle Eason says Columbus County Sheriff’s Office is spreading lies about statements she made to police. Eason spoke out after Columbus County Sheriff’s Office accused her of lying about the death of her dog Nugget for publicity.

Yesterday Columbus County Sheriff’s Office publically announced they were closing the animal cruelty investigation against David Eason. According to the statement, police say they found no evidence that a crime occurred on the Eason’s property.

Additionally, authorities say that Jenelle Eason changed her story, evaded their phone calls, and requested that they drop the case against her husband. On May 1, 2019, police say that Jenelle Eason called them to report her husband for animal cruelty. During the call with police, Eason told them that her husband shot and killed their family dog. When police went to Jenelle’s home to speak to her, she was not there.

The Sheriff stated they attempted to reach her multiple times by phone. Despite various efforts to reach her, Jenelle never called the police back. According to police, they finally spoke to her again on May 14, 2019. The conversation with Jenelle took place after police executed a search warrant at her home related to the animal cruelty investigation. A search of the couple’s property found no evidence of a crime, weapons, or blood from the dog.

At the time of the interview, Jenelle Eason had lost custody of her children due to the animal cruelty investigation. In the second interview, Eason’s story completely changed. During the meeting, Eason told police she didn’t know what happened to her dog. Additionally, she stated that she made up the entire story for publicity. Eason asked the police to drop the investigation and told them she would not be pressing charges against her husband.

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Because police found no evidence and Jenelle refused to cooperate, the Sheriff’s Office closed the investigation. The Sheriff said in the statement that they believe Eason fabricated the entire story for attention.

When Jenelle Eason heard about the police statement, she took to Twitter to accuse police of lying. Eason promised that she would be releasing her statement soon. Within hours, Eason told her story to Hollywood Gossip. The outlet published her comments from an email in their article.

In the article, Eason denied that she lied about her dog to the police. Additionally, she denied calling the police to report her husband for animal cruelty. Instead, she alleges the police called her to talk about the “dog incident.”

During the initial call, Jenelle told Hollywood Gossip,

“I never made a report against David in the first place. The cops called me and left me voicemail asking me to call them back about the ‘dog incident.'”
Eason doubled down on her statements by accusing the Sheriff of creating the narrative that she manufactured the story about Nugget for publicity.
“I called back the Chief of Police because he wanted to speak with me the beginning of May 2019. When I called him, before I can even speak, he said to me, ‘Mrs. Eason, I need to know the truth about this situation. I have many media outlets calling me about it and I want to tell you right now if this is a publicity stunt you need to tell me because I have other cases including things like rape that I have to deal with. If you are doing it for publicity then I understand and will close the case and you can go about your business.”
Then she stated,
“When I responded I told him, ‘Yes, what you heard is true about my dog. This isn’t a publicity stunt and I’m not sure where my dog is or what happened to my dog but you would have to call David and ask. I was inside my house with my kids when David went outside with the dog.'”
Next, Jenelle says that she told them about hearing gunshots at the property. However, she did not know whether the gunshots were from her property or from her neighbor’s homes.
“I told them I hear gunshots all the time at my house and my neighbor down the road even shoots his cannon sometimes. Told them I don’t remember if I heard a gunshot or not. I never saw anything and was in the house with my kids the entire time (Ensley, Kaiser, and Maryssa).”
To prove her point that the story about the dog was real. Eason shared that her stepdaughter Maryssa testified during their CPS trial about the death of Nugget.
“Maryssa even got on stand in court, with the CPS case, and testified that the story of the dog did in fact happen. Not sure why the police would lie about this entire investigation.”
Jenelle Eason went on to accuse the police of creating a conspiracy against her family. She says that an officer lied at her CPS trial about her home is cluttered and filthy. Additionally, she says the cops harassed her for weeks to talk about the animal cruelty investigation. Eason alleges that her attorney sent the police a letter to request that they stop contacting them.
“I feel very attacked and exploited for no reason. The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office is so crooked with their business that Detective Jacobs continued to call and harass me and David for weeks, had Mr. Bill Gore send a letter to leave us alone, then had to call Detective Jacobs to tell him to stop calling both of us about the incident,” Jenelle said.
When Hollywood Gossip pressed Jenelle about what happened to Nugget, she said,
“You would have to ask David what happened. I was not outside,” Evans continued. “No more details I want to share, just want to move on with my life. This was an incident that should have never went public to begin with.”
Despite the claims made by Jenelle about police harassment, the department had a duty to investigate the charges against her family. Reaching out to a family to learn details is not harassment by police. Instead, Eason appears to indirectly admit that she and David refused to cooperate with the police. As a result, the police called multiple times to attempt to complete their investigation.
Due to the couple not cooperating, Jenelle lost her job at MTV. Additionally, her children were removed by CPS so authorities could complete their investigation. If Jenelle and David had been truthful, there is no telling how the situation could have been different.
Jenelle would like people to believe she is the victim. However, in our opinion, the only victims, in this case, are her children and the poor dog that is no longer alive.
Read her full interview at Hollywood Gossip.

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