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The Spirituality of Sex

Currently in the Public Square 

The Cordial Catholic

Why Does the Catholic Church Have So Many Rules?

One of the most frequent objections to Catholicism that I hear is that it's a miserable religion made up of equally miserable rules.

Sick Pilgrim

3 Things Keeping the Undead Alive

We enjoy the unabashed focus on the eerie, the ghostly, the supernatural; for many of us, they served as our gateway to Christianity and the Church.


The Spiritual Dilemma of the LDS Church's Overblown Wealth

The price to get on this acquisitive gravy train has been paid by the sacrifice of everyday church members over successive generations.

Spiritual Direction 101

5 Ways to Detox Your Spirit from the Election

Feeling addicted to political news and commentary? You may need a spiritual detox from the ridiculous amount of information coming at you daily.

Dowsing for Divinity

The Colors of Paganism

Green is the color everyone immediately associates with Paganism, but there are symbolic meanings to many colors.

Essence of the One

Bringing Reverence for God Into Every Action

What would life be like if we experienced every moment as an expression of God's love and an opportunity to taste the reality of the Divine?


The Inner and Outer Voices of Love: Henri Nouwen and His Friends

This book radiates Nouwen's simple love for God and his attempts–even when tormented by his own demons–to love God and to love his neighbor as himself.

Jonathan Storment

The Gospel According to "Stranger Things"

The phenomenal new Netflix show, Stranger Things, was, in some sense my religion, or as a Christian, I would say it was tapping into some fundamental truths about my religion.

Holy Rover

The Thriving Arab American Community of Dearborn, Michigan

To combat the growing national prejudice against Arab Americans, the Dearborn community built the Arab American National Museum.

Unfundamentalist Parenting

9 Ways to Prepare Our Children for Suffering

In view of Piper's recommendations, here are better alternatives for navigating the vulnerable job of raising our children to face the inevitable.


Illuminati, Otherness, and the Grand Consummation

The Illuminati is an order concerned with propagating the universal wisdom required for the right ordering of human society.

American Buddhist Perspectives

60 Years of the Indian Buddhist Revival

Ambedkar's commitment to a Buddhist revival in India is a response to thousands of years of caste discrimination against the 'low-caste' and 'untouchable' people.

Peculiar People

Not a Democracy, Not a Dictatorship: My Big Fat Mormon Family

Here are four related and ultimately optimistic thoughts about what the LDS Church is not (not a democracy, and not a dictatorship) and what it is.

Writing from the Edge

Radical New Folk Song Bringing Tragedy to a New Audience

"Children of Palestine" pulls no punches in presenting the Palestinian story from the Nakba to the Occupation and the wars against Gaza.

Patheos Video Gallery

The Simple Way, The Greening of Philadelphia's Concrete Jungle
The Simple Way, The Greening of Philadelphia's Concrete Jungle
In the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Kensington, residents are taking a hands-on approach to addressing hunger and malnutrition in their community.
The Street Librarian
Happily Hungry: Sick Kids Nutritious Food
Food Equality Initiative
The Food Equality Initiative's allergy-friendly food pantry in Kansas City makes sure everyone has a seat at the table.
Life After Life
Jason Hernandez fights for the freedom of other inmates sentenced to life behind bars.
Patheos Exclusive Clip: Last Days in the Desert
Do You Believe in Miracles? | Street Spirituality
A Bridge to Better Health: the Work of Puentes de Salud in South Philadelphia