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The Story of God With Morgan Freeman

Patheos Writers Reflect on Season 2

Morgan Freeman and National Geographic continue their international journey to answer the big questions about God and the nature of religious experience. Patheos writers have come along for the ride.

American Buddhist Perspectives

Being Political, Not Partisan

This year's election has drawn out some heated discussions about the role Buddhism in our political system.


10 Ways to Be an Effective Ally to the Muslim Community

I wish the solution were as simple as making a donation to a local mosque or wearing a safety pin.

Open Table Judaism

Singing The Lord's Song in a Strange Land

Judaism has never been static, it's always evolving, it's one of the tradition's greatest strengths and its key to survival.

Living Tao

Brain Education for Better Habits and Greater Creativity

Just as our bodies become less flexible if we don't move and stretch enough, our brains can lose their flexibility, too.

Kiwi Mormon

When There's No Turning Back

It's not unusual for anyone pursuing a religious life to wonder at the incongruities between history, doctrine, policy and scripture.

Sister Rose at the Movies

Liam Neeson Sees God as Love, Not a Stern Master

"God is love, love is God. I have had personal experiences of God's love, beautiful and calming, all the things the Psalms talk about," Neeson said in this Q&A.


MLK and the Pursuit of Social Justice

King's search for truth and justice were founded on a simple principle that many faith traditions share: that all men and women are created equal.

Jonathan Storment

The Myth of White Superiority

Without a creator who made people in His image, all that is left is power, force and a fight for land.

The Anxious Bench

The History of Interreligious Dialogue

When and where did "interreligious dialogue" begin?

Interfaith Encounters

What Makes a Sacred Space Real?

For a space to be sacred it isn't just geography. It is God deciding to make God's presence felt.

A Little Bit of Nothing

The Traditional Affirmation of All Cultures in Christ

Christian missionaries have long wrestled with the fact that those people they evangelize often have something to teach them as well.

Wake Up Call

Let's Fight the Good Fight With Kindness

The easy thing to do right now is to focus on how different we are, to take another's well-intentioned beliefs and demonize them for it.

Science on Religion

Social Media Is Toxic. Religious Studies Tells Us Why.

We've entered an era when the president can cause a major international incident by blurting a half-formed thought on Twitter. But you know what? He's not alone.

The White Hindu

"The Story of God": Who Are the Chosen Ones?

Everyone has a duty to raise their souls to a higher place. Without that, the rest of life is meaningless.

Barbara Falconer Newhall

Losing Huston Smith: A Spiritual Companion to Millions

Huston Smith didn't know it, but he's been my mentor for the past two decades.

Patheos Video Gallery

The End of White Christian America
The End of White Christian America
Robert P. Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), challenges us to grasp the profound political and cultural consequences of a new reality—that America is no longer a majority white Christian nation.
The Street Librarian
Happily Hungry: Sick Kids Nutritious Food
Food Equality Initiative
The Food Equality Initiative's allergy-friendly food pantry in Kansas City makes sure everyone has a seat at the table.
Life After Life
Jason Hernandez fights for the freedom of other inmates sentenced to life behind bars.
Patheos Exclusive Clip: Last Days in the Desert
Do You Believe in Miracles? | Street Spirituality
A Bridge to Better Health: the Work of Puentes de Salud in South Philadelphia