Mother of Boy with Leukemia Admits to Removing PICC Line Without any Medical Training

Mother of Boy with Leukemia Admits to Removing PICC Line Without any Medical Training August 21, 2019
Taylor Bland-Ball and Joshua McAdams testify in court.

Taylor Bland-Ball and Joshua McAdams custody trial related to their 4-year-old son Noah with the State of Florida ended yesterday. On the witness stand, Taylor Bland-Ball admitted to removing her son’s PICC line despite having no medical training or licenses in the state of Florida.

During the second day of testimony, Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Beck questioned Noah McAdams’ mother, Taylor Bland-Ball. The state of Florida is in a contentious custody battle with the parents over the care of their 4-year-old son.

On the witness stand, Taylor Bland-Ball said that she never intended to neglect or harm her son. Instead, she wanted to seek a second opinion with a holistic doctor in Ohio. Bland-Ball told Beck she was concerned about the side effects of chemotherapy. Additionally, the mother insisted she planned to treat her son’s Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with CBD, medical marijuana, hyperbaric oxygen, an alkaline diet, and other unregulated methods.

The State of Florida seems most concerned about the parent’s choice to remove a PICC line placed on Noah’s arm to deliver fluids and drugs to treat cancer. Under questioning, the mother admitted she removed her son’s PICC line. Additionally, she told Beck that she learned how to remove the line by watching videos online.

Bland-Ball insisted that her work as a doula, an unlicensed birth assistant, provided her experience with placing IV lines. However, under the law, doulas are not able to provide any medical care to a birthing mother. Bland-Ball’s admission that she’s placed IVs without a nursing license is a crime.

Despite her initial reservations about chemotherapy, the mother insisted that she now believes chemotherapy is necessary to treat her son’s leukemia. However, Bland-Ball stated she would not agree to her son receiving the final phase of oral chemotherapy. ALL requires three stages of treatment. Based on the current protocol, children that receive all three stages of treatment have a 90% survival rate.

After the mother finished her testimony, the state questioned one of Noah’s county caseworkers. During her testimony, the worker described an incident where Joshua McAdams threatened her.

According to the worker, the father cornered her after she gave Noah McAdams a gift following his chemotherapy. She also testified that McAdams’ told her that he didn’t want his son believing his medical treatment was worthy of a present.

The defense attorney attempted to explain away Josh McAdams’ outburst by stating the father had concerns about “green slime” given as a present. According to his attorney, Josh McAdams’ was concerned that toxic chemicals in the slime could harm his son.

After two days of testimony, the state wrapped up their case against the family. The state of Florida is requesting that the judge not return Noah McAdams to his parents. They believe that Noah’s parents continue to pose a threat to his wellbeing and survival.

According to the defense, they believe that past neglect and abuse is not a predictor of future neglect or abuse. The defense insists that the parents have their son’s best interests in mind.

The judge will have 30 days to rule on the case.

Following the trial, WOACB reached out to a sourced connected to Noah McAdams’ extended family. The source is pleased with the testimony and case presented by the state.

According to the source, many members of the extended family hope that the judge will not return Noah to his parents. Additionally, they noted that Noah’s care has been exceptional with his maternal grandmother.

With very little familial support, the parents of Noah McAdams’ are up against a wall. While many argue this case boils down to a parent’s right to chose medical care, Noah McAdams’ case is far more complex.

He has a father with a known violent background and continued violent behavior. His mother believes she is medically trained to manage his care and admitted to removing a PICC line which could have killed him.

On the witness stand, Taylor Bland-Ball’s grandmother testified that she fought with her granddaughter over her parenting. Additionally, the grandmother insisted that Taylor Bland-Ball refused to bring her son to the hospital when he was near death.

In a few weeks, the court will rule on Noah’s future. Hopefully, the state’s case will prove strong enough to keep Noah safe and away from his parents.



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  • Delta

    For those who are unaware, a PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) isn’t just any IV. It uses a tube to go from a small vein in the arm (where it is usually placed) to a larger vein near the heart.

    Removing a normal peripheral IV without training is dangerous enough. A PICC is even worse.

    She put this child in danger by doing this, and she doesn’t seem to care.

  • Friend

    What a sad example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. That poor little boy.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    If past abuse and neglect is not a predictor of it happening in the future, then what is?

    And just a reminder, one of their alternative “treatments” involve feeding him apricot seeds, which are a natural source of cyanide.

  • Delta

    Yep. Their goal was to treat him with “vitamin b17,” a lie made up by people who want to sell cyanide to desparate cancer patients.

  • Zetopan

    “What a sad example of the [most arrogant form of] Dunning-Kruger effect.”

  • Xander Hampshire

    ×removes deeply embedded IV line which by her own admission she must have “known” was highly dangerous.
    ×admits chemo is his only chance but that she won’t let him have the last phase of it(!)
    ×refused to take him to hospital when in critical condition

    How is there any doubt this woman is going to end up killing him? Possibly intentionally? Cos by point 2 id be suspicious of intent ngl.

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    “Jeebus will save him!”