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Rites of Passage

Currently in the Public Square 

Raise the Horns

A Pagan History of Memorial Day

Today Memorial Day still serves as an opportunity to honor our war dead, but it's also become the unofficial start of Summer.


The Duggar Scandal and the Cost of Fundamentalism

This week, the Duggar family, of 19 Kids and Counting, have been in the spotlight for a sex scandal. Is fundamentalism to blame?

The Evangelical Pulpit

Getting Over Embarrassment of the Supernatural

Jesus is our model for ministering in the supernatural. It was never a formulaic back then and there is no formula for us today.

Friendly Atheist

Ban on Gay Scout Leaders "Cannot Be Sustained"

The Boy Scouts of America's own President, Robert Gates, says the homophobia has to stop or the organization won't be around much longer.

My Journey of Conscience

Accepting That This Civilization Can Be Destroyed

What did the revered Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen master, mean by this? And what did he not mean?

Natural Wonderers

What Kind of 'None' Are You?

So what is a None exactly? The following is a list of the most common labels that fall in the catch-all category.

Work Cited

Citizenship as Vocation

"Natural disasters are not the only things shaking the earth." This is the powerful, provocative first line of a brave new book by James W. Skillen.

The Divine Feminine

Reclaiming the Heart of Humanity in a Community of Women

This is my hope: women who combine spiritual leadership, wisdom, and compassion with radical skills and offer them all in sacred service of the Earth and humanity.

Into the Mound

Magic, Awe, and Skill

The "magic-as-cosmic-principle" feeling devalues our divine human powers of shaping and making.

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