Jenelle Eason’s Cosmetic Launch Party Cancelled By Venue Over Death of Dog

Jenelle Eason’s Cosmetic Launch Party Cancelled By Venue Over Death of Dog August 19, 2019

Jenelle Eason’s makeup launch party was canceled over the weekend after the venue learned about the violent death of her dog Nuggett. Flirt Beauty Boutique announced the cancellation on Instagram. However, Jenelle Eason fired back stating she moved her party to another location after someone leaked the address of her party.

In typical Jenelle Eason fashion, she was on the attack on Instagram. On Saturday Flirt Beauty Boutique uploaded a photo that stated, “This event has been canceled at our venue! Our salon was unaware of what she and her husband have done or have been connected to, and in no way, would we support such brutality. We apologize for not doing our research beforehand.”

The event scheduled for September 9, 2019, was to launch Jenelle Eason’s cosmetic line JE Cosmetics. Eason has been promoting the party on social media along with her makeup. A group of animal rights activists took credit for the event’s cancellation.

Earlier this summer, a group of Jenelle Eason haters purchased the website domain for Je Cosmetics. The website now features images of animals and updates people on Jenelle’s social media posts. The group or individual have created numerous social media pages on Instagram and Facebook linking to the website.

Now the same group appears to have intervened and contacted Flirt Beauty Boutique to disclose the details of Jenelle and David Eason’s troubled summer. David Eason admitted to killing their family dog Nugget after he claimed the dog attacked their daughter. Despite an investigation by CPS and police, the couple was not charged with any crimes.

Jenelle Eason responded on Instagram and insisted she moved the event to another location. She reassured fans that her makeup line will launch to the public on September 19. According to Jenelle, the launch party will no longer be available to the public. Additionally, she says that the Flirt Beauty Boutique did not cancel the event.

Eason then shared a photo of an individual that she believes is behind the website and social media pages that are attacking her. WOACB will not share the photo or identity to protect the individual at this time. However, Eason says a woman in Ohio is the culprit behind all of the websites, social media pages, and negative Reddit comments.

Additionally, she asked fans to help her locate the woman. Wason posted a story on Instagram alluding to the fact that she may be looking to press criminal charges against the woman for stalking and harassment. Eason began posting screenshots of arrests related to the woman along with her various social media profiles.

According to Eason, the woman is going out of her way to stalk and harass her over the death of her dog.

After Jenelle uploaded the photo about her event, Flirt Beauty Boutique removed the photo about Jenelle Eason from their Instagram. What remains unclear is which party canceled the event. Either way, Jenelle Eason insists that an invite-only event will go on at another venue.

Jenelle Eason’s career is in shambles. If her cosmetic line fails to launch or is unsuccessful, the former reality tv star may need to find employment in the real world. Her days as an “influencer” may be over.

With Eason not receiving any consequences legally for the death of Nugget, a group of haters remain determined to stop her future business ventures. Eason may learn the hard way that the public has no interest in anything she tries to sell.

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