Popular YouTubers Upload Video Admitting They Punish 2-Year-old with Cold Showers

Popular YouTubers Upload Video Admitting They Punish 2-Year-old with Cold Showers August 18, 2019
Anna Joly from the YouTube Video on SacconeJoly Channel.

YouTube stars Jonathan Joly and Anna Saccone admitted to disciplining their two-year-old daughter by forcing her to take a cold shower. In the video “Our Two-Year-Old Has a Problem,”  the parents shared their “discipline” technique because their daughter was smearing poop on her bed.

Jonathan Joly and Anna Saccone have amassed a large following on YouTube for more than a decade. The couple vlogs about every single aspect of their lives. Over the years, Anna has given birth to four children. The family even documented the births of the children.

Nothing seems to be off-limits in terms of the children’s lives. Jonathan Joly is a controversial figure in England. In 2019, he won the award for “Best Celebrity Dad.” However, he has also been riddled with scandals. In 2015, he said in a vlog that he drugged and raped his wife. Then in 2016, he told fans his statement was a joke taken out of context.

During their time on YouTube, the family has made millions of dollars. They host at least four channels. Their most popular channel, “SacconeJoly” has more than 1.9 million subscribers. Jonathan shares videos of every aspect of their lives from births, baby showers, miscarriages, birthday parties, and vacations.

A recent video posted on August 13, 2019, made many fans extremely concerned that the couple was abusing their 2-year-old daughter. Around the 11-minute mark of the video, Anna shares with viewers that her daughter is taking off her diaper or putting her hands in her diaper and smearing her feces on the bed.

According to Anna, the couple has tried everything to stop the behavior. However, she claims that nothing has worked. In the now-deleted scene, Anna said,

“So the reason why I stopped filming so abruptly earlier is because Alessia did that naughty thing that she’s being doing again. So I don’t know if we’ve ever spoken about it on here. Basically she’s gotten into this habit of um, pooing in her nappy. And then she was taking her nappy off at nighttime and during nap time.

She’s not doing that anymore. She’s taking her poo out of her nappy with her hands and putting it into her bed. So we are trying to figure out a solution right now. We have a solution at the moment but its.”

Anna is cut off by her husband entering the room with her 2-year-old daughter, Alessia. When Alessia comes into the room, she is freshly cleaned and appears unhappy. Jonathan looks down at his daughter and says, “No more fun for you.”

Jonathan Joly entering the room with 2-year-old daughter after giving her “cold” shower

Then one of their children asks their father what happened. Jonathan responds by saying, “Missy got a cold shower.”

Anna continues with her vlog and tells the viewers that she makes her husband discipline the children because she feels its cruel. However, Anna insists that forcing a child into a cold shower for smearing their poop is an appropriate method to stop the issue.

The little girl appears upset and mentions she got a cold shower. Anna asks her daughter if she understood why her father gave her a cold shower, and the little girl shakes her head no.

The toddler did not connect the poop incident with the frigid shower. Despite the lack of acknowledgment by Alessia, Anna insists the method will work to stop the behavior.

Additionally, she admits that this is her daughter’s second cold shower.

Following the upload of the video, fans and viewers expressed outrage toward the parents. Comments exploded on the video telling the parents that the use of cold showers for “discipline” is a form of torture and child abuse.

With thousands of people upset, the couple edited the video and removed the part about the cold shower. However, the video remains on their channel with the same title.

On August 14, Jonathan defended himself and said that he used lukewarm water. However, both he and his wife said at least five times on video; they used cold water to shock their daughter.

Fans began contacting sponsors and charities connected to the family. Others on Twitter tagged the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and requested the organization investigate the family for abusing their children. NSPCC responded and asked the user to contact them with information so they can examine the case.

Jonathan Joly responded by blaming trolls for trying to ruin the family. He said the family planned to take legal steps to stop the online bullies from interfering in their lives.

Instagram user Organised Motherhood spoke out about the abuse by the Joly family. In an Instagram Live video, the blogger called out the family for abusing their children. Additionally, she called for others to denounce the parent’s behavior and exploitation of their children.

When the couple and their supporters found her video, they bombarded and attacked her posts. The blogger was forced to remove her video from Instagram after she said people began threatening her with legal action.

With the couple seemingly shutting down any criticism of their parenting, they have tried to sweep the incident under the rug. No media outlets in the UK have covered the story nor called out the parents for admitting to abusing their children.

For YouTube’s part, the social media giant hasn’t done a thing to prevent the family from uploading their daily vlogs. The family has continued to upload their regular posts and film every waking moment of their children’s lives.

Currently, there is no legislation preventing parents in the UK or the United States from exploiting their children online. YouTube only reminds parents not to post certain content and agree to abide by child labor laws. Without any statutory bodies protecting children, critics fear that the family will continue to exploit there children for cash.

For now, the channel remains active. However, the family is taking blows on all avenues of their social media. Whether they will weather this storm is not known.

Stay tuned.

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  • Sassafras

    Absolutely disgusting! Even my Meme (she’d be 81 today) knew poo smearing was NORMAL baby/toddler behavior back when she was raising her kids! All you do is clean up the mess and not be a d!(k about it! CPS needs to intervene before these “parents” cause more damage!

  • Friend

    Do these folks not have an NHS pediatrician to help with basic questions?

  • Raging Bee

    What’s wrong with you?! Doncha know how terrifying it is when someone comes to your door and says “I’m with the government and I’m here to help”?!

  • Lambchopsuey

    That child needs to be removed from those abusive monsters.

  • Dijana Milun

    There is so many clothing choices on the market now to prevent toddlers from unwanted undressing. One of them http://www.terrible2s.com

  • I mean… yeah, kiddo needs consequences for poo-painting, but she’s TWO. Pretty sure she won’t connect “I chose to play in my poo” with “Mommy makes me take freezing cold showers” for a good while yet. Consequences should be age- and development-appropriate, which forced cold showers are definitely not.

  • I wouldn’t call it “normal”, most kids that age get that poo is icky.

  • Jennny

    They will have a Health Visitor who works out of their GP practice and is available to give advice up to 5yo. She will invite parents to regular developmental checks and visit if concerned. These parents will know very clearly now that a big red flag has probably been raised and moderate what they share online. The NSPCC is very pro-active too in following up reports of alleged abuse…I think, and I worked in Child Protection, that they will be quite scared now of the real possibility of losing their children or being the subject of much probing and supervision of their lives. Which harms their image and income…but is great news for their little ones!

  • Phil Rimmer

    The Twos are Terrible. The two year old brain is at its chaotic peak of complexity. Neuro-genesis has produced a wild tangle of cross coupling of brain regions and the distress it produces is akin to the distress of the autist, overloaded with confusing stimulation that causes everywhere to fire off at once. Calming environments, steady and reliable, will do most to manage problems as the brain prunes itself into something more predictable. More regular diaper changing and training for indicating need may be helpful and more clearly joined up.

    This kind of negative reinforcement “training” is meaningless. Category forming, still to come, is far from making any kind sense of these horrid, simply punishing techniques. It also works far less well than positive reinforcement.

    Sadly, most parents are poorly qualified for their job. We should be teaching schoolkids how to be better parents and teachers of kids….

  • adelaidedupont

    Yes – adaptive and restrictive clothing can be explored.

  • adelaidedupont

    Ann Memmott has a good picture of how a toilet and a bathroom may look like to a potentate-autist.

    And the complexity of the two-year-old brain!

  • adelaidedupont

    Yes. I think this is a pass-over from the sensory-motor to the next stage, and atavism?

  • Phil Rimmer

    Ann Memmott. V. Good. Thanks for the heads up.

    Great to see her pitching against ABA, horribly entrenched in the USA, despite Steve Silverman’s efforts.

  • adelaidedupont


    Silberman is a very fine ally [the Neurotribes author and Grateful Dead superfan].

    There was a more recent Memmott picture which showed her experiences in a hypermart or supermarket. It is a heat map of overload/overstimulation.

    Of all the things to do to a 2-year-old*; the conglomerate we call behaviour analysis misapplied is some of the worst.

    [or someone with the developmental age of 2].

    And at 4-5 there is a very real risk of sensory and neurological scrambling and gating. [Grandin 1995 – Thinking in Pictures – she talks about the Maurices in LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE which was THE book of 1993 – if you didn’t read Donna Williams’s NOBODY NOWHERE instead or Annabel Stelhi’s SOUND OF A MIRACLE].

    In 2016 at last I read THE ME BOOK because of Dani Alexis Ryskamp’s efforts to transcribe it and disseminate it.

    And in Canada also – you would think after Auton and the intervention there better would be known.

    In Germany, too, the fight goes on with encouraging results.

    You know in France psychoanalysis is still king – if you don’t THE WALL by Sophie Robert will show you how and why. Also Alex Plank and David Hermevet’s SHAMEFUL.

    Belgium and the Netherlands …

    And Australia and New Zealand …

  • adelaidedupont

    A very good paper to come with what Phil and I have been thinking about and discussing – it is by Vivienne Orchard


  • Phil Rimmer

    Thanks for all of these also. I will pile into them in a few days when I have more time. A bit rushed atm.

    Temple Grandin is a hero of mine. Her books profoundly important. Did you see the excellent HBO(!) eponymous biographical film of her? Clare Danes superb portrayal?