Lying Reverend Gets Fired from the Christian Post

Looks like the Christian Post did the right thing after all!

Recently, one of their contributors, Rev. Austin Miles, wrote a piece, got berated by an atheist commenter for a particular phrase he used, then edited the piece to remove it. All of that is perfectly acceptable, as long as you acknowledge you made the change.

That’s not what Miles did.

He made the edit — denied ever writing it in the first place — and then accused the atheist commenter of making the whole thing up! (Even though we have proof suggesting otherwise.)

Days later, Miles had a different explanation of what happened: Atheists hacked into his computer (and deleted a line from his post… which is devious on the level of Professor Chaos).

He also added that he would no longer be responding to his critics (because that’s how you handle fair criticism).

After bringing all that embarrassment onto himself, it looks like the Christian Post has had enough of him — they have released him from his column-writing duties.

Miles isn’t taking this news very well.

In fact, he’s going off on the Christian Post for allowing atheists to comment on the website:

Yesterday I was informed that my standing as a writer for Christian Post (CP) has been terminated. All of my stories were immediately scrubbed from view. Why? The atheists complained. I kid you not. They (CP), based in Washington, D.C. are the voice for the enemies of Christianity, something I began to suspect when they gave the atheists, Communists and homosexual lobbyists full access to attack Christian writers of that site. Even the most vile responses were left up intact.

By immediately scrubbing all my stories, the old Soviet Communistic State methods were employed, to make a disfavored writer a non-person.

Yeah, this is *totally* like life under Stalin…

Look, the Christian Post wants to be a source for reliable news and responsible commentary, all from their viewpoint. I get that. But most media sites look to foster two-way dialogue. That means allowing comments that criticize the author if warranted, which is really what Miles is talking about. The atheists responding to his pieces weren’t trolls or spammers. They were upset and annoyed by his lack of journalistic integrity and said so in as many words.

Miles has no one to blame for his firing but himself.

(Thanks to Travis for the link)

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  • Good and Godless

    As an employer pulling the articles of an ex-employee seems reasonable. No more readers, no more traffic, no more revenue – no claims for ongoing severance.

    If Atheist “complaints” were ever sufficient this theology would have died off centuries ago.

    Soviets would have treated the issue much differently. We would have heard no rebuttal at all.

  • Chris B.

    I think the saddest part is that his fellow Christians did not act according their beliefs and keep him honest.

  • Holytape

    Rev. Austin Miles next column while begin with “Will someone please think of the children?” and conclude with a long tirade about how atheists have allowed bears to take over his town.

  • Artor

    But it looks like the editors of CP did. While I’m sure I disagree with them on a host of issues, they deserve kudos for sacking this lying sack of…

  • TheG

    He writes,

    “The editor told me subtly they had been contacted and had to take it down. More likely, he was visited by someone the White House. CP yielded to the pressure.”

    Does he honestly think losing his job “goes all the way to the top”? Is he so egotistical that the reason he was fired can only be that the President of the United States took time out of his very busy schedule to put a hit on a one-man Ministry of Truth?

  • Reginald Selkirk

    With that out of the way, here’s another lie they can look into:

    Planned Parenthood Received $1,622 in Gov’t Funds for Each Abortion

    by Paul Stanley, lying Christian Post reporter

    The nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, reports it received $542 million from government sources in 2011-2012 while performing 995,687 abortions from 2009-2011. In 2011 alone, its clinics performed 333,964 abortions.
    When broken down on an approximate annual basis, that means Planned
    Parenthood receives around $1,622 in government funds per abortion.

    As regular FA readers can probably figure out, PP did not receive government money “for” the abortions. They also provide women’s health services. Calculating a ratio creates a false impression of quid pro quo.

  • Rich Wilson

    Or the stories would have stayed, but with a different author.

  • Kirby_G

    I’ll listen to all sorts of wackiness, and try to parse the arguments of some real weirdos, but as soon as “communists” shows up in the list of bad guys, I’m out.

    It’s like a simple litmus test for “Is this even worth my time?”

    Automatic loony detector.

  • DKeane123

    They fired Santa?

  • Kirby_G

    “Meanwhile, as you know, my heart failed last October”

    Best. Personality. Metaphor. Ever.

  • Rich Wilson

    I’m curious about his claim to have won the case with Newdow. Unless he won on appeal, what google is finding is that Newdow won the libel case, at least initially.

    This guy seems to have a history

  • Brian Westley

    I’m literally not surprised.

  • baal

    “when they gave the atheists, Communists and homosexual lobbyists”

    Communists? Really? There are communists in the U.S. but they are rare and not well organized. The last time there was even a shred of reason to think that they (those evil evil communists) were up to something (anything) was back in the 1950′s. We barely have socialists in the US GOV (at like any level) and the House Progressive Caucus is the biggest group of lawmakers noone ever hears of. Given that paucity of leftists having a voice, the communists are even further out in the wilderness.

    Go riddance to a talking head stuck in … the past.

  • Rich Wilson

    Looks like Newdow’s libel case was finally thrown out. I suspect the slant from Thomas More Law Center, but I’m sure the fact is correct

  • jdm8

    When did he learn his talking points, during the McCarthy era? The Christian Post is held sway by “Communists and homosexuals”? Did he forget his meds again?

  • Rich Wilson

    A very large number of the US Communist party in the 50s was FBI agents all spying on each other. Had it not been for the FBI attending their bake sales, the party may well have vanished due to lack of finances.

  • Octoberfurst

    Like many right-wingers the good Rev sees commies everywhere. (Even though Communists are about as prevalent as flat-earthers in this country.) But wingnuts believe they have infiltrated all levels of government and are about to take over this country. It’s totally delusional but then wingnuts also believe that the earth is 6,000 yrs old, that Adam and Eve were real people, that talking snakes are real, etc so it is not much of a stretch for them to believe other idiotic things.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    On the other hand, if The Illuminati show up, you know you’re in for some first class entertainment.

  • Lyfa

    Also, since when was the white house an arm for the atheist movement, because I have a wee bit of trouble seeing that?

  • Matt Eggler

    I just love this kind of disingenuousness. Someone should figure out how much money the Catholic Church receives in “Faith Based Initiative” funding each year and divide that by the average number of clergy molestation cases per year. Then we can publish that the government gives the Catholic Church x many thousands of dollars for each child molested by a priest.

  • chicago dyke

    i’m actually an anarcho-syndicalist, but you got the other parts right, pastor santa liar.

  • The Captain

    I’m kinda pleasantly surprised by this. Didn’t think the CP would have the courage to do it, but I guess if they wanted to have any shred of credibility they kinda had too. Good on them. I suspect once they decided to look into this all it took was a couple of their IT guys to explain to them how bad Miles lies really where.

    Also why does he keep thinking “communist” is an insult? Other than making him sound like a paranoid idiot who’s tin foil hat fell off, his bible says almost nothing on economic matters such as this and what it does say supports those “communist” more than his beloved “capitalist”. That’s why so man of his fellow xtians in south america have been traditionally socialist/communist. But I’m sure their not real xtians to him anyway, being all “communist” and brown.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I see what you did there.

  • TheG

    It looks like Newdow either filed a different lawsuit or the libel case continued on appeal:

  • chicago dyke

    i dunno. that flaming eye on our money sure is suspicious…

  • trj

    I have a feeling that like many fundies he’s riding on auto-pilot, so everything bad is the fault of atheists, Communists, liberals, homosexuals, Obama-care, moral relativism, feminists, taking prayer out of public school, etc etc.

    He’s hit the point where atheists-Communists-homosexuals has become a litany he rambles off whenever anything happens which he disapproves of.

  • Octoberfurst

    Wow, I read his article and I must say I have not seen anyone who is that egotistical, paranoid and idiotic in quite some time. Talk about delusions of grandeur! Yes he is quite the martyr! I am sure he will try to get all on the Christian radio and TV shows he can to tell his tale of how he was soooo persecuted by the big, bad atheists and kicked out of his job for standing up for Jesus. He will probably be considered a “hero” to the Religious Right. The good news is that he is 80 yrs old with a bad ticker so he won’t be around that long. (I know that may sound harsh but I have no sympathy for lying lunatics.)

  • Rich Wilson

    The Thomas More one is Dec 11 2008.

    So here’s my understanding:

    Newdow sues

    Miles supposedly somehow doesn’t find out about it

    Newdow gets default judgement

    Miles (or his publisher or someone) tries to get it dismissed via SLAPP motion

    Court declines (Your link)

    Court finally rules in Miles’s favor (Thomas More link)

  • baal

    From a few minutes of googling:
    Catholic charities gets ~ 3 Billion dollars a year (~60% of its budget). The number of victims is in the range of 10,000 but that’s based on allegations not cases or other direct records. So fuzzy math has the US gov paying the RCC about $300,000 per sex abuse allegation.

    To be clear, this is a bogus argument but it does parallel Reginald’s post with the same bogus from Paul Stanley.

  • coyotenose

    That’s ridiculous. The eye is clearly in homage to the power of the Great Old Ones. “Illuminati”, fucking pffft.

  • coyotenose

    I have for serious seen a newspaper columnist who is now only 50 years old state publicly that Joe McCarthy saved the U.S. from all the Communists in the government. They literally have a fetish for this crap. Not Austin Miles “literally” either.

  • Cecelia Baines

    In the immortal words of “Nelson” form the Simpsons…..HAH HAH!

    Lying fuck got his rewards.

  • Gringa

    The number of spelling mistakes and exclamation points on his site indicate that he is not a very good or unbiased journalist. Just my gut feeling.

  • allein

    “Even the most vile responses were left up intact.”
    OK, I haven’t read his posts, other than what’s been quoted here, or their comments, but somehow I have a feeling he is working with a different definition of “vile” than most people..

  • ScottyO

    As the one that found the cached version of his page and called him on his lie, I am a bit disappointed he got canned. He was doing a better job for the atheist movement there than he was for the Xians.

  • Randomfactor

    Given this guy’s logic, I suspect “subtle” communication using anything less than a ball-peen hammer would escape his notice.

  • DougI

    Atheists clearly hacked his boss and replaced him with a cyborg which we programmed with our Stalin app to fire the pastor.

  • Jane Maple

    He has already shown that he is prepared to believe total fantasy simply by believing in a god, why is anyone suprised that he things the President is interested in him?

  • CottonBlimp

    He’ll now return to his previous job as a garden gnome.

  • RobertoTheChi

    That is the exact same thing I said when I saw that picture.

  • Brian Westley

    I’ll set ‘em up, you knock ‘em down.

  • TiltedHorizon

    “my heart failed last October”

    Wait. What? So far he has blamed atheists, the White House, Homosexuals, and communists for each of HIS failures. Miles missed his opportunity to spin his heart failure into the conspiracy theory it could have been; clearly it was a secret black ops ‘assassination attempt’ by the Muslim Socialist Obama-ination to silence him.

  • Greg G.

    So is Stanley in favor of Planned Parenthood providing more abortions to lower the amount per abortion or reducing the number of abortions so they get more money per abortion? If they reduced it to 542 abortions, they would get $1,000,000 for each.

  • Greg G.

    Oh, there you go bringing class into it again.

  • ScottyO

    Yes, they even left his vile comments up, such as when he called me psychotic and mentally ill.

  • Felyx Leiter

    The classic “atheists & Communists” rant cracks me up regardless, but it’s especially funny when there’s really, truly no evidence that Communists are regularly commenting on, or trying to subvert, their site. I grew up thinking it was ridiculous when people pulled that old trope out (after learning about the Red Scare as “ancient history” in middle school), and am still kind of amazed by how much traction it’s picked up again in the last several years. It’s like listening to grown people rant about a legitimate fear of the boogeyman.
    Also, am I the only person who ALWAYS thinks of Dallas’ WR Miles Austin whenever I hear about this guy?

  • Richard Wade

    The grandeur and persecution get worse after the quoted excerpt above in the OP:

    By immediately scrubbing all my stories, the old Soviet Communistic
    State methods were employed, to make a disfavored writer a non-person.

    When I did my story, Obama Not Yet President Until Swearing In Ceremony,for CP, that story was censored-removed not too long after it went up. The editor told me subtly they had been contacted and had to take it down. More likely, he was visited by someone the White House. CP yielded to the pressure.

    The only thing missing from his paranoid tirade is the phrase “precious bodily fluids.”

    Although often our initial reaction to this kind of thing is hilarity, it’s also very sad to have to watch the public self-humiliation of a human being who despite his going off the rails, has an intelligent and articulate mind, and an earnest although misguided belief in the rightness of what he is doing, as.

    Mr. Miles is suffering. I hope he can find healing, solace, and serenity.

  • Helanna

    Did you see this guy’s other posts? I really think he’s kind of delusional in regards to his own importance. He was talking about how he’s a “high-profile public figure” and how his posts are clearly really upsetting atheists.

    The ‘subtly told me’ thing makes me think he’s reading some vast conspiracy theory into a simple comment his editor made.

  • Rich Wilson

    Too bad he didn’t see his heart problems as a sign from God to relax.

  • RobMcCune

    Well he has been very naughty.

  • RobMcCune

    What surprised me was his ranting and raving was too much even for the Christian Post.

  • RobMcCune

    Don’t forget the cyborg is possessed.

  • Trickster Goddess

    As I mention in a post on a previous article about this guy, he actually once had a bit part as Mall Santa in a Steve Guttenberg TV movie.

    That must be the earlier “high profile public life” he mentioned in one of his rants.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Sick pedo bear on him.

  • Glasofruix

    And also a homosexual

  • rich h

    Do you live in a commune where you take it in turns to be a sort of executive officer for the week, with all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting…

    // ducks

  • MichaelBrice

    Sounds like karma to me……………..maybe he was fired because of a buddhist conspiracy.

  • NickDB

    Pfft, Great Old Ones, it’s clearly homage to our Lord Sauron. All Hail his conjunctivitis!

  • Trickster Goddess

    By his own account, he has been fired 3 different times from 3 different publications. And of course, every single time it was *someone else’s* fault.

  • Bubba Tarandfeathered


  •årten-Rikard-Nilsson/100003854003712 Lars Mårten Rikard Nilsson
  • abb3w

    Nice that the CP appears to have some minimal standards of integrity.

    Though he’s no longer at the Enquirer nor the CP, the Reverend is still carried over at All Voices…. which allows comments, unlike his own blog.

  • AAA

    When you get a bit part in a Steve Guttenberg TV movie, you know you have arrived.

  • John

    Weird post. He was never employed by CP. He was merely a blogger. As bloggers, we do not have a job at CP. This Patheos post is very misleading. This was a man who posted blogs on the CP Blog pages.

  • John

    Patheos deleted my comments correcting this article. How ironic!?

  • John

    He was a blogger. Not a journalist. He was never employed by CP. He was a blogger who posted his blogs on the CP blog section

  • John

    Weird article this. For the record; He was never employed by CP. He was merely a blogger. As bloggers, we do not have a job at CP. This Patheos post is very misleading. This was a man who posted blogs on the CP Blog pages.

  • Rich Wilson

    No they didn’t. At least some of your other comments are here. And they got emailed to everyone subscribed to comments. Just refresh and click the “load more comments” at the bottom.

  • kaydenpat

    The communists are always to blame.

  • Thundal Archsys

    Link? Not that I doubt that in the slightest from what I’ve read, I just haven’t come across it yet…

  • ScottyO
  • Robin Lionheart

    The lying reverend has found a new site more accepting of his mendacity: he’s now writing for