Next up: Lisa Thomas.

Next up: Lisa Thomas. January 4, 2014

And our merry go-round of ignorant letters to the editor continues with this offering from Lisa Thomas.  The parts in red are my thoughts when reading it.

I do my best to never offend anybody. I am nice to everyone. I am sure this letter will offend a few select people in this community, but I believe that most people in this community and in all of Arkansas will embrace what I have to say [A textbook case in how lots of people can be wrong].

I am sick and tired of people that say that the Baby Jesus offends them. We live in a free country, the United States of America. We all have freedom of speech, and we all have freedom of religion. That means we can all express our religions or non-religions in any way, shape, or form that we choose to [yes, but government bodies/officials do not get to do that since they are required to stay religiously neutral – that’s why nobody gives a shit about the gaggles of other nativity scenes aside from the one on government property]. This is supposed to be done without ridicule from anyone [wrong, freedom of speech does not guarantee you protection from ridicule if you use your freedom of speech to say wrong or ridiculous things].

No one is forcing you out of your home to go to the courthouse and view the Baby Jesus or the nativity scene [nobody ever said this was the issue]. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it [that’s not what this is about]. It is that simple [no, it isn’t, you’re over-looking the legal issues which is all the atheists care about], and that is your right due to freedom in this country. Besides, you should be looking forward anyway keeping your eyes on the road, so that you don’t run over one of us Christians that are walking around enjoying the nativity scene [if a Christian were run over, that person would still be subject to the law regardless of how many people didn’t want the law enforced].

There are many religions that don’t celebrate “Christ”mas. I have no problem with them. I don’t protest against them [nobody protests against yours, we protest government endorsement of religion]. Why do you have a problem with those that do celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ [legally, we don’t.  That right is not being challenged – nobody is trying to barge into your house to throw away your Christmas tree]? Just because you don’t believe in Him doesn’t mean that you have any right to try to take Him out of our lives [even if a lawsuit is filed and won, it won’t take away your ability to celebrate.  It won’t take anything out of your life – it will take a government endorsement of what you believe away, but you will still be able to celebrate and believe however you wish].

This is a Christian community/Christian state, so maybe you live in the wrong place [last I checked, the law applies to Christians, and to Arkansas as much as the rest of the country.  If you don’t agree with the Constitution, perhaps you are in the wrong country]? There are other countries — “non-Christian countries” [the United States is a non-Christian country inhabited by people of all faiths, a country which enshrines religious freedom – not the freedom to be Christian] — in this world that would embrace you if you moved there, where you could be happy [no, those places are theocracies where separation of church & state does not exist.  I would be miserable there and so would you.  That’s exactly why the religious endorsement by elected officials in Mountain Home is so problematic]. If you prefer to remain in the freedom country, I hear that Florida has erected an atheist monument for your enjoyment [yes, that’s the price of them having a ten commandments monument: they must legally let everybody in.  That’s why Judge Pendergrass denying the atheists is so legally dubious here]. Washington, D.C, currently is another option for you to be happy living in [or they could stay and fix the injustices here, rather than turning a blind eye by moving elsewhere.  Christians certainly aren’t put off by Constitutional violations to try and fix them]. Just one other comment for those that do not believe in Jesus Christ or Christmas. I bet you have always taken Christmas Day off if living in the United States of America. Probably Easter, too. So what is that saying about your beliefs [it says we like days off of work…do you search for eggs left by a mythical bunny on Easter?  What does that say about your beliefs?]?

To our officials — I will be very disappointed if you don’t fight this possible ridiculous law suit [this “ridiculous” lawsuit is one that has been lost consistently by your side virtually every time it has been fought, and will be lost here if the county invites it.  I imagine you’ll also be disappointed when the county is out tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars because it refused to move the nativity to private property or represent everybody equally.  You don’t get to have it both ways] for our community to keep Jesus in our lives [if the county is made to follow the law and let others in or move the nativity, you’ll still have Jesus in your lives.  Your framing of this is so silly it could only be dishonest], the nativity scene, and the Christians’ freedom of religion [freedom of religion does not guarantee you preferential treatment by the government.  In fact, freedom of religion is only protected by keeping the government neutral on religion to one sect cannot rise to power and use it to oppress other faiths.  It is you, and all the Christians like you, who are a threat to freedom of religion].

If you want to chime in on Lisa Thomas’ hyperbole or her paranoia about losing the right to worship if the government doesn’t exclusively endorse her religion, here is the comment section of her letter.

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