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Future of Faith in America: New Religions

Currently in the Public Square 

On the Margin of Error

Iranian Democracy Activists Support Iran Deal

These supporters include former and current political prisoners, lawyers working for human rights, feminists, filmmakers, and a Noble Peace Prize laureate.

Jane the Actuary

Is the Paleo Diet Moral?

If the policy implication is "rich people maintain their health with Paleo, poor folks are out of luck," well, that is indeed a moral issue.

Quest for Meaning from a UU Collective

The Duality Fallacy

There are two ways of viewing the world we see around us. One way claims that the reality we see is not the ultimate reality of the universe.

Ask an Expert

What Does Buddhism Say About Charity?

In addition to giving to the poor, generosity also includes sharing one's spaciousness of heart.

Natural Wonderers

Jon McNaughton: The Obama Era's Most Significant Artist

If morals aren't divinely ordained, then how can you tell a child what is right and wrong?

Under the Ancient Oaks

What I Learned from Isaac Bonewits

Isaac's book, Neopagan Rites, is simply the best how-to book for planning and presenting public rituals in existence today.


India-Pakistan Kashmir Conflict: History and Future

Here's a summary of the historical and political developments around the contentious Kashmir conflict.

Muslimah Next Door

ISNA and the Push for Women-Friendly Mosques

The film's greatest flaw is a minimal use of a self-critical eye. This was almost inevitable since N.W.A.'s Ice Cube and Dr. Dre were two of the film's producers.

Black, White and Gray

Myths of Christianophobia: It's About Loss of Privilege

We have produced a dejure differential treatment of Christians and non-Christians, where non-Christians have advantages.

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America's political divide is growing.
America's political divide is growing.
We asked people about the relevancy of marriage.
Facts About Climate Change and Poverty
On the Street: 2016 Presidential Election
Racism in America: What Do People Think?
The Rise of Religious Violence: the Role of Faith Leaders to Find a Solution