Litha Ritual for One: Solar Potion Recipe for Fortune, Success and Prosperity

Litha Ritual for One: Solar Potion Recipe for Fortune, Success and Prosperity June 13, 2017

This Litha ritual for the solitary witch creates a solar potion. A potion is a liquid preparation of herbs, fruits and spirits that is blended for a specific magickal purpose. Through it’s creation, we provide a conduit through which the attributes of several spiritual allies may be physically imbibed – meaning, you can drink this delicious brew, and let it nourish you and the Great Work of Magick, on all levels.

Litha Ritual for One: Solar Potion - Witch on Fire
CC0 Public Domain – Pixabay

Solar Potion for Fortune, Success and Prosperity

Litha is the sabbat of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Just as the Sun is at its most powerful in the Northern Hemisphere, witches also celebrate the masculine side of Deity, at his most fiery, potent and powerful. He is Father Sky, the Sun God, the Lord of the Greenwood, and his vitality aids the Great Goddess, our Mother Earth, who emerges as burgeoning life all around us. The fruit of their union sustains us. At Litha, we celebrate life and our power to live abundantly!

Our coven first enacted this potion ritual together at our Litha sabbat last year. It was created by our High Priest, Preston Craddock, and I share this slightly Heron-ified version with his permission. I’ve adapted it here to be a solitary rite, but it worked wonderfully well with a group, with each ingredient passed around the circle to be charged before adding it to the chalice.

Materials Needed – Makes 7 cups (56 ounces)Litha Solar Potion for fortune, success and prosperity - Witch on fire

  • 3 cups of a light, fruity white Wine – Abundance and Prosperity
  • 1 cup Orange Blossom Water – Solar vitality and Good Fortune (Or substitute freshly squeezed juice of one large orange, strained of pulp blended with enough water to make 1 cup), God, Sun, Fire
  • 1 cup Pomegranate Juice – Wishes and Wealth, Goddess, Earth
  • 1 cup infusion of Cinnamon Bark – Power and Success, Love and Money, Fire, Sun
    Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 cinnamon stick in a glass jar, cover and allow to steep for a few hours while sitting in the summer sun. Remove stick. Alternatively, a single shot of Goldschläger cinnamon schnapps has edible gold flakes, which is as solar a potion as ever there was one, but beware the additional alcohol content.
  • 1 cup infusion of Fresh Ginger Root – Success, Fruition, potency, Passion, Fire, Mars
    Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 2 tablespoons of diced fresh Ginger root, in a glass jar, cover and allow to steep for a few hours while sitting in the summer sun.  Strain out roots.
    • After the cinnamon and ginger infusions are done, I like to re-bottle them in witchy-looking, food-safe glass bottles in fiery colors of yellow, orange and red. I think it makes a difference psychologically, especially in group work, when things have that dramatic aesthetic flare, but that part is totally optional.

Altar Tools

Chalice – the larger the better. We have a very large coven chalice that holds a whole bottle of wine, and we can mix directly into it.

Alternatively, a larger bowl, or pitcher, and a spoon to blend ingredients prior to pouring into a smaller ritual chalice…choose something special, perhaps that family heirloom crystal punch-bowl, or that glass margarita pitcher you pull out for the good parties.

Athame – ritual knife

Yellow or Gold candle lit to represent the sun.

Altar cakes of your choosing: orange, ginger or cinnamon favored treats are a good choice!

Litha Ritual for One

Prepare your altar and create sacred space in the way you normally would for your Litha Sabbat – I always have lots of yellow and orange, sunflowers, and sun images. Give your chalice (and/or mixing bowl/pitcher) and athame a central place on the altar, and lay out the bottles of potion ingredients so they are easy at hand.

Call to be present any Solar God(s) and Earth Goddess(es) you work with.

Take up the Wine, holding it aloft over the altar:

Awaken wine, fruit of the vine! Lend your spirit of abundance and prosperity!

Pour slowly into the mixing vessel, chanting: abundance and prosperity!
(If you are working with others, this is where they can chant along with you.)

Take up the Orange Blossom Water:
Awaken Orange, Great God of the Sun! Lend your Spirit of good fortune and vitality!

Pour slowly into the mixing vessel, chanting: good fortune and vitality!

Take up the Pomegranate Juice:
Awaken Pomegranate, Great Goddess of Earth! Lend your Spirit of wealth and fertility!

Pour slowly into the mixing vessel, chanting: Wealth and fertility!

Take up the Cinnamon Infusion:
Awaken Cinnamon, of Fire and Sun! Lend your Spirit of success and energy!

Pour slowly into the mixing vessel, chanting: Success and Energy!

Take up the Ginger Infusion:
Awaken Ginger, of Fire and Mars! Lend your Spirit of passion and potency!

Pour slowly into the mixing vessel, chanting: Passion and Potency!

Litha Solar Potion for Fortune, Success and Prosperity - Witch on Fire
The Witches’ Kitchen – Frans Francken the Younger [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Stir that Cauldron

Stirring the potion now in the pattern of the invoking pentagram, then circling deosil 13 times, chanting to build power:  Prosperity, vitality, fertility, energy, potency! (repeat with vigor until you feel it is well charged.) Pour some solar potion into your chalice, if it isn’t there already.

Blessing the Cup and Cakes for the Simple Feast

Holding the athame now high over the chalice, visualizing the bright sun shining down, and the dark nutrients of the earth rising up. Where they intersect, see the growing bounty of the plants grow lush and green, full of flowers. Lowering the knife slowly to dip into the potion, say:

As the Athame is the God, so the Chalice is to the Goddess, and when conjoined, all blessèdness flows.

Once more, draw the invoking pentagram in the potion with the athame, and see all the raised power filling the cup.

Bless your altar cakes with gratitude for the promise of sustenance they fulfill. Touch a drop of potion onto each cake.

Offer a libation of cake and potion to the powers who’ve aided your work.

Drink up!

Hold the chalice in both hands, in a powerful stance raising your glass to the high sun. Say:

Powers of the Sun, shine through me! In fortune, success and prosperity! As I will, so mote it be!

Now, drain that cup of every delicious drop of liquid sunshine. Enjoy your cake, and meditate while visualizing yourself glowing yellow, warm, full of good cheer, fortune, shining brightly. Just like the massive ball of burning gas that is our actual star, you have the gravity to attract all the resources and opportunities you need so that you are fulfilled on all levels. See that the outcome of your Great Work of magick, that you’ve been striving toward all year, is being achieved.

Release your temple as is your custom, and enjoy a very happy and healthy summer!

Happy Litha!

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