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Gregory Eran Gronbacher

Why Biblical Parenting Is Horrible Parenting

Many Christians' first (and sometimes only) encounter with Judaism is through the Gospels. However, the Gospels largely present a form of Judaism that largely no longer exists.

Anabel Inge

6 Misconceptions Held About Salafi Muslims

Salafism is widely regarded as a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam that fuels a hardline view and subjugates women.

Daniel Scharpenburg

Awakening the Awareness Within

With dedicated meditation practice, we can see a world that's brightened by the sunlight of awareness.

Ambaa Choate

A Hindu and a Buddhist Walk Into a Marriage: What Is Religion and Faith?

Must a religion have both sacred and profane definitions within it?

Gregory Eran Gronbacher

Hard and Soft Theism: The Reality of Our God

There is a healthy degree of subjectivity and personalization in religion as we wrestle with meaning and purpose.

Rita Forbes

Excuse Me, Lord: Religious Coercion in Foster Care

How can followers of scripture, without exception, guarantee a respectful distance from the spiritual life of a child in foster care when there is a soul that needs saving?

Benjamin L. Corey

No, the Bible Doesn't Say the Earth is 6,000 Years Old

Dating the age of the universe isn't a question the Bible deals with. It wasn't even on the radar of the people who wrote it.

John Beckett

Reimagining Ostara

The Spring Equinox is an astronomical phenomenon, but its impact is strongly felt on the Earth. Now is the time to honor the Earth Mother in ritual and in our daily lives.

Natasha Helfer Parker

Utah's Escalating Suicide Rate

Two articles were released this week that deal with the growing and alarming number of suicides in Utah. Why isn't the Mormon church taking action?

Justin Whitaker

A History of Buddhist Social Engagement

What keeps religious and philosophical traditions alive are their universal teachings and their adaptability to new contexts.

Ambaa Choate

Liberals and Islam

How can Islam coexist with other religions that do not believe in one God separate from his creation?

Ilchi Lee

If You Can't Sit Still, Try This Moving Mediation

Brain Wave Vibration is a simple way to get back the natural rhythm of our bodies, and to reconnect with the rhythm of life itself.

James Ford

What Is the Spiritual Life?

A genuine spiritual life is heroic in the sense of the qualities of nobility and perseverance that move us out of the ordinary.

Adam Lee

Can Basic Income End Poverty?

If people are the best judges of their own needs, why not give money to the poor and let them spend it on what will improve their lives?

Patheos Video Gallery

The End of White Christian America
The End of White Christian America
Robert P. Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), challenges us to grasp the profound political and cultural consequences of a new reality—that America is no longer a majority white Christian nation.
The Street Librarian
Happily Hungry: Sick Kids Nutritious Food
Food Equality Initiative
The Food Equality Initiative's allergy-friendly food pantry in Kansas City makes sure everyone has a seat at the table.
Life After Life
Jason Hernandez fights for the freedom of other inmates sentenced to life behind bars.
Patheos Exclusive Clip: Last Days in the Desert
Do You Believe in Miracles? | Street Spirituality
A Bridge to Better Health: the Work of Puentes de Salud in South Philadelphia