Nathan Griffith Breaks Silence After Court Returns Son to Jenelle Eason

Nathan Griffith Breaks Silence After Court Returns Son to Jenelle Eason July 8, 2019
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Nathan Griffith broke his silence after the court dismissed the child abuse case against Jenelle and David Eason. Griffith and Jenelle Eason’s son Kaiser returned to his mother’s home after nearly two months.

In a statement on Twitter, Nathan Griffith let fans know that he had calmed down since the ruling. Rather than lashing out at Jenelle, Griffith made a simple request to fans. The single father urged concerned fans to complete a survey for Judge Pauline Hankins.

The link provided by Griffith takes users to the North Carolina Judicial Branch website and a complaint form. According to the form, individuals can file complaints against judges for judicial misconduct.

“The North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission investigates complaints of judicial misconduct against judges and justices of the North Carolina General Court of Justice (District Courts, Superior Courts, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court) and commissioners and deputy commissioners of the North Carolina Industrial Commission.  The Commission has no jurisdiction to hear complaints about magistrates, clerks of court or other court staff, administrative law judges, attorneys or federal judges.”

Additionally, complaints made to the court will not change the court decision nor substitute as an appeal to the court. According to The North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission, they have no authority to overrule a judge’s decision. Also, the commission cannot assign a new judge to the case.

Then individuals are instructed to provide evidence to the commission related to the alleged misconduct by the judge. Evidence can include documents, videos, and audio that support the allegation of misconduct.

Based on the requirements of the form, fans online would have a tough time completing the complaint. The CPS case against Jenelle and David Eason were closed to the public. Additionally, records related to the case are not public due to the involvement of minor children.

Unless the fans or supporters of Griffith were in the courtroom, there is no point in completing the form. The court would not likely take complaints seriously that cannot substantiate their claims. Unfortunately, rumors and gossip spread online about the case would not be enough proof for the commission to take action against a judge.

The reactions to Nathan’s request were mixed. Many fans pointed out to Griffith that submissions by fans to the court could backfire. Others reminded Griffith that bombarding the court with false reports could impact his upcoming custody hearing with Jenelle Eason.

Then supporters of Griffith responded by confirming their completion of the form. Others discussed the injustice of the court by allowing the children to be returned to Jenelle and David Eason.

With the bag mixed, the court is likely to receive several complaints from unknowing Teen Mom 2 fans. Griffith’s tweet was liked 1,300 times and retweeted nearly 150 times. North Carolina clerks may be busy this morning processing junk complaints.

When Jenelle Eason saw the tweet by Griffith, she responded with a series of tweets directed at him. Eason wrote, “One of the hardest issues of my life consists of dealing with the most immature people that cannot co-parent.”

Then to tease fans, Eason said, “Q&A in my IG Story.” In the IG story, Eason answered questions about the custody case. According to Eason, the judge closed the CPS case against them. The children are all doing well and happy to be home. Additionally, she said that Maryssa will be returning to public school in the fall.

Regarding Nathan Griffith, Jenelle said that he will continue to have supervised visitation with Kaiser. She slammed suggestions that he would be allowed to spend time with Kaiser on his own. Eason insisted that she and her husband are good parents to their children. Eason also addressed questions about returning to Teen Mom 2 by saying she wasn’t sure if MTV wanted her back.


For now, the court has ruled in the CPS investigation against Jenelle Eason. Despite a ton of evidence, the court stated CPS did not present anything other than hearsay. Based on this fact, the judge dismissed the case.

Jenelle and David Eason may be free to roam the world with their kids now. However, family and CPS have placed a microscope on their family. The couple will need to remain on their best behavior, or they could end up losing their children again.


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