The Warrior of Heart – Crane Practice

The Warrior of Heart – Crane Practice May 6, 2024

The Warrior of Heart is the Warrior of Soul. Their strength is in the mind. Their weapon is in The Voice. Their army stands ready at their side always, for it is the Ancestral Soul. They can choose peace because they know themselves – They can choose war because they know the cycles.

They are the Tower and the Weaver, always for purpose, beyond themselves. They protect the Sacred Well and all who step through it. They are the servant and the campion. They move from Hope – the possabilities, and they act from Love – the threads that connect us all to each other.


In Crane Practice the Warrior of Heart is just one of the archetypes that we hold within ourselves. Not a mask, but a way of being and moving.

Below is a excerpt from the book Goddess, Words of Transformation .  As with all things in the Crane, you will not find a voice telling you how to be – you will find the pieces to go deeper within yourself to find the real answers. The words give you a place to start, where you take them depends on you.

Spiral inwards, seeking – exploring. Spiral outwards incorporating and becoming.

Goddess book cover and table of contents
The Goddess, Words of Transformation book and contents

Elements of The Hero

Seeks out challenges that strive to make us better.

When it appears all hope is lost, you are backed into a corner, and others believe they have won – This is all just the illusion you created, for you are cunning and your next move will be in

their blindside. Know where their intention lies and protect your heart.

When new messages come or opportunities come in, listen to your intuition to choose and then imbue meaning into the work / skills. Use these skills to protect and boast others – including Guides.

Have strength of the Heart – Faith.

Wealth of Legacy – Years of practice, training, and hard work to get to this point. Trust your senses – bring it all into the mind first – then act. Know The Path of the Hermit

Warrior of Heart and Soul

What does it mean to serve the Heart?

What is done, is done for Union. Every choice, every action – for the Union.

The Dark Moon

Possibilities – Dreams – Desire

Creativity resides in the heart for connection and experience.

The Beginning and the End. The Sacred Well.

In times of Tower – of destruction We discover what truly matters, what we need to hold onto, what we protect.

It shows all the cracks and brings shadows to light.

Living as a Warrior of Heart and Soul

With child’s eyes. Knowing that what you see – what you perceive – is not what it appears. A view of the surface, knowing there is always more depth.

Look at everything with fresh eyes, fresh perspective, for no two situations are exactly the same. See with wonderment – with magic – with dreaming – with endless possibility.

Seek new thought – new vision – new ways of thinking. Birth new ideas.

Grow new life. Pour in the energy that all life needs to emerge from its seed – to become a real, tangible object that can be experienced.

Knowledge. It starts with a thought, a question. We gather all the pieces of information from history, books, society – the world we live in, from our own experience, from divine, the

unknown, inspiration and messages. True knowledge is found in pieces and parts of all of them and put together by us.

To know and be part of. Cycles and seasons of time. The patterns they create. Always spiraling and changing, yet the pattern holds and repeats. All is born – All lives – All dies.

To accept the Blessing you must also accept the Curse. Cause and Effect – Thought and Choice – Action and Consequence. Manifest with both sides of Duality – for without both it just remains a dream.

Part of the Weaver

What seems lost is not fully lost.

Parts – the core – is carried forward. It changes on the outside but the core carries on. Keeper of Knowledge, traditions, a past thought lost is not. The

Keeper holds it close and builds a new tribe with it.

Part of the Hermit

Growth – Knowledge – Wisdom – Power – is earned.

It requires sacrifice. Sacrifice of time, of comfort. To see upsidedown, backwards, and forward, we must sacrifice what we thought we knew. Clear away the fog others have created so you can see with honest light. Know, to do this, will also make you an unwelcome outsider to those who cling onto the illusions.

Part of the Voice

To hold their power and wield it. The motivation is not personal conquest but for their people, the land they stand on, the spirits within it, and their flourishment.

Those in power – or illusion of power – will try to destroy this, because they can not control this. It is not a building that they can tear down – not a forest they can burn – not a life they can drain. This does not live in a physical construct but in the heart in the soul. When our personal wealth expands we must have the courage to use it in positive ways – to spread it up and down the world tree.

Be aware of becoming stagnant, comfortable and content. It may seem like a blessing but it will become the prison of your own making.

Fire and Earth

Creative Power and Natural / Rooted Power.

Hold strong foundations, but allow the building that stands on it to be deconstructed and built new, again and again – Taking new shape for new purpose. Charge head on. Seek out challenges. Seek to be better than you are. Seek a prosperous outcome.

Cycles and seasons of time. Surrender to the call. Break away from what others have told you, the cage they constructed, and instead, set out to bring change. Do not hold ill will towards others or seek revenge – You are just being who you are, outside their control. Do not seek to fit into their cage, belonging to them – Be the true you without apology or malice.

Growth is messy – Remember the core of what is guiding you. Every cause produces an effect. Understand – accept – and take responsibility for it.

Skillfully use the tools available to you – for you hold all you need.

Create the sign-post for others. Knowing they may ignore them that is not your responsibility.

Unchallenged wealth is there in order for thought to begin its form in the world of matter.

Trickery with Integrity – For Purpose.

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