Sabbat Rituals

Heron’s Rituals for every Sabbat!

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Heron's Wheel of the Year - Image used with Permission
Heron’s Wheel of the Year

Yule: Winter Solstice – Entering Capricorn

Candlelight Yule Ritual: A Meditation for Hope and Peace

Yule Log Ritual for Winter Solstice Magick

Imbolc: High Winter – 15 degrees Aquarius

Imbolc Ritual: Dedicating to The Great Work of Magick

Preparing For Imbolc: Home Cleansing Ritual

Preparing for Imbolc: Weaving a Brigid’s Cross

Ostara: Spring Equinox – Entering Aries

Ostara Ritual Ritual for the Large Coven

Crafting Ostara Candles with the Fires of Aries

Ostara Incense Recipe: Magickal Herbalism Like You Really Mean It

Astrological Wheel of the Year Graphic by Heron Michelle
Astrological Wheel of the Year Graphic by Heron Michelle

Beltane: High Spring – 15 degrees Taurus

Rites of Beltane: Sacred Marriage of MayQueen and King, Tying the Knot

Crafting a Beltane Maypole with Help from Pythagoras

Beltane Songs for Maypole Dancing and the Sacred Marriage

Inner Mystery Ritual of the Witch’s Simple Feast

But Wait! More Beltane! A Case for Astrological Timing of Sabbats

Litha: Summer Solstice – Entering Cancer

Litha Ritual of Highlight and Shadow

Litha Ritual for One: Solar Potion for Fortune, Success and Prosperity

Lammas: High Summer – 15 Degrees Leo

Lammas Ritual of Integration and Sacrifice

Lammas Ritual: Sharing the Grapes of Gratitude

A Witch’s Lughnassadh Sabbat Adventure

Lesser and Greater Sabbats Graphic by Heron Michelle
Lesser and Greater Sabbats Graphic by Heron Michelle

Mabon: Autumnal Equinox – Entering Libra

Mabon Ritual of Feasting and Toasting

Mabon Feasts Serve Up a Challenge

Celebrating Mabon: Love in the Balance

Samhain: High Autumn – 15 Degrees Scorpio

Samhain – The Poison and the Antidote

Samhain Ritual: Wake of the Fallen King

The Bagabi Incantation: A Summoning to Samhain

For Tomorrow We May Die – The Witch’s Dumb Supper