Tending The Communal Laundry

In the weeks leading up to Easter, I'll be exploring the following themes:

Week 1, Luke 4:1-14 -- the temptations that derail a community in mission

Week 2, Luke 13:31-35 -- the practice of compassion in offering and receiving the unwelcome gift

Week 3, John 4:5-42 -- the Samaritan woman at the well and the ways we personally confuse worship on ‘the' mountain of our personal understanding with worship of the living God.

Week 4, John 9:1-41 -- the healing of the man born blind and the communal patterns of resisting the work of God among us

Week 5, John 11:1-14 -- the raising of Lazarus as the death blow to all that separates us from God and one another and the potential rise into new life

Week 6, Luke 15:1-32 -- Palm/Passion Sunday on the necessary crucifixion of reconciliation

Sandra Lommassonis the founder and co-executive director of Bread of Life, a spiritual formation center in Sacramento, CA, and a spiritual director. Her passion is creating processes and pathways for the formation of spiritual directors and leaders of religious or public organizations. She is a published author in the field of spiritual formation and served on the Council of Spiritual Directors International from 1999-2005. She is mother to two grown children and delights in two (soon to be five) very special grandchildren.

2/15/2010 5:00:00 AM