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Camille is a twentysomething working in the LGBT nonprofit industry. She runs an LGBT news blog at gaywrites.org.

Pope Francis Calls Transgender People An “Annihilation of Man As Image of God”

The so-called “coolest Pope ever” might be a few shades more progressive than his pontifical predecessors, but he’s still no friend to transgender people. In a closed-door meeting with a group of Polish bishops last week, Pope Francis said that it’s “terrible” that children are taught about transgender identity and emphasized the importance of society upholding two “opposite” genders.


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DNC Lineup Features a Transgender Speaker For the First Time

For the first time ever, an openly transgender person will speak at a major political party’s national convention.


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Catholic Macy’s Employee Allegedly Fired For Asking Trans Customer to Leave Bathroom

A former employee at Macy’s claims he was fired for his Catholic beliefs after asking a transgender woman to leave the women’s restroom. But take the story with a grain of salt since it’s coming from the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue.


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For the Second Time, Ethics Committee Calls for Alabama Chief Justice’s Removal

The last time Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore found himself in this position, it was because he refused to remove an enormous Ten Commandments monument from a state building. That was in 2003. This time, Moore is under fire because of his insistence that state probate judges should defy the federal government and refuse marriage licenses for same-sex couples. The Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission has recommended he be removed from office.


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A Christian Extremist Shot a Trans Woman In the Face, but Indiana Doesn’t Call That a Hate Crime

Last week, a Christian extremist shot a transgender woman in the face at her place of work — and because it happened in Indiana, it’s not considered a hate crime.


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