Mother Arrested After Refusing Life-Saving Surgery for Daughter’s Cancer

Mother Arrested After Refusing Life-Saving Surgery for Daughter’s Cancer August 16, 2019

An Oregon mother that kidnapped her daughter and refused to treat her daughter’s cancer turned herself in to authorities. Prosecutors in Portland, Oregon charged Christina Dixon with two counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment and two counts of first-degree custodial interference related to her 13-year-old daughter’s treatment for liver cancer.

According to court records, Christina Dixon turned herself in early Thursday morning related to charges to her daughter’s cancer treatment. In June, Dixon fled Oregon with her daughter, Kylee, after doctor’s ordered surgery to remove a tumor on Kylee’s liver.

Christina Dixon told authorities that she did not believe her daughter needed surgery or other medical interventions to treat Kylee’s cancer. Instead, the mother thought that CBD oil could shrink the tumor and cure her daughter’s aggressive liver cancer.

When the mother failed to bring her daughter to the hospital for her surgery, authorities issued a missing person bulletin for the teen. The FBI located Christina and her daughter in Las Vegas a few days later. Once they found Kylee, Child Protective Services took custody of the teen and the management of her cancer.

Despite the removal of Kylee from her custody, Christina continued to fight the court to provide her daughter with alternative cancer treatments. Earlier this month a judge ordered that the teen continue to undergo traditional cancer treatments recommended by her doctor.

“I’m not a doctor,” said Judge Heather Karabeika. “I let medical professionals handle what they think is most appropriate given their experience and knowledge.”

In July, police charged Christina Dixon with multiple counts of criminal mistreatment and custodial interference. Police issued a warrant for her arrest on August 15. Dixon turned herself in shortly after they issued the warrant.

At her arraignment, a judge set the mother’s bail at $100,000.00. As a term of her release, she is not allowed to talk to her daughter about her treatment or attend any of her medical appointments.

According to doctors treating Kylee, they believe there is a 70% chance they can stop the spread of her liver cancer with surgery. Christina Dixon believes that she reduced her daughter’s tumor by 90% by using CBD. However, there is no medical evidence or scientific data to support her claim.

Authorities report that Kylee is doing well and responding well to treatment. Christina Dixon faces up to 15-years in prison if she is convicted on the charges.

On Facebook, a group dedicated to updating people on Christina’s case believe that the state has medically kidnapped Kylee. However, if the state had not intervened, Kylee would have died under her mother’s care. Despite Christina’s distrust of the medical community, parents cannot deny their children life-saving medical treatment in Oregon.

Thankfully for Kylee, the state stepped in and saved her from a certain death she faced with her mother. For now, Kylee is safe and will continue her treatment.

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  • Friend

    Relieved that the daughter is receiving treatment. Sad and angry that the mother is still playing the martyr and soliciting the attention of conspiracy theorists.

    I hope that Kylee recovers and thrives, and also comes to understand that her mother was misguided at best. It seems that the mother managed to scare Kylee into believing that medical treatment was some sort of evil plot.

  • Dom Saunders

    She almost killed her own child. Don’t let her out of prison. Ever.

  • kenthefitter

    Lock her up AND sterilize her.

  • Jim Jones

    I blame Dr Who. He dropped me off on the stupid planet.

  • Jim Jones

    Make her drink CBD oil instead of coffee.

  • For the gazillionth time, there is no such thing as “medical kidnapping”.

  • Judy Thompson

    It’s that deluded “twigs and berries’ mentality that does it. I’m sure Mum would have given herself the same treatment for cancer, and then rejoiced when she was ‘cured’ (I believe that’s called ‘remission’). Every time.
    I knew a woman online who was so afraid her daughter would have to see mommy throwing up because of chemo, she began her own regimen, and when she died some months later her daughter got to bury her, instead.

    Not all cancers are treatable, not all cancer treatments work, but I would be far more apt to risk chemo than I would twigs and berries.

  • Callace

    Well, this mum grabbing her daughter and making a run for it, to administer her own “medicine” might qualify …

  • Okay, not the way THEY mean it, then.

  • Friend

    No mother wants to discuss her own cancer with a child. Here are some ideas that might help.

    If you’re just starting tests, try to keep home life normal instead of pulling the child into total uncertainty. (Yes, this might involve some acting. Highly aware children might need a different approach.) Talk to the child after you have a diagnosis and treatment plan. Be as reassuring and concrete as possible.

    Hair loss and vomiting are temporary. Tell the child that these things mean the medicine is powerful enough to work on a serious illness.

    Make sure the child’s school knows what is going on. Tell an astute and sensitive teacher or administrator.

    Calmly tell the child about each scheduled appointment: what it is for, how long you will be away, etc. If/when you start having regular checkups, make sure the child knows that these are just checkups, not treatment appointments.

  • Delta


    Evidence suggests it may help with some things. Doesn’t mean it’ll help with everything.

    Also, some evidence suggests (nothing conclusive yet IIRC, but still worth pointing out) that CBD may also act as a CYP450 inhibitor, which means it could impact a wide variety of medications. This is also why grapefruit can be very dangerous to people on certain meds.

    For so much as mentioning this research, people have gotten angry at me and declared the research’s existence is proof that Big Pharma is trying to crush the pot69 squad.

    I am very, very tired of the pseudoscience “this thing cures every human ailment that makes headlines, and has no side effects” song and dance.

  • Kim forreal

    You have not been accurate in this post at all!! That poor child was well on her way to death with so many chemo treatments!! She could hardly walk talk or breath when her mother decided to stop chemo and try a more holistic approach. They used 7 different holistic regimines, not just CBS oil and the child improved dramatically! Not only did she regain her speech, her breathing got back to normal and she was able to walk again, the tumor also began shrinking for the first time on over 8 months!! Yes, chemo has saved lives, but it only works 10% of the time with drastic side effects. Many people die from the destructive nature of the chemo than from the cancer itself and this was,one of those cases in the making. Nothing is a sure thing but this child was obviously doing better without the chemo. Shame on you for putting such a negative spin on holistic treatment and not telling the complete story here!!!

  • Kim forreal

    You obviously have not kept up with the whole story my dear

  • Dom Saunders

    Then enlighten me on how this isn’t reckless child endangerment.

  • Dom Saunders

    There is no evidence to anything you just said. We deal with receipts, not random commentary from someone who doesn’t even know them. Put up or shut up, sis.

  • Just might lubricate her brain cells a bit.

  • Same. The cannabis-cures-everything crowd makes the rest of us look nuttier than squirrel droppings.

  • [Citation Needed]

  • G Gloss

    No evidence? The daughter’s condition is evidence! Plenty of us locals know these people and are actually informed as to the condition of the daughter.

    As you said, we deal with receipts, not random commentary from someone who doesn’t even know them, i.e.,YOU.

  • Dom Saunders

    That doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know. Her condition is that she has cancer, was advised to go into surgery to save her, and her mother took her away to prevent her from having said surgery. That is reckless endangerment of a vulnerable child, not to mention completely selfish on the mother’s part. It is also a CRIME.

    Stay mad and salty, sis.