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Consumerism Gone Wild

Currently in the Public Square 

Patheos Movie Club: The Letters

A film by William Riead

THE LETTERS stars the acclaimed four-time BAFTA nominated British Actress Juliet Stevenson as Mother Teresa in a transformational performance that spans over 50 years.

Godless in Dixie

Advice for Our Young Apologist Friends

In our debate with these young eager college Christians, I forgot to bring my apologetics bingo card, but we marked off most of the usual squares.

A Contemplative Faith

Sanctity and Struggle: The Chaotic Inner Lives of Saints

To follow Jesus is to consign oneself to a lifelong attempt to sort out the "many wills" that dance cacophonously within us.


Is It Okay to Drop Virtual Nuclear Bombs?

Here's the question: Is it immoral to do immoral things in a video game?

Uncommon God, Common Good

Should Ethics Be "Biologicized"?

What if the majority of people determine to engage in eugenic policies for the sake of our greater pleasure as a society bound up with the GNP?

Allergic Pagan

Why Pagans Hate "Witches of America"

Paganism is often described as a "religion without converts," but some of Mar's readers seem angry that she didn't convert.

Wild Fox Zen

"After Buddhism": The Ongoing Exploration of the Buddhadharma

I found After Buddhism to be a smart and delightful read and am grateful to Batchelor for the decade-long process that resulted in this book.

Standing On My Head

Ten Positive Principles of Personal Wealth

We should be clear. Poverty is not a virtue on its own. The poor are not blessed because they are poor.


The Second Coming and Christianity's Decisive Failure

Clearly Jesus and the early Christians got both the timing and the event wrong.


Holiday Advice: How to Deal with Your Crazy Evangelical Uncle

If you must meet one of us socially, I shall give you five techniques to make your dinner with someone such as I am much more enjoyable.

Patheos Video Gallery

The ritual of tak bat—feeding Buddhist monks who are forbidden to feed themselves. More at 1 Minute Meal.
The ritual of tak bat—feeding Buddhist monks who are forbidden to feed themselves. More at 1 Minute Meal.
Faith communities are uniquely positioned to help military families and veterans.
1 Minute Meal: "Ganesha's Favorite Food"
We asked people what they thought about Pope Francis.
Europe is dealing with its worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.
5 Things You Didn't Know About Free Speech Around the World
We asked people about gender equality in today's society.
America's political divide is growing.