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Future of Faith in America: Eastern Religions

Currently in the Public Square 


Ramadan in Las Vegas: Allah's Nur in the City of Lights

Keeping the faith in Sin City is possible, and that's a testament to the Muslims who immigrated here, raised families and created community.

Faith Forward

Ten Questions Jesus Would Use to Evaluate a Ministry

Every pastor seems to have his or her own criteria for evaluating the "effectiveness" of ministries that are being undertaken by local churches.

Anxious Bench

Islam in the Christian College?

In a post-9/11 world, engaging Islam in the college classroom is more important than ever. Unfortunately, too many evangelical schools are ill-equipped to meet the challenge.

Rhetoric Race and Religion

Black Pastor Chronicles: Welcoming White Strangers

A white couple from out of town came to our church for Sunday worship service. Here are the questions that went through my mind.

Anxious Bench

The Book of Mormon, Revisited

Philip Jenkins of the Evangelical Channel and William Hamblin of the Mormon Channel have been discussing the historicity of the Book of Mormon.

World Religions

Did St. Thomas Found a Church in India?

According to stories handed down from generation to generation, St. Thomas "converted the local Brahmins with the aid of miracles and ... built seven churches."

and these Thy gifts

100 Ways to Rebuild the Culture of Life

Do you want to raise a pro-life family? Here are one hundred practical suggestions.

Catholic to the Core

The Ecumenism of Blood

There's a grave misconception that Catholics believe that they are the only ones who are "right" and that anyone who's not Catholic goes to hell.

Faith on the Couch

The Forgiveness Seen in Charleston Can Change Culture

Research shows that people who cultivate forgiving hearts are both emotionally and physically healthier than those who are prone to carry grudges.

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