Amber Portwood Hints Attack on Boyfriend Started Over Drunk Driving

Amber Portwood Hints Attack on Boyfriend Started Over Drunk Driving August 5, 2019
Amber Portwood Instagram

Amber Portwood dropped a hint about the reason for her July 5th attack on her boyfriend and son on Instagram. Portwood shared a photo of a google search for deaths associated with drunk driving in 2018.

In an image uploaded on Instagram, Amber Portwood shared with fans that she was done protecting people. The image was a screenshot from a Google search that asked, “How many drunk driving deaths in 2018.”

Under the photo, Portwood wrote,

“Hmm… How long have I been quiet to protect people? I’m done!!!!!! Read in between the lines and let me be!!!! DONE!!!!”

Amber Portwood seems to imply that that fight that led up to her attack may have been related to Andrew Glennon driving while intoxicated. Glennon has a history of arrests for drug possession and DUI.

In April 2009, Andrew Glennon was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Police officers found heroin, ecstasy, and a stimulant taken for ADHD on him. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and received probation.

Then in 2014, he was arrested for driving under the influence. He was ordered to spend 96 hours in jail and pay a fine. When Radar Online found his arrest records, Glennon admitted that his alcohol and drug issues related to his battle with depression and the death of his father.

Since he began dating Amber Portwood in 2017, Glennon has been open about his brushes with the law. Despite his previous arrests, Glennon appeared to turn his life around in the past few years.

On the night of the arrest, Glennon told police that the altercation started over fireworks. Glennon said that Portwood became enraged when the family was unable to make it to the local fireworks. In the arrest affidavit, he stated that the roads were closed due to high pedestrian traffic.

However, Amber Portwood and her supporters have implied that there was more to the story than what Andrew told the police. Her brother, Shawn Portwood, stated on Twitter that he believed Glennon lied to police about the events of the night.

For the past few weeks, Portwood has dropped numerous hints that Andrew Glennon was to blame for the events on July 5th. She accused him of cheating in multiple images shared on Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, she has instructed followers and fans not to believe what they read about her online.

Her latest photo seems to provide further insight into her belief that she is not at fault for the fight. Despite her claims about alcohol, the arrest warrant states that she admitted to hitting Andrew with a shoe while he held their son. There are no indications in the arrest warrant that alcohol was a factor for either party.

Additionally, the affidavit says that she wielded a machete at Andrew Glennon and her son while they hid behind a closed door. When police arrived at the home, they found the door with a missing knob and scratch marks in the wood.

Andrew Glennon has not responded to Amber’s latest attempt to pass the blame. Before Amber uploaded her DUI image, Andrew shared a few photos of their son James on Instagram. He told fans he remained focused on the wellbeing and happiness of his son.

Portwood’s next court appearance is set for August 22, 2019. She is facing three felonies related to the attack on her boyfriend and son.


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