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Future of Faith in America: Eastern Religions

Currently in the Public Square 

Friendly Atheist

A Renewed Case for Ending Tax Exemptions

The landmark victory for marriage equality has spurred fear on the Right that this is just the beginning, and they're somewhat justified in their fears.

The Anchoress

Gay Outreach and the "Stumble" into Pastoral Love

Ideally, our catechism should urge us toward empathetic love. Heather King's remarkable new book, Stumble, better explains my meaning.

The High Calling

Four Stages of a Leader's Spiritual Growth

Why do some people feel compelled to pursue inner truth, while others are content with their car, house, and weekend football on TV?

The Evangelical Pulpit

Sex and the Spiritual Realm

Gordon Dalbey's latest book, Pure Sex: The Spirituality of Desire, eloquently grounds sexual desire in its rightful place in the cosmos: the spiritual realm.


Honoring the Liminal Gods

While the Irish Gods clearly have established myths and stories, have history, the liminal Gods don't.

Unsystematic Theology

The Danger of Asking Hard Questions

It's always been dangerous to ask hard questions. Perhaps never more than now in these institutions, many of which face perilous and precarious futures.

Rhetoric Race and Religion

A Presidential Eulogy

Here is the text and video of President Obama’s eulogy of the Rev. Clementa Pickney.

Energy Magic

Moon Magic: The Ultimate Versatility

Nearly all goals can be phrased in such a way as to use the energy of the moon phase in which you are working.


Trying on Muslim

Here is one woman's journey from a Christian seminary to saying the Shahada.

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