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A Glass Half Full or Half Empty: How Do We Engage the New Year?

Currently in the Public Square 

RISEN: A New Movie from Columbia Pictures

Directed by Kevin Reynolds

Starring Joseph Fiennes as Clavius, Tom Felton as Lucius, Peter Firth as Pontius Pilate, and Cliff Curtis as Yeshua, RISEN is the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection, as told through the eyes of a non-believer.

Bristol Palin

4 Tips on Surviving Valentine's Day Alone with Style

Take a step away from your phone, know you are loved, that you aren't alone, and that February 15th is coming.


"Hail, Caesar!" and the Peculiarities of Faith

In the world of Hail, Caesar! Hollywood is the dominant religion, yet the film has the feel of a passion play.

Pop Theology

"Hail, Caesar!": The Coens' Latest Study of Human Frailty

For all the philosophical meandering and goofball situations, maybe this is just a movie about a man considering a change in profession.


Charles Koch's Metaphysics of Business

Koch developed and implemented "Market-Based Management," but his book is more business philosophy than process.

Watching God

The Prejudice Against Christian Zombies

Zombies have long served as a handy metaphor in pop culture, meant as slobbering stand-ins for everything from communism to consumerism.

Cross Examined

The Election Year Issue No One Is Talking About

If executives at public corporations and other nonprofits can make their salaries known, surely God's representatives can do the same.


#OurThreeWinners: What Muslims Still Need to Learn One Year Later

One year ago, the three young Muslim Americans in Chapel Hill were murdered in a hate crime by their neighbor Craig Hicks. What have we learned?

Spirituality Itself

Google's AI Intelligence Will Transform Life as We Know It

What transhumanism envisions—a technologically controlled world free of suffering, death, and imperfection—is improbable and unwise.

Secular Spectrum

Do You Need God for Life Purpose?

Religion is only one among many ways of developing a personal sense of life meaning and greater sense of personal agency.

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A Bridge to Better Health: the Work of Puentes de Salud in South Philadelphia
A Bridge to Better Health: the Work of Puentes de Salud in South Philadelphia
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Faith communities are uniquely positioned to help military families and veterans.
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Europe is dealing with its worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.
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