Archives for January 17, 2008

Strangers vs. Family

In a recent article about Minnesota Atheist’s new Air America radio show (iTunes link), our buddy Bjorn is quoted: A backup host will be Bjorn Watland, a 25-year-old computer-systems analyst from Minneapolis. He said he joined the organization last year as a form of support when his mother “flipped out” upon learning he was an [Read More…]

Go Pre-Order Indexed!

Jessica Hagy‘s book is now available for pre-order! I’m excited. Indexed (the blog) is always thought-provoking and hilarious. And since my birthday is only three days before her February 28th release, it makes your job of buying me a present that much easier. You can check out some of my favorite Indexed cartoons here, here, [Read More…]

I Love Acronyms

The Iowa Atheist Alliance changed its name. The group should now be called “Atheists United for a Rational America.” In other words, A.U.R.A. The tagline: A.U.R.A.: “Nothing mysterious about it!” Cute The group’s website was started by Dr. Lydia Hartunian, the woman behind the Great American God Out. If you’re living in Iowa, keep tabs [Read More…]

He May Be Governor, but He’s No Doctor

For the Asian readers out there… The third comment cracked me up. First Indian-American Governor Elected With his swearing in as governor of Louisiana on Monday, Republican Bobby Jindal became the first Indian-American to head a U.S. state. What do you think? [Read more…]