The Rapture (revised version)

Mike Clawson here again… I’m sure many of you are familiar with those horrendous/disturbing/hilarious “Chick Tracts” – those, little cartoon tracts that express some of the most extreme Fundamentalist theology out there; e.g. Catholics aren’t really Christians and the Pope is the Anti-Christ, role-playing games are a recruiting tool for full blown witchcraft and Satan [Read More…]

Mr. Deity & the Skeptic

Hey, Mike Clawson here again. Sorry I’ve been scarce around here this past year. Between going back to graduate school (working towards a PhD in Religion/History), and taking care of the kiddos so my wife could work on her book (Everyday Justice: The Global Impact of Our Daily Choices, now available on Amazon!) and travel [Read More…]

God’s Politics on the Atheist Bus Ads

Mike Clawson here again… Eugene Cho, an emerging church pastor from Seattle, has commented on the atheist bus ads soon to come to his city over at Sojourners’ God’s Politics blog. In this post, as well as two others at his own blog, he rolls his eyes at fellow Christians who get all reactive and [Read More…]

Impeaching the Pope?

Mike Clawson here… My wife has a new post up at the God’s Politics Blog (Jim Wallis’ organization) on a recent Washington Post editorial by Robert McElvaine suggesting that there ought to be a way for Catholics to impeach the Pope. She uses it as a springboard to talk about whether and how more progressive [Read More…]

“Talk Amongst Yourselves”: Bertrand Russell Quote

Mike Clawson here… I’m going to try something new. In addition to the typical posts I usually put up, I’m going to start occasionally just throwing out a quotation from something I’m reading or have encountered, sans commentary, and just invite any and all of you to comment, critique or reflect on it as you [Read More…]