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Consumerism Gone Wild

Currently in the Public Square 

Patheos Movie Club: The Letters

A film by William Riead

THE LETTERS stars the acclaimed four-time BAFTA nominated British Actress Juliet Stevenson as Mother Teresa in a transformational performance that spans over 50 years.

Jane the Actuary

Girl Boy Scouts?

What should we think about the scouting troop in California, composed of five girls who have officially asked to join the Boy Scouts?

Aziz Poonawalla

Muslim Americans Should be Single-Issue Voters

If we hold any value for our embattled faith, we must defend it by voting Democrat.

Pursued by Truth

Syrian Refugees: The Dangerous Effects of Fear-Mongering

We cannot allow fear to short-circuit our Christian virtue. No matter what we believe about policy, our opinions must be informed by our faith.

Everyday Miracles

The Remarkable Pilgrimage of Everyday Life

What was the most important part of the journey? "Letting down the façade," Renee said. "Nobody cared what you did for a living," Julie concurred.

The Fuller Blog

A Pilgrimage to Ferguson for Racial Justice

In Ferguson, the struggle for racial justice manifests as the people versus the systems of policing, housing, education, prison, job opportunities, and more.

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

The Biology of Leaving Church

I walked out of that confessional booth, shame and anger rising with every step I took to get to the door of the church.

Christopher Closeup

Peggy Noonan: America, a Vast Mission Territory

Peggy Noonan recently joined me to discuss her newest book The Time of Our Lives, an outstanding collection of her best essays and columns from 1981 to the present.

Civil Nations

What Percentage of Muslims Dislike ISIS?

According to Pew Research, the vast majority of Muslims in nations with predominant Islamic populations overwhelmingly oppose ISIS.

Unfundamentalist Christians

Must Christians Believe in a Second Coming?

If this life is all there is, then neither justice nor love are vindicated. Biblical apocalyptic scenarios are about future vindication.

Patheos Video Gallery

The ritual of tak bat—feeding Buddhist monks who are forbidden to feed themselves. More at 1 Minute Meal.
The ritual of tak bat—feeding Buddhist monks who are forbidden to feed themselves. More at 1 Minute Meal.
Faith communities are uniquely positioned to help military families and veterans.
1 Minute Meal: "Ganesha's Favorite Food"
We asked people what they thought about Pope Francis.
Europe is dealing with its worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.
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