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The Sacrifice: Religions and the Role of the Scapegoat

Currently in the Public Square 

Last Days in the Desert

Directed by Rodrigo García

Last Days in the Desert follows Jesus (Ewan McGregor) in an imagined chapter from his forty days of fasting and praying in the desert.

Morgan Freeman Tells "The Story of God"

Patheos on National Geographic's New Series

As Freeman explores topics such as death, the apocalypse, creation, and evil, we come along for the ride—evaluating some of the greatest mysteries of life.

Benjamin L. Corey

You Can't Be Christian If You're Not Caring for the Poor

To Jesus, helping the poor isn't simply a nice thing to do—it's what often gets classified as a "heaven or hell issue."

Pagan Tama

Pagan, Shinto, and Spiritual Books: Recommendations and Reviews

It must be near Beltane—this month's reviews include not one but two books about the Green Man.

Andy Gill

A Lack of "Minority" Leaders Is Killing the Church

The nation's "multi racial" churches have seemingly not progressed, adapted, or changed in order to better accommodate their newly diversified congregations.

A Catholic Thinker

What Happens When Catholic Kids Help Catholic Kids

National Evangelization Teams now sends a dozen young adults in a van to dioceses in numerous states and countries for year-long service.

Warren Throckmorton

K-LOVE's Pledge Drive: The Money Behind the Music

After hearing a claim recently that K-LOVE's CEO Mike Novak's salary is over half a million dollars, I decided to do some exploration of K-LOVE's finances.

Kate O'Hare's Pax Culturati

The Sermonizing at the Heart of "A Beautiful Planet"

Just as I was caught up in the wonder, came the sermon, and I felt the joy drain from my body.

Cosmos The In Lost

Watershed Vatican Conference Makes War on Just War

The problem is that the theory was supposed to deter war, but in practice it almost always has been used to justify war.

Bible and Culture

On the Bible and Homosexuality

The upcoming General Conference of the Methodist Church is facing big questions, like this one.

Chorus in the Chaos

Cutting Hair to Save Lives: "Barbershop, the Next Cut"

One solution to Chicago's (and America's) problem with violence is to address it through art. That's what these filmmakers are doing.

To Do Justice

Should Profit Be the Defining Factor of Our Economy?

The social well-being of our community should not be contingent upon profitability.

Greening the Spirit

The Power of Nature in the Pagan Journey

Our rituals help us to connect with nature, but ritual alone is not enough.


Adoption and Fostering Must Be Our Muslim Duty

Most Muslims sitting—and judging—on the sidelines miss out on perhaps one of the most charitable acts advocated by their faith: caring for orphans and neglected children.

Patheos Video Gallery

Patheos Exclusive Clip: Last Days in the Desert
Patheos Exclusive Clip: Last Days in the Desert
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