Social Media Influencer Arrested for Sexual Assault of Underage Teen

Social Media Influencer Arrested for Sexual Assault of Underage Teen July 13, 2019

A social media influencer is facing charges of sexual assault of a teenage girl. Los Angeles Police Department announced the arrest of Ray Diaz, 33, after videos leaked on Instagram of him physically and verbally abusing a 17-year-old girl.

Earlier this week, a video leaked on Angelica Salek’s Instagram of violent interactions between her and Ray Diaz. The videos contained audio recordings of Ray Diaz screaming, threatening, and slapping the teen. Following the leak, Salek took to social media and called the videos fake.

Following Salek’s announcement, Ray Diaz spoke with YouTube Channel “The Hollywood Fix.” During the interview, Diaz said the audio recordings were scenes for a video. Additionally, he stated the two were acting and using techniques taught in acting class in New York.

Diaz denied he was in a relationship with Salek, and he insisted their relationship was purely professional. When the host pushed him about kissing her on camera, Diaz stated that he believed that Salek was 18-years-old.

After Diaz’s interview, Salek went onto another YouTube Channel, “Drama Alert.” During the episode, Keemstar played the audio of the fights. In one recording, Diaz is heard slapping Salek across the face. The second video featured Diaz screaming at Salek and telling her to “die.”

During the interview, Salek stated that she began dating Diaz almost a year earlier. When the two began dating, Salek said she was 16-years-old. Then Keemstar asked the teen if she was involved in a sexual relationship with Diaz. Salek responded by saying that she was ‘in a relationship’ with Diaz and implied they were having sex.

Salek also noted to Keemstar that Diaz was emotionally, physically, and mentally abusive in their relationship.

She admitted that Diaz told her to lie about the videos. Additionally, she said that Diaz hid her inside his box spring when police started looking for her.

Following the interviews, Los Angeles Police Department announced on Twitter they were investigating claims of sexual assault and physical violence against a minor child on social media.

On Friday evening, LAPD announced the arrest of Diaz. LAPD said a combined investigation with San Diego Police aided in the apprehension of Diaz.

Diaz is charged with sexual assault of a minor. His bail is set at $500,000.00.

On social media, Ray Diaz has more than 3 million Instagram followers. He shares photos and videos with teenage girls on Instagram and YouTube. His YouTube channel has 300,000 subscribers.

Following his arrest, Salek spoke out on Instagram. In her story, Salek said that she had lived in fear for nearly a year. Additionally, Salek encouraged others trapped in violent relationships to find a way out. Salek hopes by coming forward, she can help others escape violent relationships.

After a whirlwind week on YouTube and Instagram, Diaz is finally behind bars. At 33-years-old Diaz had no business having a sexual relationship with a teenager. He used his power, influence, and age to manipulate, coerce, and abuse a teenage girl.

In August 2018, an ex-girlfriend accused Diaz of domestic violence. Following the allegations by the girlfriend, Diaz uploaded a video on YouTube proclaiming his innocence. He was arrested for domestic battery in August 2018.

YouTube channels played a role in getting her story out. Through their work, LAPD received tons of calls regarding the sexual assault of Salek. Diaz used social media to harm someone while others used their platforms to stop Diaz from harming any other teens.

This story is developing.

Stay Tuned.

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