Parents Who Refused Cancer Treatment for Four-Year-Old Boy Deny Any Wrongdoing

Parents Who Refused Cancer Treatment for Four-Year-Old Boy Deny Any Wrongdoing August 22, 2019
Joshua McAdams, Noah McAdams, and Taylor Bland. Taylor Bland, Facebook.

Taylor Bland and Joshua McAdams’ deny they abused or neglected their 4-year-old son with leukemia according to a new statement released by their attorney. Brooke Elvington issued an official statement from the couple following the completion of the custody trial on Tuesday.

According to Attorney Brooke Elvington, Taylor Bland-Ball and Joshua McAdams did not abuse or neglect their 4-year-old son, Noah. In April, the couple fled the state of Florida to seek a second opinion for Noah’s diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The couple planned to see an osteopathic doctor that uses herbs, hyperbaric oxygen, CBD, alkaline diet, among other unproven remedies to treat the aggressive blood cancer.

In the statement, Elvington insists that every witness that testified in court stated that the parents love their son. Additionally, the couple agrees with the state that the case comes down to their son’s best interest.

During the trial, the Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Beck presented evidence that the couple was in an abusive relationship. In 2016, Joshua McAdams was arrested for throwing a bucket at his girlfriend, who cut his son in the face. Additionally, Beck shared details related to Joshua McAdams’ mental health. Family sources told WOACB that McAdams has struggled with his mental health for years.

However, Elvington insists the case related to Noah has nothing to do with the couple’s relationship nor the mental health of the father. In regards to the domestic violence accusations, the attorney wrote,

“This is not a case about domestic violence or mental illness.  Admittedly there was a single act of domestic violence that occurred three years ago.  Joshua accepted immediate responsibility, and Taylor cooperated with the police and prosecuting office.  Joshua completed all terms and conditions of his probation successfully, and most importantly has always expressed unequivocal remorse for his action.”

Elvington continued by denying the case related to chemotherapy. However, Taylor Bland-Ball has been vocal on social media about her belief that chemotherapy is toxic. Additionally, the lawyer said that Noah was completely healthy, leading up to his diagnosis.

Sources close to the family told WOACB that Noah McAdams appeared weak and ill for weeks leading up to his initial hospitalization. In court, Bland-Ball’s grandmother testified that she fought with Taylor about taking Noah to the hospital. Additionally, the source said that Noah was so sick that doctors weren’t sure that he would survive.

“Noah appeared as a healthy, active child until immediately prior to his hospitalization.  The parents took appropriate action and sought medical attention when necessary.  They were obviously devasted by Noah’s subsequent diagnosis, and despite a number of concerns they consented to all tests, procedures and the initial rounds of chemotherapy.  From April 3 until April 16 the parents remained at Noah’s bedside at the hospital.”

After Noah’s discharge from the hospital, Elvington says that the family believed Noah was in remission. The family fled to Ohio to obtain a second opinion. Additionally, the attorney denied the couple stopped giving Noah oral medication.

When Noah missed a scheduled hospitalization for cancer treatment, Hillsborough County Sherrif’s Office issued a Missing and Endangered Child Bulletin. A multi-state police search located the family in Kentucky. After authorities found the couple at a motel, they returned Noah to Florida and placed him in the custody of his maternal grandmother.

Since Noah’s placement with the state, Elvington says the parents have voluntarily consented to all medical treatments for their son. However, the parents have no legal rights over their son’s treatment at this time. Therefore, their consent is otherwise meaningless. Additionally, the couple now says they are not against chemotherapy for their son.

 “The parents initially challenged further chemotherapy after Noah was taken into custody because they had not obtained a second opinion and remained hopeful that they could avoid chemotherapy.  After significant research, and the assistance of a number of oncologists and alternative practitioners, the parents agreed to subsequent chemotherapy treatments.

After May 8, 2019, the parents have voluntarily consented to all medical procedures, without court order, including the chemotherapy protocol.  The parents remain adamant that alternative therapy should be incorporated into Noah’s care, and that remains a point of contention.”

According to Elvington, the state is penalizing the parents for seeking a second opinion. Additionally, she argues that because the parents believed their son no longer had cancer, they did not harm their son by going to Kentucky. Noticeably absent from the statement was the fact that Taylor Bland-Ball removed a PICC line from her son. The line had been placed in her son’s arm to administer IV medications and fluid.

In court, a medical expert testified that the mother’s removal of the PICC line could result in an infection. During Bland-Ball’s testimony, she argued that she knew how to remove the line after watching a video online. Additionally, she expressed no remorse for removing the line.

Taylor Bland-Ball works as a doula and unlicensed “Radical Birth Keeper.” Through her business, she attends “free births” of women. On her company’s website and Facebook page, Taylor Bland-Ball discourages prenatal examinations, swabs, ultrasounds, and medications. Bland-Ball is a staunch anti-vaxxer and believes all vaccines are dangerous.

On Facebook, Bland-Ball has consistently downplayed her removal of her son’s PICC line. Additionally, she bragged that the removal of the line was easy and not “open-heart surgery.”

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter is a line that is inserted into a large vein typically in the arm. A catheter is placed in the vein, which delivers medication directly to the heart. Removal of the line requires a medical expert as parts of the catheter can break off.

Removing a PICC line is not one of the simplest procedures in nursing. Additionally, Taylor Bland-Ball is not a nurse or trained to removed the line.

With the parents continuing to deny any wrongdoing, Noah McAdams’ return to his parents could be detrimental. His mother believes she possesses medical training and expertise without any education or licensure. If Noah returns to his mother, there is no way to know if she will perform other medical procedures on her son.

According to Brooke Elvington, the judge will rule on the case on September 9, 2019. She hopes that the court will return Noah to his parents.

Stay Tuned.

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  • Delta

    Of course domestic abusers will insist that they didn’t do anything wrong. That’s what abusers do.

    “Admittedly there was a single act of domestic violence that occurred three years ago.” Yeah, he only hit a baby one time, why are you making such a big deal out of this? /s

    On what planet is that true? Knowing how abusers operate, this is not the only time abuse happened. This is the only time he got caught. That’s why he’s so remorseful.

    Even ignoring the fact that his mother wanted to give him cyanide (which should never be ignored), Noah’s father is a man who hit his son… and years later, took the son across the country while armed with a gun to use against anyone who would threaten his power over Noah. This is a violent man who has already escalated.

    Even if his mother wasn’t dangerous (which, again, she is), Noah will always be in danger in the custody of his parents.

  • democommiescrazierbrother

    If this child dies and it is determined that their withholding medical care resulted in that child’s death, they should be charged with manslaughter, at least.

    Did they even GET that 2nd opinion from a doctor or did they just pray on it?

  • Delta

    They’re in Florida. Decades ago, a third-degree murder conviction was overturned because FL law (as well as several other states) gives parents with an established religious form of “alternative” treatment freedom to neglect their kids to death.

    I’m hoping they won’t get the same immunity, because cyanide isn’t “established” like “Christian Science” is, nor is it explicitly religious.

    As for the second opinion, they probably got it from a naturopath with little to no actual qualifications.

  • persephone

    Chemotherapy is toxic. Yes, it is. However, without it, the guaranteed outcome is death, so pick your poison.

  • Friend

    Contradictions and 1ies:

    Elvington says that the family believed Noah was in remission. …

    Elvington … argues that because the parents believed their son no longer had cancer…

    Remission is not the same as not having cancer. The parents should know this.

    Just about everybody knows the d1sease can go away during treatment and come back later.

    Over and over on social media, Taylor Bland-Ball posted that Noah was free of cancer and healthy. A whole keyboard army of hyster1cal anti-science weird0s have massed around Taylor Bland-Ball, under the belief that the chemo was some kind of experiment, and the evi1 government kidn@pped him, etc.

    (Edited to show the difference between what these parents should know and what is commonly known.)

  • persephone

    No, not everybody understands the difference between remission and cured. That’s a big problem. “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” has never been more true.

  • Friend

    Thanks… edited to clarify. These parents are willfully ign0rant.

  • Delta

    Given that she wanted to give him cyanide and grapefruit juice (which is massively dangerous if he was on any medications), I really, really doubt she gives a blank about toxicity.

  • Karen the rock whisperer

    The PICC line thing really gets me. I’ve had several over the past year. They’re tricky to insert and can often require the patient to be in a certain position for blood draws, depending on what medicines are being administered through the line. Blood is a lot thicker than most of the stuff that goes the other direction through the line. But that line–the catheter–runs through major veins to deliver medication right above the heart. The nurses who remove them make it look easy because they’ve done it a thousand times. I can’t imagine someone without the correct training thinking she was qualified to remove the line by virtue of being the patient’s parent. I’m quite sure kids aren’t born with detailed explanations of PICC line removal attached to their upper arms.

  • Friend

    Thanks for the detailed information. You are generous to share it.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    It cannot be repeated often enough that one of her so-called “alternative treatments” would result in cyanide poisoning.