Teen Mom Star OG Amber Portwood Arrested for Domestic Abuse

Teen Mom Star OG Amber Portwood Arrested for Domestic Abuse July 5, 2019
Amber Portwood booking photo – Indianapolis Police Department


Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood was arrested for felony domestic battery for assaulting her live-in boyfriend Andrew Glennon while he held their one-year-old son James. The incident happened around 3 am on July 5th, and Radar Online first reported the arrest this morning.

According to WTTV CBS, Police arrested Portwood following an early morning altercation with her boyfriend. Andrew Glennon told police that Portwood physically assaulted him while he held their one-year-old son James.

Then officers spoke with Portwood at the scene. Authorities arrested and charged Portwood with Felony Domestic Battery.  Indianapolis Police Department forward the case to The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office to make the final determination on the charge. Additionally, police reported the incident to Child Protective Services due to the involvement of a minor child in the incident.

The Indianapolis Police Department told People Magazine,

“Just after 3:00 a.m., on 7.5.2019, officers were called to [address] reference a disturbance. Officers spoke to the male victim who stated his live-in-girlfriend and he were having a disagreement,” read the statement. “During which time the female, later identified as Amber Portwood assaulted him, while he was holding their one-year-old child. Officers spoke to Amber Portwood at the scene.  She was subsequently arrested for her alleged actions in this incident.”

Portwood’s arrest is not her first interaction with law enforcement. In 2010, authorities arrested Portwood for domestic violence after she hit her then-fiance Gary Shirley. Initially, the court sentenced her to probation for the incident. However, Portwood violated her probation due to a drug charge in 2011. She ended up serving 17-months in prison. During her incarceration, Portwood lost primary custody of her daughter, Leah.

According to Marion County Jail records, police charged Portwood with a level 6 Felony. Domestic violence offenses become felonies if they are in the presence of a child or could put a child in danger. Because she attacked Andrew Glennon while he held their son, police charged her with a felony.

Amber’s current location is at the inmate processing center.  The processing center is across the street from Marion County Jail. At this time, police have not listed a bail amount for her offense. She must report to the court on July 8, 2019, at 8:30 am.

Based on sentencing guidelines for the charge, Portwood could face six months to 2.5 years in prison for the new charge. Due to her previous arrest for domestic battery, a prosecutor could ask for the maximum time for the charge.

On Teen Mom OG, Portwood has been honest about her struggles with substance abuse, mental illness, and post-partum depression. Following the birth of her son James, she suffered from severe post-partum depression. Additionally, she is open that doctors diagnosed her with bipolar disorder.

There are no details on whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the assault on her boyfriend.

This story is developing.

Stay Tuned

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  • Cozmo the Magician

    “There are no details on whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the assault on her boyfriend.” then why bring it up? There is no evidence that either Rap music or Elvis played a role. There is not details about how much peanut butter contributed to the altercation. Police are also quiet as to whether either party reads your blog. I hope you get my point.

  • Madison Blane

    They have played a significant role in many episodes of hers in the past. Amber has said so herself – that she doesn’t believe things would have escalated to the point they did if drugs/alcohol had not been involved. Substance and alcohol use exacerbate the symptoms of the mental illness Amber has, and the symptoms of bipolar mania include engaging in other risky behaviors, such as substance and alcohol abuse. And it was a holiday where drinking is common. It is more than just possible that alcohol or substance of some sort is involved with this episode too – either as a symptom of a manic episode, or as a contributing factor – it’s a reasonable assumption; Crystal Ball is just saying that it hasn’t been confirmed.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    OK, thanks or the clarity. In that context her mention of it makes a bit of sense.