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GENIUS: The Man Behind the Mind

National Geographic's GENIUS takes Einstein's story beyond the halls of academia. How did faith factor in his remarkable life? That's what Patheos writers are here to explore, along with the relationship between faith and science in this exclusive symposium. Read more.

Ambaa Choate

What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

Did you know that you should never wear white to an Indian wedding -- not because it's seen as upstaging the bride -- but because it's mournful?

David Russell Mosley

The Sound of Silence: Reflections on My Struggles With Silence Both in Church and Out

Maybe, just maybe, introducing a little more silence into our church services might help us introduce more silence into our everyday lives.

Sunil Daman

As Moms, Do We Care for Ourselves?

We all need something for ourselves. Frankly, I don't do enough for myself. I rarely make time to put my hands out and say stop.

Gary Ashcroft

What Trump Can Learn From the Mormonism Founder

Joseph Smith failed to look beyond first-order consequences. Trump should learn from his mistake.

Adam Lee

Privacy of the Dead

What privacy rights do the dead have that the living are bound to respect?

Ambaa Choate

Reclaiming the Swastika: Now Is Not the Time

In India, they represent good luck and balance. In the west, they represent hate and cruelty.

John Beckett

The 3 Forms of Immorality

To be human is to live with the realization that we are alive but some day we will die. Will we really cease to exist? Or will we live on, in one form or another?

Erin Wathen

Your Church Does Not Need Volunteers

The language of volunteerism is a pretty recent addition to the church lexicon. "Volunteer" is not quite the right word for what our people do at church.

Bob Robinson

The Mission of God Is Not Limited to Humanity, But Humanity Is the Key to It All

In our enthusiasm for the cosmic redemption, we must not forget that God's redemption of all things begins with his redemption of humanity.

Ilchi Lee

Expanding the Meaning of Earth Day: Celebrating Our Earth Human Identity

We are like the Titanic headed toward the iceberg. We know it's there, but we can't seem to change course. Is there any hope for us?

Tom Rapsas

The Fantastical Story of Dr. Seuss and Fate

Fate interceded and put the author's life on a different path. His world—and our world—were made all the better for it.

Daniel Scharpenberg

Are You a Bodhisattva?

The Bodhisattva is willing to be authentic, willing to get hurt and maintain a fully exposed heart.

Roger E. Olson

Is "Social Innovation" Sufficient?

Does it go far enough to address and solve the social problems boiling just beneath the surface of American society?

Pamala Oslie

Aura Color Personalities and Pets

Are those with certain aura colors drawn to specific types of pets?

Richard Ostling

Why Do Hindus Believe That Cows Are Sacred?

There's been riots and even a vigilante killing over cow issues during recent years. What is behind this belief?

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