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Critics Unhappy About the Choice of Apostles
As we reported in this newspapyrus three months ago, the controversial preacher from Nazareth known as Rabbi Yeshua recently established his headquarters in the Galilean fishing town of Capernaum.... Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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The First Presidency Letter on Clergy Sexual Abuse That Never Came
27 March, 2018 Dear Sisters, Children, and Brothers of the Church, In light of the recent case of sexual abuse involving a former MTC President, we feel moved to sincerely apologize to anyone who... Read more
by Gina Colvin | KiwiMormon
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The Bad Old Days of Peterson at the Maxwell Institute
Sigh. John Dehlin has posted a new podcast interview (conducted on 13 March 2018) with someone named Bert Fuller, whom I don’t know and whose face and name ring no bells with me, about BYU’s Maxwell... Read more
by Dan Peterson | Sic et Non
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Monsters Among Us: Can the Men Who've Sexually Harassed Reform?
When the #MeToo campaign started, it didn’t make me angry or sad; it just left me tired. Because I have been inhaling these stories for my entire life. Do we give any of these men second chances? Read more
by Emily Belanger | Peculiar People
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"I am so anxious, my usual go-tos are not working"
I am currently going through a divorce and am really struggling with anxiety. The things that used to help me feel grounded, specifically scripture study and prayer, don't seem to be helping me much... Read more
by Natasha Helfer Parker | The Mormon Therapist
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Gospel Doctrine Lesson 12: Genesis 40 onwards
These chapters carry on the novella of Joseph in Egypt. It's over 10 chapters, which is a lot of time and space to devote to one story about one person; creation occupies 3 chapters, by contrast.... Read more
by | Benjamin the Scribe
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