Samhain Index: Reflections, Rituals and Magick

Samhain Index: Reflections, Rituals and Magick October 14, 2018

Samhain is the Witch’s Sabbat celebrating the peak of the Autumn season, the third and final harvest in the Wheel of the Year, and is the High Holy Day often viewed as the culmination of that year’s The Great Work of Magick. The name of this holiday is pronounced Sow-wen because it derives from the Gaelic samhuinn and the Old Irish, samain. According to the online etymology dictionary, it literally means “Summer’s End.” To the Celts, this was the beginning of Winter, and the New Year.

Samhain Altar for the Wake of the Fallen King
Samhain Altar 2017

In American society, Samhain is often conflated with secular Halloween (October 31), the Mexican celebration of Dia de los Muertos  (November 1) and the lesser Catholic holidays of All Saint’s Day (November 1) All Soul’s Day, (November 2). All of these celebrations turn their attention to the “death” phase of any cycle. The religious holidays at this time tend to include a veneration of our beloved dead, whether they be Saints or family members. Witch’s Samhain drawn heavily from the Celtic Pagan themes of a conclusion of the harvest season, the necessity of death to sustain life, and the inevitable journey to the underworld.

Depending on the tradition of witchcraft you practice, Samhain may be celebrated October 31st according to the Catholic calendars, or astrologically when the sun reaches 15 degrees Scorpio, which is the exact mid-point of the season. Astrological Samhain typically falls sometime within the first ten days of November. To discover the astrological date of sabbats this year, I recommend

This is my favorite holiday, so I’ve written much about it over the years. Following is an index of my articles about Samhain, Halloween and the Autumn, including meanings, reflections about our past celebrations, our rituals, and a few spells for the season.

Blessings of Autumn,

The Meanings of Samhain

Samhain – The Poison and the Antidote

When the Samhain Bell Tolls for You

Witch on Fire: A Wish Upon Dying


The Rituals of Samhain

For Tomorrow We May Die – The Witch’s Dumb Supper

Samhain Ritual: Wake of the Fallen King

Rites of Passage: Eldering of Crone and Sage

Reflections of Samhain Past

The Spirit of Halloween

The Grinch Who Stole My Halloween

The Apocalypse of Autumn

Lessons of Autumn’s Holy Mess

A Funny Thing Happened at the Dionysian Ritual

Spells and Magick of Samhain

The Bagabi Incantation: A Summoning to Samhain

A Samhain Hazelnut Charm for Luck and Protection in the New Year

Pumpkin Spice Witchcraft: Spell for Potency, Protection, Passion & Prosperity

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