Sheriff Says Jenelle Eason Lied about Dog’s Death For Publicity

Sheriff Says Jenelle Eason Lied about Dog’s Death For Publicity July 11, 2019
Jenelle and David Eason. Photo credit Jenelle Evans Instagram.

David Eason will not be charged with animal cruelty related to the death of his family dog, Nugget. Columbus County Sheriff’s Office released a statement regarding the incident and believed the entire story was a lie.

According to a press release by Columbus County Sheriff’s Office, David Eason will not be charged with any crimes related to the death of Nugget. The police say they cannot even substantiate if the dog died on the property.

On May 1, 2019, police initiated an investigation into David Eason after Jenelle Eason reported the incident. Jenelle Eason told police that her husband shot and killed their dog on April 29, 2019.

During the incident, Jenelle said that their dog scratched their daughter’s face. After the dog scratched the girl, Jenelle said her husband became enraged and took the dog outside. After David realized the dog scratched his daughter, Jenelle told police that he shot the dog on their property. Additionally, she said that she heard gunshots.

Following the report by Jenelle, officers made contact with David Eason on May 1, 2019. During the visit, the officers noted a young child that appeared to be in good health. Police say they spoke to David about the animal cruelty allegation and performed a child welfare check. Officers attempted to make contact with Jenelle, but she was not home at the time.

Later officers called Jenelle on the phone. However, she did not pick up the phone. Additionally, she did not return the voicemail left by the police on her phone. David Eason called the police back and told them that his family had retained a lawyer.

Unable to make ground in the investigation, police executed a search warrant of the property on May 13. Police provided the couple no advance notice of the search. During the search of the property, police found no weapons or evidence of blood. Additionally, police found no physical evidence related to the death of the dog.

The next day police interviewed Jenelle Eason at the courthouse. During the interview, Jenelle Eason changed her story. She told officers that she never saw her husband interact with the dog. Also, she said that she did not hear any gunshots on the property. Jenelle asked the police to drop the investigation and said she did not want to move forward with charges against her husband.

When officers pressed Jenelle about her changed story, she admitted that she made up the story for publicity. Jenelle said that she had no idea where her dog went and made up the story. Additionally, she said that she didn’t know whether the dog was alive or dead.

Based upon the search of the property and statements by Jenelle, Columbus County Sheriff’s office believe that Jenelle Eason fabricated the entire story.

The Sheriff’s office noted that they received thousands of calls based upon social media posts Jenelle Eason made online. Due to the influx of calls, the entire investigation slowed down. Most of the calls were redundant and affected the daily business of the office. The Sheriff stated that social media could be an excellent tool for many. However, in this case, they believe Jenelle Eason incited emotions in millions of people to gain publicity.

As a result, the case against David Eason is closed. There are no details if Jenelle Eason will be cited for filing a false police report.

The completed investigation ends a whirlwind two months for the couple. If true that she made up the story, Jenelle Eason lost her job with MTV due to her lie.

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