What would it look like if global warming was real?

What would it look like if global warming was real? December 5, 2012


Remember this xkcd comic?

You should, because xkcd is awesome. xkcd.com/808/

What could be said of global warming, what capitalist signs would show up if ice caps were melting? Multi-billion dollar international companies didn’t get that way by ignoring reality*, so are they responding to climate change like it’s a real thing?


“We have studied lots of observation data – there is an observable trend that the ice conditions are becoming more and more favourable for transiting this route. You are able to reach a highly profitable market by saving 40% of the distance, that’s 40% less fuel used as well.”

That would be yes. Oil tankers and shipping companies see a melting ice cap, and see trade routes opening up.

There is an expectation that because of changing climactic conditions, sea traffic across the northern sea route will increase rapidly. 2012 has been a record year both for the length of the sailing season and also for the amount of cargo that has been shipped.


Sure, global warming could all be a giant hoax by “the vast majority of all climate experts in existence,” that’s one possibility…….



*Other than the Mormon church, the Catholic church, the Republican party……..


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