Lindsie Chrisley Scared for Her Life After Todd Chrisley Allegedly Blackmails Her with Sex Tape

Lindsie Chrisley Scared for Her Life After Todd Chrisley Allegedly Blackmails Her with Sex Tape August 21, 2019

Lindsie Chrisley says her father and brother blackmailed her with a sex tape to prevent her from talking with Federal authorities related to a tax evasion investigation. The oldest daughter of Todd Chrisley opened up about her terrifying experience with multiple media outlets. According to the oldest daughter, she fears for her life.

Lindsie Chrisley arrived at her lawyer’s office on Monday to answer questions from a slew of media outlets. During her interviews, a somber Lindsie sat beside her attorney Musa M. Ghanayem.

In an interview with WSB, who broke the story of Todd and Julie Chrisley’s arrest, Lindsie Chrisley opened up about the months leading up to the indictment.

“I’ve told my Dad, ‘I don’t want you to go to jail,’” Lindsie Chrisley Campbell said. “I’ve told my legal counsel, ‘I don’t want my parents to go to jail.’ I don’t want to be involved in this. They brought me into this. This was not a choice that I made.”

Lindsie went on to say that her father and brother approached her months earlier and threatened to release a sex tape they purchased of her with a former flame.

However, Lindsie stated that she never consented to the filming of a tape. Additionally, she asserted that none of her partners ever would have filmed her without her consent.

She told Inside Edition,

“I have never consented to a sex tape, so if there is a tape, it was not made by me, I did not consent to it and no parties that would have ever been involved would have consented to it.”

When Fox5 Atlanta asked Lindsie if her father wanted her to lie to Federal investigators, Lindsie said her family wanted her to lie about her father’s tax fraud. According to the oldest daughter, her father’s arrest comes as no surprise. However, she insisted that she had nothing to do with the investigation.

In the 27-page indictment, authorities never mention Lindsie Chrisley or any of the Chrisley children. According to the Federal Government, the investigation into Chrisley began after he failed to pay his 2010 taxes. As the IRS attempted to collect the outstanding bill, they allege that Todd and Julie Chrisley lied and hid assets to avoid paying the over $700,000.00 bill.

“I honestly had no knowledge of anything that was in the indictment,” said Lindsie. “Any person that actually read the indictment, it would be very clear as to who was responsible for all that.”

After TMZ leaked a police report in Georgia related to the extortion, Lindsie maintains she’s fearful for her life. Todd Chrisley responded by issuing a statement to Fox News which accused his daughter of lying and outed her as an unfaithful wife.

“It’s heartbreaking and shameful that these kinds of accusations have to be aired in public,” he said. “We have tried to keep Lindsie’s extramarital relationships with Robby Hayes and Josh Murray private for her sake since August of 2016.

Sadly, for reasons we can only guess at, she ran to the sheriff’s office to accuse her brother of buying a sex tape of her and Robby, which was a complete lie, and now she’s telling more lies about me. Although our hearts are broken, Lindsie is our daughter and we will always love her.”

According to Lindsie, the police in Georgia closed the case due to jurisdiction issues. Georgia authorities turned over the case to U.S. Attorney BJ Pak who is now investigating the extortion claims. Lindsie says that she has proof that her father and brother tried to blackmail her.

In 2017, Lindsie Chrisley left the USA Network show with her family. Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, she cannot share her reasons for departing. However, rumors swirled online that Todd Chrisley wanted to make Lindsie’s divorce with her husband a featured storyline. Lindsie and her husband Will later reconciled.

“I feel like I’m an easy target because I’m not in the fold,” she answered. “I haven’t been on the show since 2017, so are they going to target somebody that they work with every day?”

With her father facing more than 30-years in prison, Lindsie is now fearful for her life.

“I think it’s fair to say that, what’s going on right now, I’m fearful,” Lindsie Chrisley said. “And I don’t know as to what level and to who that would be to. I just know that I need to make sure I protect myself and I protect my child.”

Todd and Julie’s Chrisley’s perfectly crafted Christian life is seemingly falling apart before the eyes of millions. Lindsie Chrisley insists the image her family portrayed on tv was not the reality behind the scenes.

A looming prison sentence and threats of a network cancellation by the USA Network has backed Todd Chrisley into a corner. Rather than accepting responsibility, he seems hellbent on blaming everyone for his alleged criminal activities.


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  • Raging Bee

    Lindsie went on to say that her father and brother approached her months
    earlier and threatened to release a sex tape they purchased of her with
    a former flame.

    So her father and brother need to be charged for buying that tape; and whoever made it and sold it to them also needs to be charged for it. Let’s see if any such charges are ever filed against any of them…

  • Wisdom, Justice, Love

    Lindsie Chrisley insists the image her family portrayed on tv was not the reality behind the scenes.

    Wait. The lives portrayed on TV were not accurate? The Christians public displays of prosperity and morality were a stark contrast to their private actions and attitudes? When faced with their actions becoming public, allegedly they threaten those that might help expose them?

    This can’t be. /s
    Oh, and the NDA probably stipulated she can’t even mention the NDA, much less discuss “Intellectual Property” of the show. Good money says the NDA protects the network and producers. The “Talent” can twist in the wind.

  • B.A.

    I’m glad I was never a fan of this show.

  • Raging Bee

    First rule of the NDA: Never talk about the NDA!

  • Raging Bee

    Oh, and IANAL, but I strongly suspect that all this criminal stuff will make the NDA null and void. If it doesn’t, there’s sometihng seriously wrong.

  • Wisdom, Justice, Love

    Nor am I. So IM uninformed O
    The courts will allow the NDA as evidence, but she will still probably be legally bound. If the shows producers, anyone associated with the network, or parties on the other end of the NDA were involved then maybe. Assuming the NDA is with the show and not the family.

  • Jim Jones

    If Todd Chrisley comes out, I will not be surprised.

  • Jim Jones

    They should be charged with extortion and perverting the course of justice.

  • Raging Bee

    Yup, that too.

  • Raging Bee

    Wouldn’t a subpoena override an NDA?

  • Wisdom, Justice, Love

    My guess is (part of?) the NDA will be admissible in court. Prosecution and Defense can use it. But her agreement outside of court proceedings would stand. Pure assumption.

  • SaltyJo

    Do you listen to Chrisley Confessions podcast? OMG.. Todd is the biggest narcissist ever. Listen his latest one if you haven’t yet. Todd & Julie I think truly believe they’re going to get out of this just like they have been for years. I can’t wait for a hard dose of reality to smack them in their faces!

  • Raging Bee

    They’re still Christian, and they’re still white. So yeah, they still might get out of this.