Pence Calls Trump “Unwavering Ally” of Anti-LGBT Group Focus on the Family

Vice President Mike Pence said today that Donald Trump is an “unwavering ally” of Focus on the Family, the conservative Christian ministry that has been long been considered one of the most influential anti-gay groups.


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Energy Sec. Rick Perry Denies Humans Are Main Cause of Climate Change

Rick Perry, who wanted to axe the Department of Energy he now leads, just publicly rejected the overwhelming scientific consensus that carbon dioxide emissions are “the primary knob” for the temperature of the earth.


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Jerry Falwell Jr. Says He’ll Be Part of Trump’s New Higher Education Plan

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., who rejected an offer to be Secretary of Education and was then tapped to lead a “federal task force on higher-ed policy” that never came to fruition, now says he will be a part of a different kind of education initiative for the Trump administration.


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Dear Donald Trump: The London Attack is a Tragedy, Not a Political Opportunity

Seven people died and about 50 were wounded in a terrorist attack in London yesterday, but Donald Trump didn’t even wait for the blood to dry before he began using the tragedy as a tool for political action.


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Black Christian Radio Host Calls Trump “White Savior,” Praises “White Power”

Conservative Christian radio host and Tea Party advocate Jesse Lee Peterson, who is himself black, recently called Donald Trump a “white savior” and said he loves the “white power” emanating from our current President.


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