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Major Trends in Religious Traditions

Currently in the Public Square 


The Temple Recommend and the Interview Guidelines

Words and phrases can be ascribed certain meanings which can become problematic. Here are a few such terms.


The Church's Call to Steward God's Mission in the World

We have interpreted stewardship issues too narrowly, and it's time to rethink God's bigger mission.


James Gandolfini's Praiseworthy Final Bow

In The Drop, James Gandolfini plays the closest facsimile of his Tony Soprano character since that series ended in 2007.

Love, Joy, Feminism

From Humiliation to Cooperation

Positive parenting and gentle discipline practices have enabled me to teach my children "to love well and live life" much more effectively and healthfully than anything corporal punishment ever did for me.

Faith Forward

Three Ways to Embrace the Sacred This Year

The invitation to first acknowledge and then Embrace The Sacred is—I’ve come to believe—still all around us, woven into the very fabric of Creation itself.

A Witch's Ashram

The Coming Equinox

The Dark will begin to make Its presence felt and tides will shift. I'll raise a glass in thanks and my family will talk about gratitude.

Soapbox Redemption

"Quantum Physics and Theology" Will Not Disappoint

In his new book, John Polkinghorne draws parallels between the nature of physical reality and the nature of divine reality.

The Allergic Pagan

Roots of the Deep Ecology Tree

John Muir discovered that direct experience of nature reveals the ecological interconnectedness of all things, a common Neo-Pagan theme.

Camels with Hammers

Sam Harris and Sexist Appeals to Biology

Sam Harris's recent comments betrayed gender essentialist assumptions and attitudes that are not only false but harmful.

Home Waters

Religion, Conservation, and Community

One of the great myths of environmentalism is that it is a largely secular movement that competes with rather than complements religious commitment.

Christianity Is Changing

I Almost Got Crucified Yesterday

Penal substitution atonement theory is poison. To believe in PSA is not to believe in the gospel which, in fact, is dead set against it!

Habitat for Humanity and the Theology of the Hammer