Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Toni Morrison Dies at 88

Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Toni Morrison Dies at 88 August 6, 2019
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Best-selling author Toni Morrison has died at age 88. A friend confirmed the death of acclaimed author early Tuesday morning.

The news of Morrison’s passing is a shock to millions of fans that read her books. She is best known for her novel “Beloved,” which won a Pultizer Prize and the American Book Award in 1988.

Morrison authored 11 novels and several children’s books. She also wrote nine non-fiction books. Over her years of writing, she received dozens of awards for her work. Her fictional work primarily focused on black women.

The first book she wrote “The Bluest Eye,” followed the story of a young black girl obsessed with the white standards of beauty. Her most famous book, “Beloved,” shared the true story of a runaway slave. When the owner recaptured the slave, she killed her daughter to save her from a life of slavery. Screenwriters later adapted the book into a film.

According to Britannica, the central theme in Morrison’s books is the black American experience. Her characters struggled to find themselves and identities in an unjust society. Many fans praised her for her raw stories that provoked thought and conversations surrounding the black experience.

Her passing came suddenly, and no details are known for her cause of death.

I will long remember her as one of our favorite authors and instrumental in my love of books. Her book “The Bluest Eye,” is still one of our favorite books. Her brilliant work inspired me to become a writer. I will forever feel grateful for the mark she made on my life.

Rest in Peace, Toni.

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  • Thanks for writing this. Toni Morrison was a marvelous writer. I thought Sula was a dark and brilliant novel about how black women suffer and survive in a society where they’re constantly devalued and dehumanized.

  • Gonzoline

    I might not have encountered Toni Morrison if her works weren’t part of my curriculum- I was a Literature major- but I am profoundly grateful that they were. She had a singular talent- one few people in any generation can ever claim- and she did such wonderful, meaningful things with it. The world is greater for having had her in it, and poorer for having lost her.

  • of course! I loved her work so much.