Teen Mom OG Ryan Edwards’ Wife Expecting Baby Months After Release from Jail

Teen Mom OG Ryan Edwards’ Wife Expecting Baby Months After Release from Jail July 6, 2019
Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards – Instagram

Ryan Edwards, star of Teen Mom OG, is expecting another baby with his wife, Mackenzie. The news came as a surprise to many because Ryan was released from jail in April after serving 90 days for a heroin charge. Edwards wife Mackenzie announced the news on Instagram.

In a photo on Instagram, Mackenzie Edwards dropped the bomb that no one expected. She and Ryan are expecting a baby girl in January 2020. The timing of the pregnancy means she likely became pregnant shortly after Ryan Edwards release from jail.

While the news is happy for the couple, many people are scratching their heads. Ryan Edwards past year has been littered with chaos. He’s been in and out of jail and spent time in rehab. In July 2018, Edwards was arrested for violating his probation for a heroin charge.

While Mackenzie Edwards delivered their first baby together, Ryan was in rehab to work through his heroin addiction. After his completion of rehab, he quickly relapsed. By December 2018, news broke that Ryan Edwards created a Tinder account and attempted to hook up with a woman. In the messages leaked by the woman, Ryan asked the woman if she wanted to do cocaine.

In January 2019, Ryans were arrested for failing to pay his tab at a bar. The charge was eventually dropped, but the arrest was a violation of his probation.

After months of the court giving him chances, the judge lost his patience. Ryan served 2.5 months for the probation violation. After spending almost three months behind bars, he was released in April 2019.

On the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout discussed her frustration with Ryan Edwards. Their son, Bentley, is now ten-years-old and understands that his dad is not ok. Maci admitted that Ryan’s most recent arrested caused Bentley to fail all of his assignments in school for a week.

After his release from prison, Ryan Edwards refused to discuss his stay in prison. On camera, Mackenzie and his parents, Jen and Larry, disclosed that Ryan witnessed the death of a friend while in jail. The event left him completely traumatized.

Given his fragile mental health and sobriety, the new baby comes at a very concerning time for the couple.

Since his release, Ryan has been relatively low-key on social media. Mackenzie uploads photos on Instagram to share updates on her marriage. Given his recent release from jail, no one expected that the announcement of a second pregnancy.

However, Mackenzie is pregnant and excited to welcome a baby girl next winter. For Ryan to improve as a father, he will simply have to show up at her delivery this time. His other two children 10-year-old Bentley, and 8-month-old Jagger barely knows their father.

Perhaps this baby will be the one to make Ryan turn his life around. Hopefully, Mackenzie doesn’t find any new Tinder accounts during her pregnancy.

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