An Incredible Interactive Chart of Biblical Contradictions

A few years ago, computer science whiz Chris Harrison created a beautiful visualization linking up every cross reference in the Bible. So, for example, if a verse in the New Testament referred back to a verse in the Old Testament, there was an arc drawn between the two chapters they were in (the vertical lines at the bottom represent the number of verses in that chapter):


Amazing! Turns out there are 63,779 cross references in the Bible (and that many arcs in the image)! If it’s any indication of how complex this image is, the high-resolution version is more than 100MB large.

In 2009, graphic designer Andy Marlow used Harrison’s work as his inspiration to created a similar visual for Sam Harris‘ Reason Project. This time, though, he only included arcs representing contradictions in the Bible:


Helpfully, this visual also included text explaining what the contradictions were and where they could be found:

Also amazing! But very bulky and not very user-friendly. I don’t know that you could really print out a poster that large and, even if you could, the arcs are still a blur.

Now, computer programmer Daniel G. Taylor has taken all that data and turned it into a visual masterpiece.

His website, BibViz (Bible Visualization), gives you the same linking arcs as before, but when you hover over one of them, it lights up and tells you in the upper right-hand corner of the screen which verses are being linked together. Click on an arc and it takes you directly to those verses as compiled in the Skeptics Annotated Bible:



That’s not all. The visual also shows you where in the Bible you’ll find the passages featuring Cruelty/Violence, Discrimination against Homosexuals, Scientific Absurdities/Historical Inaccuracies, or (below) Misogyny/Violence/Discrimination against Women:


See the long bar on the far left side? That means the Book of Genesis has more anti-women verses than any other book in the Bible. And all those bars are clickable and lead you to the specific passages in the Skeptics Annotated Bible.

When I asked Daniel what inspired him to create this, he said (via email):

Some of my family is extremely religious, and after quite a few discussions with them and some friends I was inspired to look up the Reason Project’s contradictions poster again as a reference, but thought it might be nice to have something like that without the duplicated entries, with the ability to click individual links, and something that could be regenerated easily should errors be found.

The whole site is seriously an incredible resource. Go there and just play around with it. Then show your fundamentalist religious friends and watch them squirm. There’s just no plausible way anyone can take the Bible literally after spending time on this site… unless they’re closing their eyes, sticking their fingers in their ears, and refusing to think about any of the errors in their worldview.

(Thanks to Ed for the link!)

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  • IvyLeaguer2012

    You would be laughable if you weren’t so pathetic.

  • IvyLeaguer2012

    Congratulations, you’ve explained one of them. 63,000 to go.

  • jn

    I fear u just did what alot of so called christians do. Answering and responding to any opposition with hate and malice isnt getting u anywhere. Jesus loved ppl who hated him. U have given a good example why so many turn from and wont consider going to christanity. What is wrong with u, anyone shows a ligitimate question about the bible and faith and they all of a sudden become human garbage to u? The bible was written by men with political agendas, it was peiced together by men with political agendas, and translated, chañged, books removed, ect. That bible u clutch and worship states u should not worship and lets not forget the church building u cant have salvation without. It seems to no where in the bible does it say god is jesus it says jesus was son of god. The god and jesus interchange was made up by man. Anyone who goes trugh this much trouble to create a fanciful afterlife are the ones who fear death. I have no fear of death because i do my relationshipnt care what happens to me once i die. Ps 1% of todays births in the us claim virgin births.

  • jn

    Sorry typos…analog keyboard lagging. Bible worshipping equals worshipping an object. And christians say u have to b in church to b saved. But isnt god in everything? And after i die wont care bc ill b dead. Whateve4 happens is how its supposed to b. Oh and wat i didnt cover n earlier post if god knows everything and jesus is god why did jesus ask so many questions. And if god already knows what we r going to do why go through the mascerade why not just snatch up the ones he wants and end the rest ahead of time. And when the angels rebelled y did god have to b told about it. And again with noah y did the angel have to inform god. And how could there even be a war, god could just smite the angels ahead of time bc he knew theyd rebel. The concept of free will and god knowing everything contradict each other. Oh and the trinity was created in response to genesis, god said lets create man in our image and makeß reference to us a few times.

  • jn

    By this reasoning we should believe in many gods and every person who during jesus time, before him and since him have claimed to be children of gods, virgin births ect. Also i find it strange u arent explaining the contradictions of the bible which is wat this article is about. Just preach and ignore evidence that the bible is not divine inspired. If it were it wouldnt b so full of mistakes, contradictions and outright fairy tales.

  • Alli Hogan

    Did anyone really study biblical history here?

  • Love Yoo

    Hey friends. Thought you might want to know if you do a Google search for Mount Horeb and Mount Sinai you’ll find they are indeed the same.

    We address other misunderstandings at

    With love. Happy New Year.