Taylor Swift Encourages Teens to Fight Gender Pay Gap at Teen Choice Awards

Taylor Swift Encourages Teens to Fight Gender Pay Gap at Teen Choice Awards August 12, 2019
Taylor Swift at the 2019 iHeart Music Awards

Taylor Swift accepted an “Icon” award at the Teen Choice Awards last night, and she used her moment to spread awareness regarding gender pay gaps around the world. The speech provided young girls with a powerful message that their value is worth as much as their male counterparts.

During a momentous moment for Taylor Swift, she used her platform to redirect people’s attention to an important issue affecting women in the workplace. Taylor received an “Icon” award during the Teen Choice Awards which celebrated her years of success in the entertainment industry.

Rather than making the moment about her career, Taylor’s first words were directed toward the U.S. Soccer team and co-captain Alexa Morgan.

“First I want to talk about Alex Morgan,” said Swift. “The fact that she’s here presenting this to me is such an honor. Not only winning the World Cup with her amazing teammates, right? But while they were winning the World Cup, they were also taking a historic stand in terms of gender equality, gender pay gaps. Please, please, please support her and her teammates because this isn’t over yet. It’s not resolved.”

Swift comments are directed around a lawsuit the U.S Women’s Soccer team filed against the U.S. Soccer Federation in March. The women’s team recently won their 4th World Cup in history. However, athletes on the team are paid a fraction of what male athletes receive for winning the cup.

According to court documents, the U.S. Soccer Federation pays male athletes four times more for winning the World Cup. Women make, on average $260,000 for their victory in the World Cup whereas the male team members receive on average $1.1 million for a win. Interestingly to note, the male team has never won the tournament. Additionally, the men’s team-best performance resulted in third place.

Swift went on to encourage people to get online and talk about the discrimination the U.S. Women’s Soccer players experienced by their employer.

“Get online, talk about it, let people know how you feel about it because what happened to them is unfair,” Swift continued. “It’s happening everywhere, and they are heroes and icons for standing up.”

Swift’s encouragement to the youth is necessary and essential to increase the pressure on employers to reduce the wage gaps experienced by women. According to PayScale, women earn $.79 to the dollar that men do for the same work.  To put it another way, men make 21% more for the same job as a woman.

The gender pay gap affects women of color more than any other population. Women that are Black, Hispanic, and American Indian make 26% percent than men. Interestingly, women of Asian descent make the most of all women. On average Asian women make only 7% less than men.

In terms of women in entertainment, a recent list of the top 100 earners included only 15 women. Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner hold the top two spots. However, the rest of the list consists of only 13 other women. Additionally, the majority of the men on the list are athletes.

Despite Swift’s position at the top of the list, she has been the target of relentless bullying by male entertainers. A bitter feud with Kanye West years ago forced Taylor Swift to abandon her social media. Last week Kid Rock accused Taylor Swift of sleeping her way to the top to become the top earner.

Women are underrepresented in all avenues of business and politics. According to a 2019 report by Forbes, the top 500 corporations only include 33 CEOs. In the government, women’s numbers are increasing but still dramatically lower than men. Women in the U.S. House of Representatives represent only 23.7% of all the seats. In the Senate, women occupy only 29% of the seats. Also, a woman has never held the two most powerful positions in government as a President or Vice President.

Successful women using their platforms to further conversations around gender pay gaps are incredibly important. Over the past several years, there have been tremendous gains by women in the economic and political world. However, there is still a long way to go.

Kudos to Taylor Swift for using her moment to remind the youth to speak out about injustice and inequality. We need more women in powerful positions to follow suit.

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  • Chris Hogue

    The pay gap between the top and bottom is a much bigger problem.

  • Astreja

    Okay, Chris, feel free to come up with solutions for the top/bottom problem. We’re still going to work on addressing the gender gap because it doesn’t become an un-problem just because something else is happening.

  • Chris Hogue

    Like George Carlin, I’m not really interested in coming up with solutions to our problems. Besides most people aren’t interested in hearing that their countries/gods are the problem and like to threaten others with violence at the mere suggestion.

    FYI… Stating that something is a bigger problem in no way implies the other problem goes away.

  • Astreja

    Well, I am interested in solving problems. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree in that regard.

  • Jim Jones

    I’d like to teach the smarter poor kids how to set up hedge funds etc.

  • Chris Hogue

    The problems of society are mainly caused by its’ acceptance of beliefs in place of facts. If society starts to accept facts over beliefs, a lot of it’s issues would go away. While I would welcome the change, I concluded that would never happen long before I made it to Junior High. The past 4 decades have only confirmed what that little kid deduced.

  • Astreja

    I agree that the prospect of getting rid of beliefs is highly unlikely. About the only thing we can do is try to change ourselves in that direction. Even getting rid of some non-factual baggage is helpful.

  • Astreja

    Personally I’m a fan of online self-managed investing. (hugs portfolio of ETFs and bonds)

  • Jim Jones

    If the Mooch can do it . . .