Woman Admits to Purposely Infecting Men with HIV on Facebook Live

Woman Admits to Purposely Infecting Men with HIV on Facebook Live August 7, 2019
Brandi Lasiter

A woman in Georgia is being investigated after she admitted on Facebook that she was HIV positive and intentionally infecting people out of revenge. Brandi Yakeima Lasiter’s video went viral after she admitted to infecting multiple men and their wives with the virus.

According to a WALB, Americus Police Department is investigating Brandi Lasiter for knowingly infecting partners with HIV. In a rant on Facebook, Lasiter stated that she was HIV positive. Then she listed a number of men she infected with the virus. Additionally, she claimed that she indirectly infected the wives of the men.

Lasiter appeared agitated and angry in the video as she spouted off the names of multiple men she intentionally infected with HIV. After the video went viral, one of the victims filed a criminal complaint. Major Herman Lamar of the Americus Police Department spoke with WALB about the open investigation.

According to Lamar, the man contacted police to report untrue and harassing communications spread about him by Brandi Lasiter.

“One of the individuals named in the video contacted the Americus Police Department and filed a harassing communications complaint. This case is under investigation and we have no further information at this time,” explained Lamar.

WALB tracked down the man that reported the crime. However, he refused to publically comment about the incident. At this time, police are not sure about the health status of Brandi Lasiter. Authorities will need to determine if she is HIV positive before they file any charges against her.

If Lasiter is HIV positive, she could be charged with felonies for not disclosing her status to her sexual partners. Individuals that do not disclose their HIV status face felony charges.

A code in Georgia requires all HIV positive individuals to disclose their status before engaging in sex with a partner. Additionally, the law requires individuals to disclose their status while participating in sex work, sharing needles, and donating blood. If convicted on any futures charges, Lasiter could spend 10-years in prison.

Failure to disclose HIV status is not an ordinary crime prosecuted in the state of Georgia. A Health Department staff member told WALB that they have never heard of a case like this in the Americus area.

With an active investigation into Lasiter’s claims, there is no doubt other victims may come forward. In her video, she said she infected the men to get revenge against them. She boasted that she wanted to watch the men suffer and die.

“I always get the last laugh,” she said. “I’m going to watch y’all die.”

If her statements are true, her behavior is deplorable.

Following the video going viral, Facebook removed the video. However, copies of the video remain on YouTube and numerous media outlets.

If you want to watch the video, please click here.


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