WWJTD Blogathon

WWJTD Blogathon June 7, 2012

So many bloggers doing Blogathon (see the schedule here).  I mentioned before that I don’t have a 24-hour period all to myself over the next nine days, but Michaelyn and Christina have some time!

Christina will be going this Saturday from 9am-9pm EST.  She’ll be posting every half hour.

Michaelyn and I will be tag-teaming a 24-hour stretch on Monday starting at 7am EST.  Like Christina, we’ll be putting up a post every half hour.

One of the rules of Blogathon is no scheduled posting.  All posts will be fresh.  When both Michaelyn and I are around, one of us will be in the comments while the other will be writing.  I’ll let Christina figure out how she’s going to be raising money.  As for Michaelyn and I there are lots of ways you can support us.

1.  Pledge per word (I suggest .01 per word).

2.  Pledge per post (hint: there will be 48).

3.  Pledge per thing you’ve learned.  If a post teaches you something new, you donate your pledge amount.

4.  Pledge per argument destroyed.  Did we suitably dismantle an argument?  Donate your pledge amount.

5.  Bid for a topic.  We’ll be going from top to bottom.  Of those who have requested specific topics, we’ll start by indulging whoever has donated the most, then second most, etc.  There may be an exception if lots of lower bidders want the same topic.

6.  Despite my protestations, Michaelyn is toying with the idea of spilling the beans about what I’m like away from yon blog.  She’s leaning toward yes, but some solid donations might just give her the nudge all the way over.

7.  ::UPDATE::  Ian Cromwell is auctioning off songs.  I think that’s brilliant!  For $10 Ian will post himself playing a song of your choice.  I’ll do the same (I sing a bit).  For a $10 minimum donation to the SSA (because you can always donate more) I’ll record a song of your choice in the courtyard of the SSA office (the acoustics are great!).  I prefer musicals.  I’ll get to as many as I can and post them as a Blogathon entry on Monday.  🙂

Remember, there’s a place on the donation page to request topics from various bloggers.  🙂  Leave pledges in the comments section.

The topic bids are rolling in. I just got the first song bid though:  “Lilly’s Eyes” from The Secret Garden.  It’s a duet, so I should’ve charged $20 for singing two parts.  I’ll let it slide this time though.  😛

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