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Global Care

Currently in the Public Square 


What Good Is Religion Anyway?

While most media delivers bad news, Patheos writers, those of faith and those without, have GOOD news—stories of compassion and service.

Astrological Musings

The Astrology of Hillary Clinton, 2015 Edition

Hillary's birthchart has four planets in intense Scorpio, including her Sun, Chiron, Venus, and Mercury.

Faith on the Couch

Prayer Works: A Psychological Case for Public Prayer

Whether the person believes in Jesus Christ, Allah, the Bab, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster is irrelevant, because the act of prayer promotes pro-social behavior.

Godless in Dixie

Not Everyone Needs to Come Out of the Atheist Closet

Some secularists need to continue playing their cards close to the chest, as it were, because the costs for them coming out may indeed be too high.

Muslimah Media Watch

"Desert Dancer": Biography, Yes; Iranian Art, No

The film's motifs suggest that the only way to truly live is to eventually escape to the free West. It’s a tale as old as time.

Searching for Tom Sawyer

Why Church Matters

Unreported are the hundreds of thousands of good things millions of churches are doing around the world every single day.

American Buddhist Perspectives

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Buddhism

ABC anchorman Dan Harris describes his journey from a secular-Jewish upbringing through workaholism, drugs, a panic attack, therapy, and, eventually, Buddhism.

The Allergic Pagan

Putting Marx In His Place

We need a change in spirit as much as a change in economics.

Watching God

Best Christian Movie Ever? You Might Be Surprised

Inspired by the NCAA's March Madness, recently conducted its own version of bracket goodness.

Patheos Video Gallery

1Racism in America: What Do People Think? 2Addressing the rise of religious violence and the role that faith leaders have in working to a solution. 3FACTS ABOUT VIOLENCE IN AMERICA 4FACTS ABOUT FREE SPEECH AROUND THE WORLD 5Faith Communities and the Tradition of Civil Rights and Social Justice Activism