Summon the Spirits!

Summon the Spirits! May 8, 2024

Something has been shifting within the energy. Many of us have been experiencing it and talking about it from different perspectives. It is being felt through all the planes in different ways because we are all connected through it.

Some of us that work more deeply in the spirit realms – those of the unseen – are being bombarded with information (downloads and messages). It feels like something has begun and we are just on the cusp of its beginning. The one thing that seems clear though, the spirits are rising.

darkgodess and ravens, abstract, in a jar
The Morrigan’s Jar – by Esa

Spirits All Around

We live in a world that contains much more than we can perceive. As I have mentioned before, our physical senses are limited by the capabilities of the physical body. We only see and hear a small scope of what is possible. Our soul senses however (our psychic senses) can perceive much much more. Those who focus on their development, who are able to shift their mind to process that information, are able to experience more of our surroundings.

Make no mistake, I believe we all have the capability to do this, but it is a matter of putting in the work to achieve it. Our society has conditioned us to ignore that sensory information, to believe it isn’t real but a trick of the mind. In order to truly open that door, we must first do a lot of deconstruction and then retraining of our own mind to see and process it.

As science starts to catch up to magical knowledge, I am seeing an interesting theory emerging from them. That which is called aliens, ghosts, and certain beings such as cryptids, are starting to be thought of as interdenominational being. Ones that live along side of us, live on this plane with us, and under certain conditions they are bleeding into/ crossing into our physical plane and being seen. Sounding familiar?

The Veil

The Veil does not just separate us and our dead, but all the unseen. The Veil is created through our own limitations. It is the fog of the mind and the difference of vibration between us and them. It is why some people can move beyond its limits and others struggle with it. It is why some places, the ones that resonate at a certain vibration are more prone to sightings and others are not.

The earth itself has cycles of cold and warmth. It is thought by some that the fluctuation of that temperature is also connected to the fluctuations of the vibrations. From a science perspective it makes sense. From a magical perspective we can see it. Some of our greatest myths, the rise of magic and mythical creatures, could be correlated to those pockets of time where we are in the warming periods.

It is possible that with the rising temperature of the earth, it is creating a thinning of the veil between us and them. Not colliding together like multidimensional theory states because they have been here with us the whole time – but a shift in our ability to perceive, see, and communicate with them.

The Perception

That which we call spirit, the Unseen, is rising. They are bleeding into the reality we perceive. More and more people are starting to experience this in different ways, even those who do not believe.

How we see them, what we see them as, will depend on how our mind reconciles the experience of them. If someone is scared of the unknown, the unseen, then they will most likely process it in their mind as something scary and harmful to them. If they are more open minded, they will probably allow the unseen to manifest as they are.

Religious context can also shift the perspective. Christians will probably put them into the context of demons and angles. Pagans may categorize them in terms more aligned with Fae – using this term in the broadest sense and incorporating many different species. Animists may see them more in the context of alignment with nature spirits. The brain will use whatever context it possesses in order to reconcile the information coming from the physical and psychic senses, to give us an understandable context to work from.

Spirits Rising

No matter how we are perceiving all this though, the context we are using to describe it, one thing seems very clear – the Spirit are Rising!

The divisions between our worlds is fading, even if only a bit right now. It is possible as the energy grows and the vibrations shift, that this is only a taste of what is to come.

More people are experiencing them. They are seeing them, hearing them, feeling them in a more tangible and known way. Those who work in the realm of spirits, I think will have an easier time with this. We already touch their worlds and know them more deeply. Those who do not may struggle harder and even question their sanity – after all, isn’t that what our society has created? This idea that if science can not prove it, then it isn’t real… Yet even science is shifting in this.

The Spirits, the Unseen, are rising. They are bleeding into the physical world we have known, and I believe this is only the beginning. If you are experiencing this – if you are feeling it – then I encourage you to see it with an open mind. Do not lock these entities into a narrow view based upon old folklore, but allow them space to show and tell you who they really are. Let them tell their own stories. After all, our myths are very old, stemming from the last time that we all resided together. Look how much we have changed as humans – how much our world has changed – theirs has too.

Moon in the Snake photo by Esa

Summon the Spirits!

To summon the spirits to us, we should start with an invitation.

Make room for them. Create space for them. This means both within yourself and physical spaces for them. I have several spaces on our property and in my home specifically for them. I even created a bridge on my property that links my physical space to another physical space of my ancestors, specifically for the unseen to cross back and forth.

Now I am not saying throw all caution to the wind here. Doubt not, they are not all what we would consider good or for our benefit. I have special guardians that control these spaces and act as gatekeepers. They have special instructions as to what is allowed to enter and what is not.

I personally choose servitor spirits for the inside spaces. I wrote an article about how I create and set mine which can be found HERE. Ivy the Occultist also has a good video on how she does hers which you can view HERE.

For my outside spaces I have a few trees that take on that role. I chooses these trees for a few reasons. First, they offered to do it. They are specific ones that I had formed a deep relationship with already. Trees are also deeply connected to everything on our landscape. Due to that, they are able to make deeper determinations, not just what is good and bad for me personally, but for the entire valley and our ecosystem here. This was especially important for the bridge area I created. Just like we do not want to introduce species that are not natural here and may harm the wildlife here – the same goes for spirits.

By creating these spaces I am sending the Unseen an invitation. Letting them know I am open, I would like to get it know them, I would like to learn about them. When they come, I try not to hold any preconceived notions of them. I want to give them the same courtesy of growth that I would want others to view me with (knowing I am not who I was years and years ago – and they may not be either). I want to be guided by my own experience of them vs basing my interactions on someone else’s perspective and experience of them.

Ending Thoughts

No matter whether we are ready or not, the energy is shifting. It doesn’t just affect us, but also all the Unseen close to us – the ones who are already here with us.

Make time for silence – Harmonious Inaction. In silence, without all the noise and distractions that fill our days, we are giving space to see, hear, and feel them.

Make space within your mind to conceive of them – to process that they are there. To feel, hear, and see them.

Make space in your physical realm for them – the invitation.

Know that they may be just as nervous as you are. I know this seems to be true of the troll in our backyard. Truly the most cautious/ nervous spirit I have ever met. Have patience and go slowly.

What you do with all this is up to you. I do feel that we are heading to a point though, and it will take some time, that more and more will keep coming to the forefront in this physical world. This is just another cycle within the energy, within our world, within their world – all connected together.

Fire pit with a fire burning inside
Fire Scry – by Esa
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