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Beyond the Charge and Rede.

Paganism today is constantly evolving and growing. Wicca has evolved into myriad strains, and the broader Pagan movement has built upon and expanded beyond Wicca and Witchcraft. Several Druid traditions are thriving, and the old ceremonial magick lodges like the Golden Dawn and Ordo Templi Orientis have seen a resurgence since their original heydays. The revival of ancient paganism has spurred incredible growth in the Heathen, Hellenic, Celtic Reconstructionism and religio Romana communities. Unbroken traditions of indigenous religions such as Vodou, Santeria, and African Traditional Religions have a voice in the world religious community like never before.

It's a fascinating time to be Pagan. How do Dianic Witches work with Hellenismos polytheists? How do Heathens build community with Druids? Has the time for temples returned? Is practicing magic, or magick, an important part of your Pagan spirituality? Does the strength of our communities lie in our non-traditional forms of organization? How do our theologies embrace gay, lesbian, queer and transgender Pagans? Can a genuinely new Paganism thrive? Is reviving the religions of the ancients even compatible with modern life? How do we create a pluralist community embracing polytheist, animist, pantheist, panentheist, monotheist, duotheist, henotheists and atheist Pagans? How do we express solidarity with Native American spirituality, Hinduism and Shinto without crossing the line of cultural appropriation? Should we raise our children in our faiths, or allow them to choose their own path? Can Pagans evangelize (spread the good news of our traditions) and not prosetylize? Are the terms pagan and witch still useful? How do we overcome the idea that anything "pagan" is morally and ethically bankrupt? How do we make our voices heard as religious minorities?

Here at Patheos Pagan we're committed to exploring diverse views on Paganism in all its diversity, from British Traditional Witchcraft in Brazil to the thriving communities of the Bay Area and Paganistan to the Mari people of Russia. There are a lot of Pagans out there, and each of them have a wealth of opinions. There is a lot to explore beyond Wicca 101. I hope you join us on the journey!

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