Traveling day. Have a link dump.

Traveling day. Have a link dump. November 21, 2014

I’m about to hit the road so I won’t have time to blog today.  Here are a bunch of the stories I had in my queue (now you will understand why I need a morning happiness post every morning).

Hindu parents in India being held for honor-killing their own daughter:

In a horrific case of “honour killing” in the capital, a 21-year-old final year student of Sri Venkateswara, a leading college in Delhi University’s south campus, was allegedly murdered by her family because she had married a boy from another caste and region.

Egypt’s first trial for female genital mutilation has ended with a verdict of not guilty:

The first doctor to be brought to trial in Egypt on charges of female genital mutilation (FGM) has been acquitted, crushing hopes that the landmark verdict would discourage Egyptian doctors from conducting the endemic practice.

Donnie Swaggert, son of Jimmy Swaggert, says gays would behead Christians given the chance (forgetting for a moment that all the violence between gays and Christians throughout history has run the other way).

San Francisco photographers close their business rather than take on gay customers.

The National Organization for Marriage (which works to stop people from marrying, so A+ for ironic name) is collapsing into debt.  Yet they purport to be speaking for the majority of Americans.  Hrm…

Ed Brayton debate Dr. Tim Schmig on whether or not we’re a Christian nation and stomped faces:

Chicago megachurch pastor Paul Chappell says women who have sex before marriage are filthy dishrags.  Not men too?  And hey!  That’s my wife you’re talking about!

It’s Openly Secular month.  Be openly secular.

Rick Santorum accuses Obama of class warfare, praises segregationists.

New study with twins lends more evidence to sexual orientation being genetic.

Recent numbers show the most prevalent cause of terrorism is religion.

A group called Priests for Life has said they intend to defy a court order because mailing in a single page of paperwork is apparently too much.

The head of Priests For Life, a group of Catholic clergy that also employs lay people, says his organization will openly defy a federal court order requiring it to comply with the steps it must take to exempt itself from its legal obligation to provide contraceptive coverage in its employee health plan. On Friday, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit held that the federal government had taken adequate steps to accommodate groups like Priests For Life that object to birth control on religious grounds. To be clear, no one argues — not the federal government and not the judges who ruled against Priests For Life — that this organization must provide birth control coverage to its employees. Rather, the court order that Priests For Life pledges to defy literally requires them to do nothing but mail off a single-page letter.

An Ottawa priest who stole more than $130,000 from his congregation is welcomed back after being released from prison.

Video of a father helping ISIS to stone his own daughter to death in accordance with Sharia law (for adultery).  Don’t worry, Reza Aslan said people don’t get morals from their religion.

Mike Huckabee tour visits Auschwitz, laments at how America is becoming like Nazi Germany.

Did you know that between 17%-21% of public school teachers introduce creationism into the classroom?

A woman in Oregon has started a business as a professional cuddler.  I wonder if she’s hiring.  I have credentials.

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