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Remembering the Dead: Ancestors, Rituals, Relics

Currently in the Public Square 


Simon Chan on Asian Theology

Grassroots Asian Theology: Thinking the Faith from the Ground Up is essential reading if you're interested in Systematics, mission, Pentecostalism, or global theology.

Uncommon God, Common Good

Holiness Involves the Humane Treatment of Animals

The Jewish Scriptures forbid cruelty and promote minimal suffering of animals slaughtered for ritual purposes and for food.

Roger E. Olson

The Church and a Culture of Reading

When was the last time you heard of a men’s book discussion group in a church?

Uncommon God, Common Good

Missing Links: On Faith and Science

It is incumbent upon Evangelicals, including their universities and seminaries, to extend the interface of faith and science to other spheres.

Unfundamentalist Christians

Finding "The Lost Way" of Early Christianity

Stephen Patterson's new book reexamines the essential teaching of the Gospel of Thomas and the evidence of Q.

Seasons of Grace

The Beatification of Paul VI

Pope Francis has beatified a predecessor — Pope Paul VI, who was pontiff from 1963 until his death in 1978.

Gathering Nectar

Decorating for Diwali

The Hindu festival of lights is celebrated this year on October 23. Here is how I'm preparing.

The Anxious Bench

The Church Vanishes

I'm doing a little math, and the consequences are troubling. It could be that America’s last Episcopalian walks among us today.


The Future of Seminaries

SFTS has launched a center specifically focused on helping to train a new generation of leaders to minister in our ever changing world.

Spirituality Channel

Generating a New Vision at Success 3.0 Summit

We're hoping that each attendee really wants to evolve and is willing to participate in changing the game for everyone, to contribute to the evolution of love.

25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall