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Politics in the Pulpit

Currently in the Public Square 

Looking Closer

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1" First Impressions

I can't imagine a more relevant dystopic vision for today's fantasy-saturated audiences than this one.

Paperback Theology

Saint Brennan Manning: A Ragamuffin to the End

Brennan’s message was this: until you allow the real you, warts and all, to come into the open and receive God's grace, you’ll never know God's love.

The Welcome Table

Black Pioneers, for Brothers and Sisters in Africa

The act of splitting up a family, especially when done by compulsion, should motivate us to reassemble what was fragmented, to speak their names.

Christianity for the SBNR

Happify and Integral Theory

But can the program deliver on such goals as "Conquering your Negative Thoughts," or "Coping Better with Stress?"

Emerging Voices

The Not-So-Irresistible Revolution

As long as our faith communities are made up of imperfect individuals, the church will be an imperfect place.

Pagan Families

Enchanted Composting

Our composter stands in for the cauldron here, of course, with its contents tumbling until they're ready to help our plants grow.


Stories of Community Transformation

Our church had a windfall of money set aside for mission, but didn't want to do mission in the conventional sense. We did something very different.

Godless in Dixie!

The Boxers of Christianity

As seen in Animal Farm, the Boxers and Clovers of our species deserve better than what some popular versions of Christianity have to offer them.

Kiwi Mormon

Anguished Musings on a Frayed Testimony

I feel frayed by my church experience of late. I don't need the church to be true — I just need it to be good.

A timeline of the events in Ferguson