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Remembering the Dead: Ancestors, Rituals, Relics

Currently in the Public Square 

Faithful Democrats

Why Should We Raise the Minimum Wage?

When inefficient wages cause outside stress, your team's ability to do its job suffers, thus impeding productivity and morale.

Friendly Atheist

The Problem with Perceptions and Religious Identity

Survey shows we're all wrong about percentages. Our perceptions are skewed.

Watching God

Entertaining Churches, Preachy Movies

Our church services have become polished and entertaining while our movies have become old-school and preachy.

Anxious Bench

The Beginning and End of Mormon Polygamy

Celestial and plural marriage reshaped not only Mormon families but Mormon identity and theology.

A Contemplative Faith

Talking About Silence: An Interview with Patrick Shen

Indie filmmaker Patrick Shen's latest project, In Pursuit of Silence, is a meditative film about the increasing noise that is drowning out silence in postmodern life.

Theology in the Raw

On David Gushee's LGBT-Affirming Stance

Dehumanization is the real problem, which is why I can agree with his pastoral heart.


"Wadjda": A Girl's Life Saudi Style

Wadjda just might be one of the most important films so far this century.

Samuel's Notebook

A Moment of Irony for UC Berkeley

If Maher's views are "dangerous" to the most liberal university in America, schools like Notre Dame should immediately apply for restraining orders.

The High Calling

Challenges and Crises in Seminary and University Education

While many people have years of higher education for vocations, they have the equivalent of a ninth or tenth grade education in theology.

Peter Enns

The Ways Evangelicals Dodge the Problems of Scripture

Here are twelve rhetorical strategies employed by evangelicals to deflect attention and/or delegitimize challenges.

Faith Communities and Ebola

25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall