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Major Trends in Religious Traditions

Currently in the Public Square 

Pangea Blog

Why We Need a New Reformation

Christian Piatt talks about the state of Christianity in his most recent book, postCHRISTIAN: What’s Left? Can We Fix It? Do We Care?

Faith on the Couch

Is There a Catholic Way to Parent?

If you mean, “Does our Catholic faith ask parents to have a mindset about parenting and actions that reflect that mindset?" then the answer is, “unquestionably, yes!

Gathering Nectar

Fat Karma

I’ve been wondering: could overeating be caused by starvation in a past life?

Muslimah Media Watch

Muslim Women in Sports Media

Basketball's international governing body, FIBA, has announced it would be allowing headcoverings during competitive play for a trial period.


Scot McKnight's Kingdom Conspiracy

In his new book, McKnight affirms the good of social justice work and the necessity of proclaiming salvation to the lost, but he wants something more.

American Buddhist Perspective

Buddhism's Holiest City

Here in Bodhgaya, we have seen an estimated 500,000 Hindu pilgrims come through town over a sixteen-day period known as Pitrupaksha.

Pia de Solenni

Pope Francis's Pre-Synod

The pope's survey showed just how poorly Church teachings are understood.

The Soul and the City

Celebrating BYU and Its New President

President Worthen's recent inauguration as BYU's new president left me with some questions.

Under the Ancient Oaks

Devotion to Danu

As with so many other Goddesses and Gods in our polytheist restoration, Danu is making Herself known.

Roger E. Olson

Calvinists and Arminians Can Agree On One Thing

Evangelical Calvinists and evangelical Arminians need to reach an accord, an agreement, to put down the long knives and cooperate with each other in opposing the real "default heresy" of American Christianity—moralism.

The People's Climate March