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Continuing the Tradition: Assimilation vs. Continuity Among American Jews

Currently in the Public Square 


Not Your Standard Evangelical Reading

Rowan Williams' On Being Christian suggests that the Bible should be approached as if it were a parable of Jesus: a gift, a challenge, and an invitation into a new world.

e2 Media Network

How Divorce Impacts Teenagers: 13-18 Years Old

When divorce happens, teens of this age range may feel embarrassed by the family break-up and may react by idealizing one or both parents.

A Contemplative Faith

Mainline Neo-Monasticism?

Elaine A. Heath's Missional. Monastic. Mainline explores how new communities of faith ("neo-monasticism") can be cultivated in the context of the historically mainline churches.

Roger E. Olson

How Open Should Christians Be to the Paranormal?

Modernity rejects the paranormal; the Bible everywhere assumes it. Can a person be a Bible-believing Christian and reject all paranormal experiences?

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

The Ice Bucket Challenge and Focusing on the Outcome

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati asked its staff to not participate in the challenge as representative of Catholic schools. But they offered an alternative.

Shrinking the Camel

Feeling Beat Up at Work?

Everyone knows you don't make good decisions when you are feeling overwhelmed. Here are three great ways to manage yourself through the stress.


Eight Things Christian Filmmakers Can Learn from "Calvary"

Soulless American Christian subculture films like God's Not Dead, or Grace Unplugged can learn a thing or two, or eight, from the fighting Irish.

Religion Q&A

Why is The Song of Solomon in the Bible?

The Song of Solomon or Song of Songs has probably roused more confusion than any other book in the Hebrew Bible.

Church for Men

Mark Driscoll's True God to Be Revealed

In the coming months Mark Driscoll will face a choice. He has a wonderful opportunity to step away from his high-profile life and complete the journey of submission.

American Buddhist Perspective

Tibetan Buddhist Deity Worship a Topic of Contention

The fragile and fluid nature of Tibetan politics may make key decisions about Shugden as much about political expediency as they are about religious rights.

Visions of Vocation

Praxis: From Belief to Behavior

The visionaries behind the Praxis Academy long for a renewal of life and the world, and think that vocation is integral to that vision.

NEW VIDEO: When the Game Stands Tall