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March from Selma

Currently in the Public Square 


Christians Begin the Journey of Lent

Visit the Journey of Lent page for information about this six-week season, timely reflections, and helpful resources.


"The Hunting Ground": Terrifying and Real

The film interviews numerous young women and two young men about their experiences with sexual assault on campus and how the schools reacted against the victims.

Muslimah Media Watch

Choosing or Rejecting the Veil

In Refusing the Veil, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown argues that Muslim women should give up wearing the veil so that they can be liberated women in the 21st century.

Faith on the Couch

Helping Your Kids Deal with Anger

An important part of raising moral, loving, faithful kids is teaching them to manage their emotional reactions in more godly, appropriate ways.

Sister Rose Movies

Abandoned Babies and the Beauty of Life

The Drop Box highlights the plight of tens of thousands of babies around the world who are abandoned each year.

World Religions

Are Hindus Losing Their Reverence for Cows?

That's what Fred de Sam Lazaro suggests in this clip from PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly.

Faithful Democrats

CPAC Comments and a Different Vision

As I look at some of the policies enacted by the President and his administration, I cannot help but see the fruit of his Christian faith at work.

Work Cited

Wisdom on Our Work and Vocations: Two Great Anthologies

Both of these books provide ample food for thought on the topic of vocation, both general and particular.

Ride the Spiral

Magickal Theory and Early Practice

Lady Sable Aradia's The Witch's Eight Paths of Power is a good resource for anyone starting out in the Craft even if you decide Wicca isn't for you.

Addressing the rise of religious violence and the role that faith leaders have in working to a solution.



Faith Communities and the Tradition of Civil Rights and Social Justice Activism