Joy Anna and Austin Forsyth Live in a RV at Creepy Christian Camp

Joy Anna and Austin Forsyth Live in a RV at Creepy Christian Camp August 23, 2019
Austin and Joy-Anna Forsyth in a promotional video for Fort Rock Family Camp

Joy-Anna Forsyth is living in a 35-foot camper in Arkansas with her husband Austin and son Gideon; The camper appears to be located on the property of Fort Rock Family Camp owned by her husband Austin’s parents Terry and Roxanne Forsyth.

In an Instagram video, Joy-Anna shared an update related to her family’s new home. The young Duggar daughter told fans that she and Austin built a house last year but flipped the property for a profit. Additionally, she noted that they recently began building a second home for the same purpose.

As a result, the couple does not have a permanent residence of their own. Therefore, the couple decided to live in a 35-foot trailer on the property of the Forsyth family camp. Throughout the summer, Joy-Anna has shared photos of her family working at the camp.

Joy-Anna shares a video of her family camper.

After the video, Joy-Anna uploaded numerous photos of the interior of the camper. The tiny home on wheels is outfitted with cute accent furniture and appears spotless.

Fort Rock Family Camp is located in Northwest Arkansas in the Ozarks. Terry Forsyth says he created the camp as a way for families to spend quality time together without electronics. The camp requests that families unplug their electronics during their stay at the property.

Campers can do a variety of activities like ziplining, horseback riding, tomahawk throwing, rifle shooting, paddle boarding, and fishing. While the camp is nestled in a beautiful location, fundamental Christianity is on full display.

For instance, last year, the camp hosted speaker Michael Pearl. Pearl is the author of the infamous book “To Train Up a Child.” The book instructs parents to switch their children to train them into obedience. Pearl teaches parents to use willow sticks, rulers, wooden spoons, or plastic tubes to hit their children for any undesirable behavior. The abuse taught by Michael Pearl has resulted in the deaths of multiple children in the past decade.

According to Pearl, “God Spanks his Children.” Michael Pearl insists there is no age too young to begin switching or hitting a child. He recommends that breastfeeding mothers pull their baby’s hair if they bite while nursing. Additionally, he encourages parents to tempt their children to desirable items like toys, food, or appliances and then hit the child with a switch.

When news broke last year that Fort Rock Family Camp planned to host the Pearls, outrage erupted online. Individuals began sending letters, emails, and messages to the camp about the abusive practices taught by Michael Pearl.

Rather than listening to the public, Fort Rock Family Camp responded by telling people that the Bible instructs people to use corporal punishment on children. Given that the Forsyth’s believe in the training of Michael Pearl, many fans fear that Joy-Anna and Austin are using these techniques on their young son Gideon.

In one response found on Facebook, Austin Forsyth seems to pen the email. He tells the concerned individual that both he and his wife were disciplined with the Pearl method and turned out fine. Additionally, he noted that “God would want us to obey all scripture which means loving our children so dearly, but also lovingly correcting them at times.”

Of all the adult Duggar daughters, Joy-Anna’s husband Austin is by far the most conservative. He does not allow his wife to wear pants nor work outside of the home. Joy-Anna’s older sister’s Jinger, Jill, and Jessa all wear pants.

In the Quiverfull movement, women and men must dress modestly at all times. Women wear skirts that fall below the knees and cannot wear pants. Terry Forsyth believes that women that wear immodest clothing cause men to defraud themselves. Therefore, women at the camp must dress modestly and wear skirts.

Fans and viewers of “Counting On,” have long feared that Joy-Anna’s husband Austin was abusive. Due to his family’s strict belief system, many feared he was controlling his young bride. Austin and Joy-Anna began courting when she was only 19-years-old. At the time of their courtship, Austin was 25-years-old.

The Duggar family has been a mainstay at Fort Rock Family Camp for years. On the camp’s website, they prominently display photos of the Duggar family and promote events hosted by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

With Joy-Anna seemingly isolated deep in the Ozarks of Arkansas, there is a high likelihood that she will remain deeply entrenched in the Quiverfull movement. Despite the glaring warning signs that Austin’s family is controlling and supportive of child abuse, she consistently appears happy on Instagram.

Women in the cult do not have the freedom to work outside the home nor divorce their spouses. Additionally, the cult teaches women to remain obedient and subservient to their spouses.

While her older sister’s take steps to free themselves from the harmful cult, Joy-Anna could be stuck for the rest of her life.

Take a peak at the camp in this video:

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  • Martin Penwald

    she consistently appears happy on Instagram.

    She has been trained for it. It’s in Debi Pearl’s books.

  • Friend

    Yeah, those verses are in Proverbs, right there in the Bible.

    But guess what, we are allowed to think about different books of the Bible differently: the ancient societies that produced them, and the purposes of the volumes.

    I’m just a random lay person, but even I can read a whole chapter of Proverbs. That chapter is about corrupt rulers, drunkenness, and s#x with pr0st1tutes and @dulteresses… not about babies or small children. Some sort of discipline has to start early, but Austin is wrong to infer that this is God’s command to str1ke children with rods, which Austin is bound to obey.

    Here is a Jewish take on Proverbs:

    The wisdom of the pre-Ezran Old Testament writings is shrewd common sense and general keen intelligence (II Sam. xiv.; I Kings iii.); and because it was controlled by worldly considerations it was looked on with disfavor by the Prophets as not being in harmony with the word of God as they understood it (Jer. viii. 9, ix. 23; Ezek. vii. 26). In Proverbs it stands for the broadest and highest conception of life, and is identified with the law of God. Yet it is the utterance of sages, whose counsel is represented as the only sufficient guide of conduct (i.-iv., xxii. 17-21). The sages do not employ the prophetic formula “Thus saith the Lord” or appeal to the law of Moses; they speak out of their own minds, not claiming divine inspiration, yet assuming the absolute authoritativeness of what they say—that is, they regard conscience as the final guide of life.

  • Friend

    Hey Martin, why do you think Joy-Anna is dressed for the indoors and Austin is all dolled up for clearin’ brush? Any thoughts?

  • Martin Penwald

    Consistency with the vile “barefoot and pregnant” ideology.

  • Madison Blane

    To put it in a way fundamentalists will easily understand: the word discipline comes from the same root word as disciple, from the Latin word ‘discipulus’ meaning pupil or learner. So let’s look at how disciples are taught: Did Jesus smack any of his disciples with a switch, or plastic plumbing? No. He trained them with words and as a living example in the way he wanted them to comport themselves. And how did he gain this authority? By claiming it was his God-given right to punish them for disobedience? No. By being someone they deemed worth following. By gaining their respect. When Jesus used a whip, it was not on those he loved, and they were certainly not children.

    Children will naturally absorb our values. They will follow. Our job is not to demand their respect, or compel it through force. Our job is not to crush it, and to be worthy of it instead. To be a trustworthy teacher. To disciple others, we must be self-disciplined – able to restrain ourselves from causing pain to those in our care, those who will then cause pain to the ones in their care, the way all the Duggar kids are continuing the cycle of abuse which was normalized and justified by their parents.

    A shepherd does not use his rod to cane disobedient sheep, but rather to steer them in the proper direction. “Withholding the rod” doesn’t mean “refusing to spank”, it means letting the one in your care fall off the deep end of a cliff when you have tools to guide them back to safety. Whipping an animal in your care does not engender their trust. It makes them more likely to run away and be seriously harmed.

    The Bible does not speak of hitting children; it speaks of giving our children proper guidance. Our children are learning from everything we do, not just when we are correcting wrongs. Discipline is something we do every minute of every day. Not when we spank.

  • “[Joy-Anna] told fans that she and Austin built a house last year but flipped the property for a profit. Additionally, she noted that they recently began building a second home for the same purpose.”

    That sounds super shady.

  • Friend

    “Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.” <—not about hitting

  • persephone

    The Duggars practice blanket training, wherein you place a child who is able to crawl on a blanket. Every time they attempt to leave the blanket, you hit them and say No. How is someone who is being beaten for just existing ever going to properly adjust to adult life without help?

    Also, children have died because of the Pearls’ book. The change from beating to switching language in the book is an attempt to separate themselves from these murders.

    I’ve noticed that the people who claim that they grew up just fine even though they were beaten are not fine. They are short-tempered, prone to violence, and have difficulty in any social situation outside their norm. Every time I have questioned one of them online, they have immediately responded with anger and threats. I know that when my parents started beating us kids after they became JWs I became determined to leave.

  • Shan

    One can also point out that those that were beaten as kidsgrew up into adults that feel it’s not only okay but morally right to physically harm a defenseless, trusting child.

  • Karen the rock whisperer

    A 35 foot RV is perfectly reasonable quarters for a couple and a baby. More children, or an older child, and that RV gets really small. It’s going to be expensive to heat and cool, but if it works for them right now, great. The isolation, though, must be intense.

    Building homes to flip sounds extremely difficult. Husband and I are building a home right now, and it’s expensive. Part of the expense comes from doing so much ourselves; while the labor is cheap, the materials cost for someone without contractor’s discounts is high. Those who make money building new houses are generally companies that build entire housing tracts, so that the discounts on materials are substantial and the contractors can work very efficiently. So, I wonder.

  • Madison Blane

    Yeah, I’ve never been comforted by an implement of abuse.

    Unfortunately fundies take this as evidence of rebellion when underlings aren’t appropriately thankful for being beaten. I remember being told that I should be thanking God that I had parents who cared enough to whip me.

  • Friend

    “thanking God … parents who cared enough to wh1p me.” Oh, I’m so sorry. The slightly better version I’ve heard is that kids should be grateful [no mention of God] that the parents care enough to discipline [not wh1p]. But I’ve never felt comfortable about that sentiment either. It feels like a thre@t, and it assumes that kids never want to cooperate, and need to be kept in line.

    We always tried to connect cause and effect: you did A, so you don’t get to do B. And that was it: doing A did not indicate poor character. Missing out on B was the extent of the discipline.

    Better still: If you do good thing C, you will earn good thing D.

  • Melanie Groß

    Jessa doesn’t wear pants .

  • CoachWristletJen

    The Duggars have a long and weary history of being involved with “camps.” Even after so many young women came out against Bill Gothard for making inappropriate sexual advances, the Duggar girls continued to work as recruitment tools for his “camps.” Sadly, I would think that they would be a huge drawing point for girls in that age bracket [11-16]. The presence of the Duggar girls leading youth prayer groups or crafts would establish a false sense of trust in the Basic Institute of Youth Concepts or whatever it was he was calling it back then. (The name has morphed a bit over the years.) I have to wonder, of the many, many families brought in by the immediate Duggar involvement, how many of the daughters of these unsuspecting families found their way into Bill’s clutches? We know he prowled the youth, looking for those that had what he called “Godly potential.” They were the ones he recruited to work for him in his office as part of his “team.” It’s all very sick. And yes, the Duggars were complicit. They still are! There has never been one peep from Pa Duggar speaking out against Bill Gothard, even though he was finally so depraved that he was banned from his own ministry. Every single book on Ma Duggar’s home schooling shelf was written by either Bill Gothard or his equally depraved brother. There is a lot of stuff online about him, too.

  • Morgan Lefaye

    So the Bible is supportive of kink. I didn’t know it was so enlightened!

  • Mel

    The people who flip well generally don’t do the work themselves – or if they do – they do it as part of a contracting team. They also turn over houses in 3 months or less. A family of three who is working a full year to flip a single house is probably not making much money at all since most of the money is locked up in the current flip and getting materials for the flip.