Creating Servitor Spirits and Other Living Magic

Creating Servitor Spirits and Other Living Magic June 23, 2023

When we first start out, the number one thing people seem to scream at us is – PROTECTION! I think it’s even worse now than when I first started, because of social media – Everyone has an opinion and a space to push that opinion. I’m not saying protection is a bad thing, we need to have things in place because there is risk in what we do magically. What bothers me is the way it’s being done. It seems to come from a place of fear, and ends up creating so much fear in new people that they actually get too scared to practice and try new things.

The way I do protections now is very different than when I first started. In the beginning, protection was always at the forefront, but as I grew so did they. It went from wards, sigils, and spell works – to shields, Servitor Spirits, and living protections.

Two of my Servitors

Servitor Spirits

A Servitor Spirit is a spirit that is created by a magical user and serves the purpose the magical user sets for it. They do not have autonomy beyond that and can not take on a life of their own the way a Tulpa might. They also do not take on material forms the way a Golem does. They stay in spirit form, tethered to the physical object you create. They are bound to the creator because the spark of life for the spirit comes from you. Many traditions/ people have their own views and ways of creating, growing and feeding them. I will only be covering my way.

Aspects and Limits

As the creator you need to be very clear in why you are creating this spirit, the job you want it to do, and the limits in which it needs to stay in order to do the job. What I will be showing you, and giving you the instructions for, is a House/ Family Guardian. Their job is to protect all the people you bind to it – both physically and spiritually, in the ways you specify.

The Servitor can act within the boundaries and jobs you set for it but not beyond those. So be specific in what you want it to protect the people from and if you have any limits to how they do that job.

Remember, it is also something that is bound to you, birthed from your own energy, so it is attached to your energy. It’s actions should not exceed or conflict with your own morals/ ethics.

Servitor Spell

The Creating Phase

The Picture above is the steps of the spell. I really like making them out of air dry clay. It’s cheap, doesn’t requires any special equipment, and the drying process works well with the spirit setting up as well. You will need a personal sigil, something that represents you and symbolizes you. A strand or two of hair from all the people you want it to protect. Lastly a candle and a few drops of your own blood.

You can create it into any shape you like. In my experience the spirit tends to take the shape of its clay self, so just keep that in mind. Our House Guardian, was my first, and is my oldest, servitor spirit. I shaped him in a more human like way but without real definition.

While you are putting it together/ shaping it, be mindful of your emotions and thoughts. Be in a mental space that is completely focused on the creation and goals of it. You can even play music in the background that aligns with the emotions and energy you want to infuse it with. Stray thoughts or unaligned emotions can seep into this spirit if you are not mindful, and can create some issues down the road.

The Blood from the caster is important in my opinion. You are using your energy to create something where there is nothing. Blood is a direct link of that personal energy, carrying your DNA, and infusing that into the clay as it dries.

Growing and Feeding a Servitor Spirit

It takes time to grow the strength up in the spirit. It starts with a piece of your energy and the energy of the first candle to boost it. I feel the first month is crucial in beefing it up power wise. I would recommend giving it 30 minutes to an hour of your time a day during this time period. Light a candle, sit with it, focus on the energy feeding it, and talk to it. You can talk about the job you want it to do, why, and give gratitude to it. The energy being released from the candle will feed it. Your voice vibration will feed it. Your energy projected onto it will feed it.

Feeding a servitor I think is important. It seems like a lot in the beginning because you are growing it, similar to the way a baby grows into an adult. After awhile the need for feeding lessens and what that feeding looks like changes. Our House Guardian has been with us for many many years. Everyone in our family, including my kids give it gratitude for the job it does and talks to him (some more than others). I still feed him candles and small shot glasses of water that I infused with specific energy (put the water next to him, not on him) at least once a month. He also has a special place at the center of activity in our home so everyone sees him and thinks of him.

Different Servitors for Different Jobs

Each of my servitors has a different job to do. My House Guardian, protects my family, and wherever we reside, from general harm and spiritual attacks. I have a Gargoyle styled one that is for a very specific type of emotional/ psychic attacks. I have another that helps to accelerate the healing process, physical, mental, and emotional. They do not just have to be for protection – you can create them for other types of work too.

Ending a Servitor

I have been asked this question many times so I figured I would include it here. I personally do not create any servitor spirit that I do not plan to care for until either it, or I, dies. My servitors are just another part of my family. That is just my personal perspective and ethics on them.

As I do not deconstruct my servitors, I will just list a couple of ways others have said and you can research that more for yourself if you are interested.


Ignoring it, thus starving it. Personally this sounds cruel, and depending on how strong it is I would question this method. Also I wonder the repercussions to the caster it is bound to.

Deconstruction and destroying its effigy. This involves reabsorbing its energy back into the caster and destroying its physical form that it is bound to. The magical foundations behind this method is sound but may have some repercussions depending on how long the servitor has been living.

smoke in front of the trees with sunlight streaming through behind it
Smoke and Light by Esa

Some Other Living Protections and Magic

Living Magic are ones I would define as having been set in place and do not require any real conscious effort or added energies. Sometimes a once a month feeding like the Servitors, but no real upkeep.

Energy Shields

Shields work great. Shielding is a protection I teach often to mentees because once it is completed, it is always in place. It goes everywhere you do and can be expanded or shrunk down with just a thought. As an empath and spirit worker I find it extremely useful. I designed mine especially to help me in these areas so I do not get bombarded or overwhelmed at inopportune times.

Enchanting or Charming Jewelry/ Clothing

There are many ways to do this. The easiest and strongest I have found is simply assigning the task and knowing in the mind that it will do the job. For example, I have a pair of key earrings. I bought them because they made me think and feel of unlocking doors/ secrets. Every time I would pick them up, that thought went through me, and it was how I felt when wearing them. After about a week or so, that is exactly what they started doing – Enhancing my spirit communication abilities and unlocking new doors for me. I never have to cleanse or charge them, they are just infused with the task now.

Sigils, Talisman, Seals, and Bind Runes

I rarely use anything beyond Bind Runes in this category anymore. All of these are things that you create, charge, and set before hand. The more you use them, the stronger they become. There are also many ways to create them, but I do find the best ones are the ones created by you. Yes, older ones may have more power in the beginning but they also have other energies that have been attached or infused into them over that time, so I would be cautious.

You can write them onto objects – like on the bottom side of your floor mats in your car, on yourself with a pen or henna, put them into other spells, and wherever else you need to add, infuse, or boost something with magic. You can even write them on rice paper with coffee water and put them in things like soups and stews.

Living Money Bowl

There are all kinds of ways to construct them. I made a video on my first one along with the recipes for a road opening and a prosperity oil The Witch of Wonderlust also has a good video on how she does hers.

The idea behind these is to have something always up and drawing in money. It is not generally lotto type money, but consistent and steady flow of money. Several people I know, including myself, have had wonderful luck with them. I consider this a living spell because it stays set up and you can stir it up or add to it as you please, but the job it does is in constant work mode.

Bonded Allies

The last that I will cover here are your allies – Deities, Ancestors, and even certain land spirits that you have built strong bonds with. They can be some of your most powerful protections. Not all of them may take on this role, but in my experience, your main ones will. They have a vested interest in you.

The Morrigan has never failed me in this regard. It does not mean nothing bad will happen to me, we grow through our storms, but it won’t be detrimental. My Ozark Women are my alarm bell – they will warn me of incoming dangers. Our Ravens, who I have a special bond with, guard the land here and warn of physical dangers and predictors.

Up Next!

Since we didn’t get to the candle magic in this one, we will tomorrow! I will also cover how I create – Bind Runes and Galdr with Kari – spells and rituals with my Ozark Women – as well as, Daily/ House Magic I find useful.

That should wrap up this whole introduction series!

I know it’s been long but I hope you have been finding it helpful in getting to know me a bit better, how I develop my own craft, and possibly even finding some inspirations for your own.

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