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2014 Religious Trends: Francis, Family, and the Future—What the Coming Synod May Mean

Currently in the Public Square 

The Pangea Blog


What do Greg Boyd, N.T. Wright, Rob Bell, and Burger King's Whoppers have in common?

The High Calling

Life-Altering Career Decisions for Young Professionals

We are capable of far more than we think, but we have to take action to fully realize that potential.

Faithful Democrats

Fair vs. Equal: Punishing and Protecting According to Values

The death penalty may be equal in its ability to exact brutal retribution for crimes, but the death penalty is certainly not fair.

The White Hindu

Vishnu: Everything You Need to Know

Vishnu cares for life on earth. Worshiping him and his wife Lakshmi helps with protection, prosperity, knowledge, and a satisfying life.


How Does the HHS Mandate Ruling Affect American Religion?

Down the road, federal courts face related, emotion-laden issues on exemptions for those with religious objections to gay marriage, gay adoptions, and unwed partners living together.

Formerly Fundie

John Piper, Pride Burger Wrappers, and Christian Divorce

We live life in a culture that often thrives via a cycle of broken relationships instead of being built upon a dedication to peace making.

Under the Ancient Oaks

Exercising Your Will

What kind of world do you value? What do your beliefs tell you to do? What will you do to strengthen your will?


Saving Zion from America

How welcome are those who raise a challenge to the church to be better, to be more like Zion?

Good Letters

Quitting the Cancer Battle

There is nothing to which you can compare this news in order to make sense of it—it is a monster from beyond your imagination.

Love, Joy, Feminism

You Are Not Entitled to My Life

Should parents be involved in every area of their young adult children’s lives?

Standing On My Head

"Mass is Boring..."

A complaint clergy too often hear. But why, and what can be done about it?

Challenges that Veterans Face