Guild Wars 2 stress test today!

Guild Wars 2 stress test today! August 9, 2012

At 3pm EDT Guild Wars 2 will be running another stress test!  I hope to see all you Godless folk there!  I’ll be coming into work early in order to play.  🙂

I’ll probably spend the entire time in the structured PvP area testing out different classes to see what I really want to play with at launch (right now I’m leaning slightly toward warrior with engineer and guardian right behind).  Do any of you want to put a five-person tournament team together and really attack some PvP?  🙂

Godless Guild facebook group.

Codex site where you can toy with profession builds.

My Guild Wars 2 review (for those wondering what all the fuss is about).

Sweet guild page/forum.

Get this spectacular game!  Be a part of the best guild in the game.  🙂  We have a great officer core and a great player base.

Here’s the roster we have so far.  🙂

  • Abram King: abeybabey.8703 – Human Mesmer, Asura Warrior
  • Dave: Albretch.2685
  • Phil M.: Alejandra Delacruz.5921 –  {Human,Norn,Charr,Asura,Sylvari} {Guardian, Mesmer, Necro, Warrior, Thief}
  • BaisBlackfingers: BaisBlackfingers.4728
  • ishkodewaaboo: Baksha.1704 – Sylvari Mesmer; Human Elementalist
  • John Cato: Beltane.5893
  • Carina: Carina.4185 [undecided] Elementalist
  • John-Henry Beck: Cicero.4873 – [undecided] Ranger
  • Laen: Cleardale.7893 – [unknown] Warrior
  • Jen R.: CultofJen.9210 – Sylvari Elementalist
  • Dirk Gadsden: dirk.3175 – [Undecided] Elementalist
  • Brandon A. Nesbit: dotban.3574
  • Don: drl.9576
  • Dylan Bean: DylanBean.6591
  • Edrick P. Smef: edricksmef.3746 
  • **Richard McAteer: Epinephrine.8670 – Sylvari Engineer; Human Mesmer
  • IslandBrewer: Faolchunna.6759 – Charr Warrior
  • Matt Martin: FUNdead.2430 – Charr Warrior
  • Perry Kaufman: Gilburt.9146 – Sylvari Guardian
  • **Christopher Kit Kramer: GLaDOS.6357 – Ethir
  • Dean Rotenberg: grebnetor.8723
  • Jesse Daw: jcdharma.5169 – Human Elementalist
  • Jeffrey Faust: jefffaust.6814
  • Jessica Lynn: Jely.8746
  • **John Horstman: JohannVII.8723 – Sylvari Ranger – Bosqazador; Charr Guardian – Sarri Greyclaw
  • JumpPoint: jumppoint.2614
  • kagekiri: kagekiri.1605 – [any/all] [undecided]
  • **Daniel Schealler: Kairos.9354 – Charr Warrior (Banner Focus)
  • Jen Grant: katrana.5317 – Human Necromancer
  • Drew Krull: Kharel.1520
  • Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach: KorLeonis.8650 – Charr Engineer 
  • Adam Shelton: Lagrange.2479 – Asuran Mesmer (probable)
  • Arthur Jackson Lawson V: Lequac.2653 
  • **Ryan Moursund FTB:Elerena Forum:Liokae Game:Liokae.9201 – Norn Warrior
  • eNeMeE: Lost Envoy.3245 – Charr Elementalist
  • Mutsumi: Lyfa.9256 – Human/Sylvari Thief/Necromancer
  • Amanda M.: Madelyne Phoenix.8257 – Undecided
  • Jordan Day: MajorMesser.5273 – Undecided Necromancer
  • Damon Fowler: Mallekar.7402 – Human Guardian
  • Benjamin Hollinger: Molch.7536 – [undecided] [undecided]
  • Alex: Muadib.7852 – Asuran Guardian
  • **NightRaith: NightRaith.1805 – Charr Engineer; Norn Guardian
  • Joseph Horst: penguinsdemise.6130
  • Park James: PMurder.9451 – [undecided] [undecided]
  • Praedico: praedico.1092 – Sylvari Thief
  • **Nick Johnson: Remijdio.6203
  • **Russell Quintero: RuQu.8394 – Human Guardian, et al.
  • Joseph Stricklin: Sansgerd.2491 – [undecided] Thief
  • Jonathan Hardin: Seabhag.8076 – Charr [undecided]
  • Shaun McGonigal: ShaunPhilly.7129 (no character yet)
  • Michael: SinfulScythe.7091
  • Lukas Wolfrik Hägele: Skollgrimm.3695
  • Jacob Hanson: Sparhawk.9015 – [something with a huge sword] – Jotnara
  • Josh Stein: Targarion.7208 – Charr engineer
  • Carla Burris: tekvet.9682 – Sylvani ranger (probably)
  • Caroline Cosgrove: Toasty.1432 – [undecided] Necromancer
  • **JT Eberhard: tsukmeibols.7340 – Asuran Engineer
  • Tyson Koska: tykonderoga.7350
  • Mike Smith: unbound.9351
  • ++KeganL: Valyon.8396 – Norn Necromancer(main); [undecided] Mesmer
  • Wesley Kaufman: Waldrun.8493 – Asuran Elementalist
  • John II: WraithShade.8097 – Asuran Elementalist – Mai Selevin
  • Meg Rotenberg: wren.9213
  • Nathan Piccolo: Lovec Ari
  • Arsirion: Sylvari Ranger
  • Atheara Valentin: Charr Mesmer
  • b00ger: [undecided] Mesmer
  • Chris Baily: Charr Engineer
  • Drew McIntosh: Asuran Elementalist
  • Erica Morrison
  • J. Goard: Charr Mesmer
  • Jon R: Norn Ranger – Qilue Veredorn
  • Juan Davidsanchez Daza: Charr Ranger
  • Loqi: Human Mesmer (subject to change)
  • Maki: Norn Engineer/Thief
  • Marisemae: Norn Ranger
  • Mark Eichelberg
  • Mizzet: Charr Engineer
  • RenDP: Human Mesmer
  • Scott Grant: Human Warrior
  • theAtheistAxolotl: Charr Necromancer
  • Barzec Battlelizard: BarzecBattlelizard.2065 – Engineer unsure of race just yet
  • Daniel Krull: KirikaSena.7413 Unsure of character build KirikaSena.7413
  • Steve Cochran. Conjectural.3942. Human warrior.
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