Derrick Dillard Says He Has Sex Everyday with Jill in Latest Blog

Derrick Dillard Says He Has Sex Everyday with Jill in Latest Blog August 21, 2019

Derrick Dillard’s new blog tells husband’s to have sex with their wives 5 to 6 times per week. The latest post by Derrick is a followup to one written by his wife in June. The couple has been open about their sex life in recent months.

According to a new blog titled “Hot Love: How to Love Your Wife Like You Mean It,” Derrick Dillard lays out the steps men should take to please their wives. Derrick’s first piece of advice to men is to have sex with their wives five to six times per week.

Have lots of good sex! You both need this time together regularly (5-6 times (or more) a week is a good start).  Guys, you need to keep yourself “joyfully available” for your wife, because only you can fulfill certain desires she might have.”

Derrick says that marriages can become stagnant over the years. After five years of marriage, he asserts that he is not an expert. However, Derrick believes that regular sex is the key to a happy marriage. By his admission, he’s getting freaky with Jill nearly every day of the week.

Interestingly, Jill Dillard’s blog for women suggested that wives should have sex at least three to four times per week with their husbands.

With Derrick suggesting daily sex and Jill advising sex every other day, which one should spouses follow?

Additionally, with so much sex happening in the Dillard household, it surprises the couple hasn’t welcomed another child yet.

According to the couple’s fundamental belief system, men and women are not supposed to use birth control. Are the Dillard’s using birth control and breaking a cardinal sin?

Beyond copious amounts of sexy time, Derrick Dillard reminds men to be their family’s spiritual leader, remain humble, and protect their wives.

Most of Dillard’s advice is pretty standard Christian marriage advice. He tells husbands not to go to bed angry, show affection to their wives, and to always speak kindly about their spouse to others.

However, one nugget of advice highlights the backward beliefs the couple have about the opposite sex. Dillard suggests that men need to make their wives feel secure in their relationship.

According to Derrick, he and Jill use a filter on their phone and laptop to prevent them from viewing naughty content. Additionally, he states that spouses should provide one another with their passwords to all electronics.

To up the ante of commitment, Derrick recommends that men and women never be alone in a room with someone of the opposite sex.

He writes,

“Never be alone in the same room with someone of the opposite gender. Sometimes this is hard and requires more intentionality. For example, if I have a private meeting with a female, I may choose to leave the door open, or if Jill needs a repairman to come work on something at the house when I’m gone then she might invite a friend over while he’s there.

We realize though that safeguards alone aren’t enough…it is more about the heart and commitment to purity, but they may be helpful in reducing the prevalence of some situations, or even just the appearance of evil.”

According to the Dillards, being in a room with someone of the opposite sex could lead to indecent behavior. The fact that Jill has a friend over when repairmen come to the home is a weird decision.

Have the Dillard’s been watching too many adult films? Not once in my life has a repairman ever come on to me in my home.

Derrick and Jill Dillard are a bit more progressive than her ridiculously backward parents. However, their indoctrination and brainwashing run extremely deep.

However, Derrick told the world clearly that he and Jill are getting down and dirty every day.

TMI, Derrick, TMI.

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  • johnsoncatman

    For example, if I have a private meeting with a FEMALE, I may choose to leave the door open, or if Jill needs a repairman to come work on something at the house when I’m gone then she might invite a friend over while he’s there.

    Or, since I am the man, maybe I will close the door and grab her by the poosy since I am famous. And Jill and her friend may have a threesome with the repairman, because that is why repairmen come to your house.

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    I think we can go with the standard rule of thumb:

    Divide the number of times a man claims to have intercourse a week at least by a factor of two.

    I have no clue about 69sex. I’m 69asexual and 69sex repulsed.

    But. If you do things you like too often you get sick of them and they turn into a chore.

    So, if you 69boink every day, does it get boring?

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    Gah, I have two other versions of this post in the nanny filter. Feel free to delete them.

  • johnsoncatman

    The nanny filter is SOOOOOOOO annoying!!!!

  • In my experience repairmen tend to say “I’ll be there sometime on Wednesday before three” and then come on Thursday at five. Does Jill’s chaperone hang out for days, skipping whatever else she might have wanted to do, or is she just telling dear hubby what he wants to hear?

  • Brian Shanahan

    I wonder which one of the Duggars is operating it.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    ZOMG.. &#8203must &#8203have &#8203been &#8203the &#8203word &#8203’humped’

    Slackers… &#8203when &#8203I &#8203was &#8203their &#8203age &#8203me &#8203and &#8203my &#8203gal &#8203humped &#8203like &#8203wabbits &#8203at &#8203LEAST 3 times &#8203a &#8203day

  • I thought it was hilarious that Jill said 3-4 times a week and Derrick said 5-6! Somebody’s lying…..

    Wow, purity culture continues into marriage too?

  • WallofSleep

    “So, if you 69boink every day, does it get boring?”


  • kaydenpat

    Wow. That Pence rule is quite popular among Evangelicals. I’m alone with men all the time because of my job and have never even once been tempted to break my marriage vows. I thought that their god was powerful enough to help them in all situations. Guess not.

  • kaydenpat


  • kaydenpat

    There was a South Park episode where all the men suspected their wives of sleeping with the UPS man. Pretty hilarious.

  • B.A.

    When my mom was working (she’s retired now), one of her dearest work friends was a young man who had grown up in an abusive home. Mom
    felt bad for him and she was supportive and a good listener to him,as she is to me and the rest of my family. Nothing EVER happened between R. and
    my mom. In fact,he came to visit her after my dad’s funeral and he has stayed in touch. R. was the only former co-worker of Mom’s who reached out
    to her after Dad died,and they still keep in touch. Dad had met him at company Xmas parties and things of that sort and he had no issues. He was

    never that insecure.

  • Martin Penwald

    Additionally, with so much sex happening in the Dillard household, it surprises the couple hasn’t welcomed another child yet.

    Technically, there are ways to have sax without protection that still won’t result in reproduction. But i’m not sure they are Jim-Bob the plmp approved. Should we ask?

  • This information was brought to you by WTMI — the station with Way Too Much Information.

    Also… umm… what if she’s not in the mood? Just… force her? Ew.

  • Jim Jones

    No wonder these people love Mangolini. He spews out random nonsense just like they do.

  • Jim Jones

    Not if you’re 16!

  • Sassafras

    I’m adding this to my list of “Things I’ve never wanted to know”.

  • Michael Neville

    They have a filter on the phone? Why?

  • Rachel

    Yikes! I’ve never felt compelled to tell anyone–not even close friends–how frequently my partner and I get it on. It really doesn’t seem like information that anybody needs to know, and nobody wants to picture that! I actually have very few hangups when it comes to conversation topics that I’m willing to discuss (I’ve been told I tend to overshare), but even I have my limits. And yet they say it’s secular society that’s s3x-obsessed…

  • Polytropos

    I’d assume bo&#8203inking either of the Dillards would be boring. I also suspect you’re right about the division factor.

  • Lizard

    “Additionally, with so much sex69 happening in the Dillard household, it surprises the couple hasn’t welcomed another child yet.”

    Reproductive biology. Derrick’s sperm69 count must be nearly zero. Having sex69 nearly every day is a terrible way to conceive.

  • Matt Brooker

    Three men get into conversation on a long train journey. One guy, who looks really bored and jaded, explains that he has sex every day, but it’s become humdrum for him, almost a chore. The next guy, who looks a little less jaded, says he has sex every week, and while he’s not as bad as the first guy, he misses the excitement it used to stir in him before he settled down and it just became a regular thing. The third guy, who looks a lot more cheerful, says he only has sex once a month, and he still gets a thrill of anticipation in the week or so leading up to the act.
    They’re interrupted by a manic giggling and they notice a fourth guy in the carriage, grinning and laughing and wriggling helplessly with excitement.
    “What’s up with you?” one of them asks.
    “I only get sex once a year!” giggles the guy.
    “Once a year! What do you have to be so happy about?”
    “Because tonight’s the night!!!”

  • Xander Hampshire

    The On Time Repairman se×iest adult entertainment of all time…

  • Jill had serious problems with her pregnancies didn’t she? She might not be ABLE to conceive.

  • I confess, I am the guardian of the passwords, and maintain a master list in case something happens to either of us. We both have the password to the master list. That said, I would never look into my wife’s email, or at her computer, barring invitation to do so.

    Also, minor quibble:

    “Are the Dillard’s using birth control and breaking a cardinal sin”

    You can “break a cardinal rule” or “commit a cardinal sin”.

  • paganheart

    That’s my bet. It’s known that both of Jill’s pregnancies have ended in emergency C-sections, and that her second son spent several days or weeks in the NICU. (Derrick whined on social media about TLC not stepping up to help with medical bills after that one…SMH…) Jill’s second labor and delivery was never documented on the show, and Jill apparently made several cryptic Instagram posts about loss after her second delivery. My theory: Jill attempted a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) with her second delivery, and something went horribly wrong, most likely a uterine rupture and hemmohrage. She probably needed an emergency hysterectomy to save her life, and her son was probably left oxygen deprived and critically ill. My sister had a failed VBAC that required a hysterectomy and left her and my niece both in ICU for several days, so I understand this situation well. (Fortunately both recovered completely.) All the sex in the world won’t change the fact that Jill can’t have a baby without a uterus.

  • persephone

    Heck, yeah. It’s so gross.

  • persephone

    They’re so fixated on purity and sex that the idea that men and women can be friends completely eludes them.

  • persephone

    Depending on whether I knew the repairman, I might want someone else there, especially if I still lived out in the sticks.

  • persephone

    Oh, gods, no, I don’t want to know. I’m very visual, and it would be stuck in my head.

    My guess is they’re using something, or at least NP.

  • persephone

    I don’t want to know what my friends or coworkers are doing bed wise.

  • persephone

    smartphone = internet

  • persephone

    It’s definitely not something they would advertise, unlike just about anything else in their relationship.

  • johnsoncatman


  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    They call it sex, but I doubt that it’s the fun kind.

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    Well, my fantasy involves 69ing Kate Winslet.

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    Jill probably gets sent to counseling (i.e., abuse camp) if she tells her husband no.

  • Martin Penwald
  • My sister in law also had a uterine rupture attempting VBA2C, but she didn’t need a hysterectomy and has been told another pregnancy is possible. They may have been forced to confront the fact that they CANT have as many children as Michelle did and may have made peace in private with spacing them out?

  • Madison Blane

    I think you nailed it in the last sentence. This isn’t about being afraid you’ll break your marriage vows, this is about plaquating jealous spouses who believe they own you.

    At one place my husband worked, he and a young lady were the only two people in the office all day. They are still good friends. In fact, he is friends with many of the men and women he’s worked with. Never once have I ever been concerned about that. I trust my husband to do what’s right (to give me the respect of leaving me first) and I wouldn’t have married him if I didn’t.

    Although I can understand the panic when a husband’s cheating means the wife’s left to either accept it and ‘forgive’ him or be without any means of caring for herself or her child(ren). But that’s an equality problem, not an infidelity issue to solve. I have no desire to keep a man who would rather be elsewhere. Duggarville treats that as par for the course, though. And that’s a sad, insecure, anxiety-ridden place to live.

  • persephone

    It’s not unreasonable for a woman alone to be hesitant or outright refuse to allow a man into her home. Women have been raped and/or murdered by repairman, housecleaners, handymen, etc.

  • johnsoncatman

    The Whooooooooooooosh means that my comment flew right over your head.

  • Ruthitchka

    What popped into my mind was, if they literally had safe “sax” (aphones), that might be a fun visual and good birth control…happy Friday, everyone!

  • Morgan Lefaye

    I have a theory. Viewing the entire opposite gender as temptation makes you MORE likely to cheat. If you’re alone enough with the opposite gender, you’re less likely to cheat, because you view them as people, not sex objects.