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Back to School: Homeschooling and the Public Education Quandary

Currently in the Public Square 

Faith on the Couch

Are Gay Parents Magical?

The science is unclear on whether or not gay households are "just as good" as traditional, intact, heterosexual households.

New Wineskins

5 Things I Learned from Researching the Best 500 Sermons

What types of sermons are America's best preachers preaching?

Cosmos the In Lost

White Privilege in America

I don't claim that my human dignity was in any way deeply offended. It's just the small kind of calculus that comes with being brown in America.

Voodoo Universe

Adult Swim's "Black Jesus": A Review

"Black Jesus" is a social commentary on the relationship between modern people of color in the inner city and religion.


An Outbreak of Creationism in Europe?

A recent Scientific American article suggests that creationists have used new media to promulgate their views in European countries.

Freethought Now

A Salon on Religious Freedom in Jefferson's Dining Room

This is the man who gave us the phrase, "a wall of separation between Church and State." My career as an FFRF attorney is to be a watcher on that wall.

Living Tao

Young of Heart, Young of Mind: How to Keep a Youthful Brain as You Age

Losing our brain function seems like losing our independence and sense of self. Fortunately, such a fate is not a foregone conclusion.

Grace Is Messy

7 Ways a Healthy Faith Creates a Healthy Mind

Many people look at life as either spiritual or physical/mental. Mixing the two is like trying to mix steak and Kraft Dinner.

Secular Cinephile

Kaveh Mousavi's Top 10 Iranian Films

The majority of people who are familiar with Iranian cinema, if they read this list, will vehemently disagree with it.

A Tippling Philosopher

Should Churches Be Tax-Exempt?

Tax exemptions are a form of government subsidy. Therefore, tax exemptions granted to churches are government subsidies of religious institutions.

Wake Up Call

Rewriting Jesus: A New Take on the Gospel of Matthew

In his new book, Thomas Moore presents Jesus as "a social mystic, like a shaman who can heal, and lead people to appreciate multiple layers of reality."


Thank You, Jim Henson

Every Jim Henson project was a work of sincerity and optimism, devoid of cynicism.

The View from Dixon Hall

Mama's Boy: A Birthday Letter to My Black Son

The world will label other boys as mischievous and look at you and label you irredeemable.

Steel Magnificat

"I Know It Sounds Prejudiced"

You can't claim simple ignorance, of something you see happening right in front of you, day after day.

Patheos Video Gallery

The Simple Way, The Greening of Philadelphia's Concrete Jungle
The Simple Way, The Greening of Philadelphia's Concrete Jungle
In the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Kensington, residents are taking a hands-on approach to addressing hunger and malnutrition in their community.
The Street Librarian
Happily Hungry: Sick Kids Nutritious Food
Food Equality Initiative
The Food Equality Initiative's allergy-friendly food pantry in Kansas City makes sure everyone has a seat at the table.
Life After Life
Jason Hernandez fights for the freedom of other inmates sentenced to life behind bars.
Patheos Exclusive Clip: Last Days in the Desert
Do You Believe in Miracles? | Street Spirituality
A Bridge to Better Health: the Work of Puentes de Salud in South Philadelphia