Mother Arrested After Giving 4-year-old Daughter to her Pimp

Mother Arrested After Giving 4-year-old Daughter to her Pimp August 6, 2019

A mother that gave her daughter to a pimp for human trafficking was arrested last week in Louisiana. Police issued an endangered child bulletin after they found Cameron Lowe in New Orleans without her daughter.

According to a report on WNCN, Aubriana Recinos was found in Texas with Human Traffickers. Fayetteville Police in North Carolina has been searching for the girl for more than a month.

Aubriana’s father, Mario Recinos, reported his daughter missing in May after Cameron Lowe failed to return her from a visitation. In July, a court-ordered for Lowe to her daughter to Recinos. When Cameron Lowe failed to return her daughter, police began searching for the mother and daughter.

Aubriana Recinos

Over the past month, Fayetteville police followed tips that Lowe traveled to New Jersey, Texas, and New Orleans. After almost a month, they found Cameron Lowe in New Orleans on August 1. However, Lowe did not have her daughter with her.

Police arrested Lowe and charged her with prostitution, theft under $1,000, and having an out of state warrant. The police then turned their attention to locate the missing girl and issued a missing person bulletin. Unfortunately, her disappearance did not meet requirements for an Amber Alert.

After receiving a tip, police found the girl in Texas. When they arrived at the home, she was with a group of known human traffickers. Police located her with other children that they believed worked for the traffickers. Authorities believe the traffickers forced the young girls to work in prostitution.

“She was recovered at a house of individuals that were involved in human trafficking activities,” said Maj. Robert Ramirez with Fayetteville police. “It is a ring, it’s a human trafficking ring that the FBI was investigating and these individuals have other children as well.”

According to police, Cameron Lowe gave her daughter to a pimp. After giving her daughter to a human-trafficking ring, she fled the state. Fayetteville police say that she is also a part of the ring that they have been investigating for months by the FBI.

“The child was pretty much given to a pimp, an associate of a pimp or family of the pimp for keeping,” Ramirez said. “The individuals involved are not cooperating.”

When authorities located Aubriana, she appeared uninjured and healthy. Her father Mario Recinos traveled to Texas to reunite with his daughter. The father told reporters that he was grateful to have his daughter back after 53 days apart.

 “Going on 53 days, it’s been hard,” Recinos said. “We didn’t know where she was at.”

He thanked authorities for finding his daughter. In the video footage, Aubriana appeared happy and content to be back with her father.

Due to a combined effort by police and the FBI, the little girl will no longer be in any danger. Each year human trafficking rings kidnap millions of children around the world. Many of these cases, authorities never find the children.

Fayetteville police did not comment about any arrests connected to pimp or his family that had the little girl.

In a press release, the Fayetteville Police Department expressed their thanks to the FBI and Texas Police in helping them locate Aubriana,

“The Fayetteville Police Department thanks the FBI and the Lewisville, Texas Police Department for their assistance with this investigation. The Fayetteville Police Department also extends thanks to everyone who shared the endangered missing child information and media outlets,” police said in a news release.


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  • Michael Neville

    At least nothing happened to this little girl and she’s back with a responsible parent.

  • Friend

    It’s a good thought, but she was away from home for 53 chaotic days and separated from her (apparently horrible) mother for an undetermined number of days. The separation alone might very well lead to trauma. It could predispose her to lifelong depression and anxiety, or other serious problems.

    I’m also not convinced that she was physically unharmed among human tr@ffickers. Possibly her story has not yet begun to emerge.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    It’s a relief that she was found before the worst happened.