Elemental Witchcraft Musical Guided Meditations Now Available!

Elemental Witchcraft Musical Guided Meditations Now Available! September 7, 2023

Proudly presenting our collection of guided musical meditations, now available for download. I teamed up with the incomparable, Pranavam Das, who studied sacred sound within the ashrams of India, and now offers his musical landscapes as an act of devotion. Together we are producing the guided meditations from my book “Elemental Witchcraft: A Guide to Living a Magickal Life Through the Elements,” set to his musical compositions. The first nine meditations are now available for purchase from my shop’s digital products website: here.

The Pentacle Path of Elemental Witchcraft by Heron Michelle now offering downloadable Guided Meditations to the Original Music of Pranavam Das (Click to download)

The Pentacle Path Framework for Magickal Meditation

All of the meditations and rituals provided in the book build upon each other, so I recommend taking these journeys in order. The purpose of these first four experiences is to introduce a framework for a regular meditation practice. Their goal is to center, balance, clear and energize your five-fold Self through the powers of earth, air, fire, water and Spirit. Each journey guides the listener deeper and further, expanding inward then outward. They start your mind, then down to your inner crossroads, then out to the astral realm to explore the Axis Mundi world tree.

Meditation 1: The Room Inside Your Mind

The first meditation along the Pentacle Path sets the inner stage.“The purpose of cultivating a daily meditation practice is to achieve a mind at rest. Then you are prepared to go about your regular day effectively. In every action, through every observation, you will be opened to the wonder of the revealed universe that was always right there surrounding you. The difference is that your eyes can now see, your mind can now comprehend, because it is properly prepared and opened to receive.” Page 56

Excerpt: “Inhale the light that flows into your emotional body, and your heart waters calm.
Exhale grief and heartbreak. Blow that pain away like smoke.”

A Witch's Altar with candle, incense burning, chalice, athame, and statues of the Goddess and God
Altar for Meditation 1: The Room Inside Your Mind (Click to download meditation)

Meditation 2: Pranic Breathing

The second meditation along the Pentacle Path returns to the Room Inside Your Mind, then deepens the practice through Pranic breathing techniques and spoken affirmations. This method of intentional breathing is inspired by practices from the east that focus on the relationship between the body and the breath. As a means to shift our thinking, we’ll integrate spoken magickal affirmations for the Two Keys to the temple of Witchcraft and Four Rules for Personal Sovereignty, introduced in chapter 3. Page 79

Excerpt: I am whole and complete within Divine Love.
I am trustworthy in thought and deed.

Pranic Breathing Meditation Altar (Click to Download Meditation)

Meditation 3: Elemental Tree Breathing

Meditation three continues the journey outward onto the astral plane. From there, merge with the World Tree that connects you within the three worlds: to the heavens and the Great God, throughout the middle world made of earth, water, air and fire, and to the underworld and the Great Goddess. Breathe through these connections for balance and wholeness on all levels. Page 132

Excerpt: “Feel the pulse of creation, like a heartbeat of the cosmos. Your heartbeat. You and the tree are one energy, so you push straight through the bark and merge with the tree. Feel your tree-ish connections through roots and branches.”

Meditation 4: Pentacle Chakra Balancing

Continuing down the Pentacle path, meditation four on page 152 balances the five elements flowing throughout the seven chakras of the energy body. Witchcraft charms are spoken aloud to blend the elemental powers from both east and west into new form. In addition to this guided visualization and energy working, we’ll affirm our balance by speaking aloud the lines of the charm… taking advice from the “Rede of the Wiccae”: “To bind the spell every time, let the spell be spake in rhyme.”

Excerpt: “By elemental powers five, I have all that I need to survive and thrive.”

Guided Journeys: From the Astral Temple Into the Elemental Realms

After the foundation stones from meditations one through four are well-laid, the listener is then prepared to journey further into the astral realms to establish their own energetic temple. This temple a safe place from which they may explore anywhere within the three worlds. The next five meditations explore connections throughout the middle world of earth, air, fire and water.

Meditation 5: Astral Temple Building

This in-depth meditation is held within Ritual 3: Dedication Rite to the Pentacle Path and Building an Astral Temple on page 222. It is “an interactive journey into the astral realm to build your temple and then dedicate to the Pentacle Path of Elemental Witchcraft as your Great Work of Magick this year. This ritual has parts that are done within the mind’s eye in a typical meditation. But when prompted, you will also complete ceremonial actions like lighting your dedication candle and reading your intention statement.”

Excerpt: “There is a sacred flame that you tend here. What does it look like? There is illumination
enough to easily see, and it warms you. You are reminded of your own fiery will
and that your sovereignty is sacred.”

Elemental Earth and the Path of Sovereignty (Click to Download Meditation)

Meditation 6: Earth Temple, The Path of Sovereignty

Journey down elemental Earth’s Path of Sovereignty for the meditation held within Ritual 4: Journey to the Realms of Earth on page 247. From your astral temple, take a guided tour to the plane of elemental earth to explore crystal caves, balancing the powers of silence and resonance. “The goal is to seek partnership with gnomes and Sovereign Ghob and receive insights about your magickal tool of earth, and which allies of stone, crystal, or metal may best aid your sovereignty.”

Excerpt: “The light of the temple deepens; shadows play against dappled light like a forest floor.
The very marrow of your bones awakens; your vision lengthens as you sense a shift; the
powers of the earth are rumbling nearby.”

Air Path of Truth Elemental Witchcraft Heron Michelle
Elemental Air and the Path of Truth (Click to Download Meditation)

Meditation 7: Air Temple, The Path of Truth

Journey down elemental Air’s Path of Truth for the meditation held within Ritual 5: Journey to the Realms of Air on page 280. From your astral temple, fly through the plane of elemental air, balancing the powers of knowing with wonderment. “The goal is to seek partnership with the sylphs and their sovereign, Paralda, receive insights about the magickal tools of air for you, and which plant allies may best aid your path of truth.”

Excerpt: “Golden energy pours through the gateway and fills your auric field. Feathered wisps
form around the edge; you are protected, like a flight suit. Your density lightens as it resonates
with the essence of air. Light as the breeze itself. With a thought, you can fly.”

Elemental Fire Path of Power Elemental Witchcraft Heron Michelle
Elemental Fire and the Path of Power (Click to download meditation)

Meditation 8: Fire Temple, The Path of Power

Journey down elemental fire’s Path of Power for the meditation within Ritual 6: Journey to the Realms of Fire on page 322. From your astral temple, dance through the desert plane of fire, balancing the mysteries of will and surrender. “The goal is to seek partnership with the salamanders and Sovereign Djin, receive insights about your magickal tool of fire, and which animal spirit allies may best aid your power and sacred mission.”

Excerpt: “These guardians of essential fire beckon you to join them in their leaping fire dance. You, too, are the heart of fire, and so you follow them. There is a pulse; you hear the drumbeat of your heart and the pounding of your blood. In the crackling fugue a chaotic rhythm syncopates.”

Elemental Water Path of Love Elemental Witchcraft Heron Michelle
Elemental Water and Path of Love (Click to download meditation)

Meditation 9: Water Temple, The Path of Love

Journey down elemental water’s Path of Love for the meditation held within Ritual 7: Journey to the Realms of Water on page 358. From your astral temple, swim through the plane of elemental water, balancing the powers of daring and acceptance. “The goal is to seek partnership with undines and Sovereign Nicksa, asking to receive insights about your tool of water, and which ancestral spirit ally may best aid the balancing of your emotional body.”

Excerpt: “As you swim with the undines through the ocean, your emotional burdens wash away
until you are buoyant, lighter, and less substantial. Together you rise like water vapor into
the clouds, clean and unfettered. Together you condense and rain down to nourish
the plants … each drop of rain gathered in, no exceptions; all drops of rain find your
way into the creeks, into rivers.”

COMING SOON! Spirit Temple: The Path of Completion

The final meditation is now in production, and will be released soon! It is the culminating journey to weave the powers of all previous elemental connections together into the complete Witch’s temple.

Journey down the Path of Completion for the meditation held within Ritual 9: Spirit Temple of Goddess and God on page 399. The goal is to seek insights for your own wholeness within perfect love and trustworthiness.

Excerpt: “Inhale, and the Goddess nourishes you through her holy darkness. Exhale, and the God inspires you through his holy light. Their power of creation conjoins within your heart, darkness and light, yin and yang, the Two Who Move as One in perfect balance. You are whole and complete, a perfect child of the God/dess.”

We appreciate your support!

This magick is fully taught in my book “Elemental Witchcraft” which is available directly from The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions. To compliment that course of study, the musical guided meditation can be downloaded from our digital products website.

May they aid your journeys along the Pentacle Path!



Elemental Witchcraft by Heron Michelle, Available for purchase from TheSojo.com (Click to purchase)
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