Conservative Christians Are Losing Their Minds Because Starbucks Now Has Red Cups

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (and I don’t mean the War on Christmas): #RedCupSeason!

Each winter, Starbucks famously distributes its very merry beverages in festive red cups, and holiday joy abounds.

But something’s different this year. 

While Starbucks’ holiday cups used to feature wintry symbols like snowmen, reindeer, and ornaments, this year’s design is a simple two-tone red color. Most people don’t really care. Some conservative Christians, however, have taken this omission to mean Starbucks is perpetuating a “Christian Culture Cleansing of the West.”

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HERO Opponents May Get Exactly What They Didn’t Want: (Trans) Men in Women’s Bathrooms

On Monday, Houston voted to take away basic human rights.

By a wide margin, voters repealed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), a measure that granted nondiscrimination protections based on race, religion, disability, military status, and other categories — including sexual orientation and gender identity.

While we can’t account for exactly what happened, especially when celebrities, politicians, and President Obama himself endorsed HERO, it’s a given that anti-trans attack ads by conservatives played a role. Anti-LGBT groups funneled time and money into deceptive ads that portrayed trans people as sexual predators, claiming that HERO would allow “men in women’s bathrooms,” and Houston bought it.

Here’s the thing: Not keeping HERO in place is what will force men into women’s bathrooms. Transgender men, that is.

The conservative attack ads were excessive and hysterical from the beginning; HERO is about so much more than LGBT people, and public accommodations accounted for a small part of the measure. Every myth and claim about the horrors of having trans people in public restrooms has been debunked. But the rhetoric of a “man in a dress” entering a bathroom to prey on girls was successful — even though there are no documented cases of trans people abusing these laws.

What’s interesting, though, is that as a result of HERO’s failure, some trans men might actually be required to use women’s bathrooms.

Imagine a giant, burly, bearded man entering a women’s restroom. He looks like a guy, he lives as a guy, his ID says he’s a guy, he is a guy — but because he was born with a vagina, this restroom is where the government has basically assigned him.

In fact, you don’t even have to imagine it.

In the wake of a proposed anti-trans measure in Canada a while back, some trans people deliberately used the bathrooms that corresponded with the gender they were assigned at birth (as they could be required to do if an anti-trans law passed) and took photos showing how awkward it was.

Michael Hughes, a trans guy from Minnesota, started doing the same thing and posting the photos online using the hashtag #WeJustNeedToPee. The obvious mismatch is comical:

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Matt Barber Thinks Transphobia Is “Gleefully Entertaining”

For the first time ever, Glamour magazine is honoring a transgender woman with its Woman of the Year award. The magazine will recognize Caitlyn Jenner for her contribution to the visibility of the trans community, her bravery, and her honesty over the past year. For thousands of trans girls who read Glamour, this could be a game-changing moment — proof that you can be trans and successful, even in a society that so often tells us otherwise.

At least that’s what some will take from the announcement. Conservative Matt Barber, on the other hand, thinks it’s the end of the world. Which is funny, because being your true self in a world full of Matt Barbers is part of what makes Jenner and other trans people so inspiring.

Brace yourself for this vitriol:

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What Would Happen If We Put Gay People And Straight People On Separate Islands?

Rep. Louie Gohmert, a hyper-conservative Republican Congress member from Texas, is obsessed with this question.

He asked it at a Phyllis Schlafly event back in July. He brought it up again during a lecture at Liberty University recently, and Right Wing Watch nabbed a recording.

Gohmert is obsessed with what would happen if gay and straight people were separated on two desert islands:

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Shaming Feminine Trans Women Is Not Feminism

Gender stereotyping is the oldest trick in the book. But according to Jennifer Fitz, it’s the “hot new thing.”

In a recent piece for her Patheos blog, Fitz denounces the existence of transgender identities, saying that trans people are merely playing into gender stereotypes when they transition.

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