YouTube Star Uploads Video of Her Hitting, Kicking & Spitting on Dog

YouTube Star Uploads Video of Her Hitting, Kicking & Spitting on Dog August 8, 2019

YouTube star Brooke Houts is under investigation after she uploaded an unedited video of her hitting, kicking, and spitting on her dog. Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to multiple outlets that they are investigating Houts for animal cruelty.

In a shocking video uploaded on Tuesday, Houts is attempting to film a prank video with her dog. During the video, the Doberman puppy jumps up on her while she stands in the kitchen. After the dog jumped on her, Houts smacked the dog down and chased him off-camera.

When she appears back on screen, she walks toward the camera and cradles her hand as though in pain. Her Doberman named Sphynx runs and plays off-camera. Then Houts bends down and tries to finish her recording.

However, the puppy continues to play and jump on her, which interrupts the filming. Noticeably frustrated, Brooke, scolds the dog and pushes him off her. At one point, she slams the dog to the ground by his neck. While she pins the dog to the floor, she spits on him.

When the puppy continues to jump, she forcibly pushes him away from her. Then she is seen off-camera in a reflection kicking her dog while she screamed at him.

After uploading the video in error, Houts quickly deleted it from her channel. She later uploaded an edited version of the video that did not contain any evidence of abuse. However, multiple channels reuploaded her deleted video. Eventually, the video appeared on “Drama Alert,” where host Keemstar encouraged people to report her for animal abuse.

Facing considerable backlash, Brooke Houts posted a lengthy apology on Twitter. In the statement, she insisted that she is not a bad dog owner. She attempted to excuse her behavior by telling fans she was not having a good day. Additionally, she said that she is working with her family to find a trainer for her dog.

Despite her apology, fans and concerned animal lovers began reporting her to LA animal control. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Wednesday afternoon that she is under investigation for animal cruelty.

While the recent incident is shocking, Brooke Houts appeared to use her dog frequently for content on her YouTube channel. In several videos, she discussed the challenges of owning a dog. Additionally, she shared numerous red flags about her skills in raising a very large and intelligent breed of dog.

During an episode titled “A day in the life with my puppy,” Brooke Houts defends her choice to use a prong collar on her dog. She insisted the collar did not hurt her dog and stated that products that harm animals would not be available to buy. However, the American Veterinarian Medical Association denounces the use of harmful collars like the prong collar. Additionally, the Animal Humane Society, PETA, and SFPCA all urge owners not to use the collars as a training method.

In the same video, she admits to forcing her dog to sleep in a closet. Houts insists the dog needs to sleep in the closet because her bedroom is too bright.

In another video, Houts admits to cropping her Doberman’s ears. The cropping of Doberman ears has been a long-standing tradition for the breed based on inaccurate information. Owners of the breed began cropping the ears in the 1600s believing it would help improve their hearing and reduce injuries.

However, ear cropping is now considered cosmetic with no known medical benefits. Numerous countries around the world have banned the practice of cropping dogs’ ears. The AVMA, Animal Humane Society, and dozens of animal rescues all encourage owners to no longer crop the ears of dogs for vanity purposes.

Additionally, Houts lives in a small one-bedroom apartment on the second floor of a home. The apartment is tiny for an active and large dog like the Doberman. Doberman’s are highly active dogs that require a lot of exercise and attention. The American Kennel Club recommends people considering the breed have large fenced in back yards and lots of time for walks and hikes.

While Brooke Houts insists she is not a bad dog owner, she appears to make somewhat questionable choices for her dog. At 20-years-old, Houts may not be mature enough to manage the stress and needs of a very energetic and large dog.

In response to her video, people on Twitter and YouTube are calling for her removal from YouTube. Thus far, more than 6,000 people have unsubscribed from her channel.

YouTube has not made any comments publically regarding the Houts’ video nor has the platform removed reuploads of the abusive content.

Brooke Houts has not commented beyond her apology to fans.

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  • igotbanned999

    Few things enrage me like dog abuse does

  • Cryny

    Same here, and I don’t even like dogs.

  • Friend

    This is one social media story that actually reached me before I read it on WOACB. If this young woman is trying to monetize pet ownership, she ought to keep her day job.

    The AKC website still lists cropped ears and docked tail as standard for Dobermanns, so the practice is not going to vanish from the dog show circuit any time soon. Lots of rescue dogs have been cropped and docked. If you see a dog like that, don’t assume the owner did it.

    Prong collars are not automatically bad. They can be used for training, in conjunction with a flat collar, for a dog that pulls hard enough to damage its own trachea or neck. The leash would be clipped to both the flat collar and the prong collar. Better choices would be to finish the training, or buy the dog a Martingale collar (greyhound collar) or a harness.

    Small clarification: the Dobermann Pinscher breed was developed in the 1890s. Ear cropping has been around much longer.

  • karmacat

    I was told prong collars are used for dogs with thick necks or a lot of fur. The prongs are not supposed to hurt but as a way to get the dogs attention. However, that was about 15 or more so things may have changed. Speaking of greyhounds, they are great dogs for apartments. They come trained and don’t need as much exercise. And they have great temperaments. Just my plug for greyhound adoption.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Wonder how she would feel if her daddy sold betrothed her to a husband that spit on her, chocked her, kicked her, and put her in a closet at night? Hey, he would not be a BAD owner. Just a bit stressed.

  • GeckoShamelessRaceMixer

    She needs to give up the dog. Dogs can be a handful. I even find my senior citizen collie frustrating at times, and she’s pretty chill, usually. A puppy is a ton of work. I’m always warning friends who plan to get one how hard it will be. They don’t believe me. Until afterwards. If you can’t control your temper around a dog, give it up. It’s the best thing for you and the dog.

  • persephone

    This drives me nuts. Too many dog owners with absolutely no idea how to care for them. They pick dogs based on their looks, not on whether the breed is appropriate for their life. As noted, she’s in a small, one-bedroom apartment, and Dobermans are extremely active dogs. I’ve seen the same stupidity with Huskies and Malamutes. They need space. They need to run off the energy.

    Up front, I am not in favor of the extreme crate training that has been going on. Yes, dogs should be trained to enter a crate for transport or for safety reasons, but locking a dog in a crate whenever you’re not at home or for sleeping is, to me, unacceptable. If you cannot deal with the dog’s behavior, and you are unwilling to make the effort to train them, or have them trained, don’t get a dog.

    My first husband had been a breeder of show dogs, so very limited breeding and very selective placement. The dogs were all well-trained and well-behaved, but they were still dogs, with certain dog behaviors. There was no hitting. I sometimes tapped them on the head if they were ignoring me, and that was all it took to get their attention.

    Dogs may not be children, but they are part of your family. Treat them that way. You teach your children; teach your dog.

  • Friend

    Agreed. Moreover, the dobie in the video did absolutely nothing that would frustrate a dog owner. He was just playing, playfully playing.

    Because they were bred to work with night watchmen, dobies LOVE to play hide-and-seek. That would be a really fun video with this great big pup. Maybe some future owner will enjoy this dog for who he is.

  • So many people want the cute puppy or kitten, and then get all kinds of bent out of shape when their pet does normal stuff for their species. (You know, like getting mad at a cat for scratching on things.)

  • Prong collars are abusive.

  • Animal abuse in general makes me forking angry.

  • Lucy_P

    Anyone who abuses animals should be immediately banned from the platform, and investigated for cruelty. There is never any excuse for harming an animal, period.

  • Craig Shapiro

    Glad that the LAPD is on the case. Now, YouTube needs to get on Houts’ and shut her down.

  • Allison D.

    Animal companions should always be treated with love, respect, and kindness. Period.

  • Terrie_S

    Dobermans have thin fur and skin on their necks, which makes a prong collar unsuitable for the breed. While a lot of the informatio in this article is not accurate (PeTa? Seriously?), it’s still an example of why she is a terrible dog owner.