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Politics in the Pulpit

Currently in the Public Square 

Under the Ancient Oaks

The Pyramids of Uxmal

I remembered the feeling of spirits screaming, not aggressively or maliciously, but defiantly—"We did what we had to do."

E-Square Media Network

Blending Your Stepfamily

Reality is in your face. Stepfamilies just don't work the same way as first families. So, you have a choice.

A Goddess in L.A.

Eight Steps to Connect with Your Intuition

To bridge the chasm between disordered thinking and inner wisdom, you must clear away the messiness and noise of reactive emotional and mental states.

Tattooed Rabbi

Can Coffee Bring You Closer to God?

My new passion for the spiritual potential of morning time led me to re-imagine what shacharit, the morning prayer service, was about.

The Anchoress

"Sisterhood": Reality TV for Reality TV Haters

This show may yet prove to be one of those confoundingly corkscrew routes the Spirit likes to take, on the way to the miraculous.

Spirituality and Conciousness

Aura Life Colors

The one or two bands in your aura closest to your body reveal your priorities, methods of processing life, and primary purpose for being on the planet.

Looking Closer

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1" First Impressions

I can't imagine a more relevant dystopic vision for today's fantasy-saturated audiences than this one.

Paperback Theology

Saint Brennan Manning: A Ragamuffin to the End

Brennan’s message was this: until you allow the real you, warts and all, to come into the open and receive God's grace, you’ll never know God's love.

The Welcome Table

Black Pioneers, for Brothers and Sisters in Africa

The act of splitting up a family, especially when done by compulsion, should motivate us to reassemble what was fragmented, to speak their names.

Watch the first trailer of the epic new series A.D. coming to NBC Easter Sunday 2015. #ADTheSeries

A timeline of the events in Ferguson