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Camille is a twentysomething working in the LGBT nonprofit industry. She runs an LGBT news blog at gaywrites.org.

Married Christian Soccer Player Shuts Down Homophobic Trolls on Instagram

More people than ever are paying attention to women’s soccer, and with that comes the realization that a solid numbers of players are openly gay. Surprise! — teammates are cool with it, it’s not a “distraction,” and it’s totally possible to be gay and be great at your sport! (Take note, NFL coaches!)

Anyway, Erin McLeod and Ella Masar, teammates on the Houston Dash, got married last week and shared photos of the ceremony online.

And hateful messages started rolling in, as they do.

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South Dakota County Commissioner Predicts Marriage Is About To Become An Exclusively Religious Institution

We might need a whole new section dedicated only to stupid things religious right-wingers say on Facebook.

This next gem is from Meade County (South Dakota) Commissioner Alan Aker, who is among many religious conservatives who have taken to Facebook to express their outrage over the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of marriage equality.

Here’s his long-winded rant:

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If You Don’t Like Those Rainbow Profile Pictures on Facebook, Conservatives Made an American Flag Version

Is your Facebook newsfeed flooded with rainbow-tinted photos?

That’s because 26 million people have used a Facebook-created image generator to overlay a translucent rainbow flag on their profile pictures. It’s a celebration of Pride month and of the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of marriage equality. Adorable, right?

Not to the folks at Right Wing News, who think giving basic rights to another group — rights they themselves have always had — is oppressing them. So they created a similar generator that merges your profile photo with an American flag.

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SCOTUS Legalizing Marriage Equality Was a Victory for the Mentally Ill, Says North Dakota Legislator

The Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage was a huge win for people who believe in justice and dignity — otherwise known as the “mentally ill,” or more specifically, the “metally ill,” according to North Dakota State Rep. Dwight Kiefert.

Kiefert expressed his utter disgust at the Supreme Court ruling in an incoherent, offensive, and factually flawed Facebook post on Friday.

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Ray Comfort’s Anti-Gay Film Audacity is a Ludicrous Caricature of Self-Righteous Evangelism

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that New Zealand evangelist Ray Comfort was about to release an anti-gay film called Audacity.

Well, I watched it a few hours after the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality nationwide.

It was an emotional day; my colleagues at the LGBT nonprofit where I work stood in a circle and cried together, my girlfriend and I sent heartwarming news clips back and forth, and I left work early to hang out at the Stonewall Inn and high-five other people who were overcome with joy at the news.

And I capped off my day with Audacity, which all about the lifework of Christians to “save” doomed LGBT people like me. It did absolutely nothing to sully my euphoria from the morning’s victory, but it did give me serious pause about what actually goes on in the brains of Christian civil rights opponents around me.

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