Nearly 70 Muslim and LGBT Groups Sign Statement Against Hate

In the aftermath of the shooting that took 49 lives at an Orlando gay nightclub, dozens of diverse organizations are affirming the importance of unity, respect, and love.


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Majority of LGBT People In London Are Still Too Scared to Come Out

A disconcerting survey released this week in London found that a majority of LGBT people there still don’t feel safe enough to come out completely.


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To Christians, From a Christian: Our Collective Homophobia Is Killing People

It’s time for Christians to suck it up and get over their faith-based homophobia.

That’s what author Michael Coren writes in a column for the Toronto Star this week; a self-described Orthodox Christian, Coren calls on his fellow people of faith to do more than mourn the victims of the Orlando shooting, but also to actively challenge the tenets of their belief systems that enabled such a massacre.


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This New Web Series Helps Teach Preschoolers About LGBT Issues

A new web series is making it easier to teach preschool-age kids about LGBT issues in a way that’s accurate, but accessible and age-appropriate.


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George Takei Will Proudly Pee Next To Trans People

Activist, Star Trek actor, and all-around hero George Takei has again demonstrated what it means to support a community.


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