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Future of Faith in America: New Religions

Currently in the Public Square 

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

Why Didn't C.S. Lewis Become a Catholic?

Lewis felt deeply the scandal of Christian division and as a result decided to not talk much about the deepest differences.

Kate O'Hare's Pax Culturati

"The Martian": Matt Damon's Stranded Astronaut Seeks Divine Intervention

Hollywood loves to use Catholic symbols and characters, but it's very seldom kind or fair (or even accurate). But every now and then it's different.

Monkey Mind

The Karma and Rebirth Debate Within Contemporary Western Buddhism

Questions regarding the centrality of place within Buddhism for karma and rebirth have been knocking around for a long time.

Shrinking the Camel

The Ultimate Advice for Aspiring Leaders: Six Non-Negotiables

If you think you want to be a leader, then simply follow these six tips that I am about to share with you.

What God Wants for Your Life

Nine Ways Your Pastor Can Help You Plan a Funeral

Clergy can assist their members by injecting some spiritual sanity into the process as families intersect with "the funeral industry."

Peculiar People

Remembering Wes Craven

Craven never just made horror films about monsters or killers, he made horror films about fear.

Progressive Secular Humanist

Carbon Dating Suggests Quran Is Older than Muhammad

Carbon dating suggests the world's oldest Quran predates the Prophet Muhammad, thus suggesting Muhammad was a fraud, and destabilizing Islam.


The Balancing Act of Compassion and Integrity

If I were asked to pray at the deathbed of someone I loved, I would have a hard time with that request.

Anxious Bench

Peopling the Biblical World

If there is one impression we get when we study this, it is the small and indeed intimate size of ancient Jerusalem. And the fact that nobody really knows for sure.

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We asked people about gender equality in today's society.
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